Pretty Little Liars “Whirly Girlie” Recap: A DiLaurentis returns, while another is found 6 feet under.

Last week on Pretty Little Liars, the girls thought that their days of “A” was over, but on this week’s episode they get caught up in Ali’s web of lies again.

After leaving the scene at Fitzgerald Theatre, the girls head back to Rosewood with Alison. She hesitates and wants to run again, but her old friends convince her to stay and confess everything to the police, starting with the Jenna thing. After all, that’s the reason why Shana betrayed the blond.

They walk in line to the police station, Alison taking the lead. Clearly, she’s back in place as the one leading the girls off into trouble, just like she did in the past. Instead of telling the truth to Detective Hollbrook, Alison changes up the story, something she’s gotten so good at. “I didn’t disappear, I was kidnapped,” Alison mutters while the others look on in disbelief. Something stopped her from revealing the truth and I’m pretty sure viewers everywhere started yelling at their television screens.

While Mr. DiLaurentis is happy to see his daughter, the other girls get some backlash from their own family. After Mrs. Hastings expresses her belief of Spencer’s poor judgment, she reveals that Melissa is back from London with “attitude and secrets”. Aria avoids questions from her brother, slipping a bit on the topic of Ezra, while Hanna tries to avoid going into details of Alison kidnapping story as Ashley asks her question after question.

This kidnapping story is out of hand and like I said earlier, the girls are trapped again in Alison’s web of lies. Just when they thought it was all over, they have to put up another facade. “We’re back on Planet Alison,” Spencer says to Emily. “Why is she controlling us?” Spencer is breaking, but it’s better if she realizes it now than later, right?

Emily and Spencer see Jason outside the DiLaurentis house throwing some trash away and messing around with his car, but when they go to investigate, Alison gives them a message via toilet paper thrown from her window. The tp roll contained her phone with a message on the screen: “The truth will bury you in a New York minute,” it reads and when they ask her where it’s from, Alison shuts the window and draws a question mark. Looks like the “A” team is back at it.

Who sent you this? Is the "A" team at it again?

“Who sent you this?” Is the “A” team at it again?

Alison and Mr. D have a moment and both worry because Mrs. D has yet to show up to see their daughter’s homecoming. It’s a bit heartbreaking considering that we know Mrs. D won’t be returning. Jason on the other hand is also worried about his mother, but he’s not impressed by the return of his sister.

Aria is having trouble coping and starts having flashbacks of Shana falling to her death. She hears music, a violin in particular, and she’s paranoid that someone is messing with her considering Shana was a violin prodigy. Later on, the same music plays on her iPod and she is now sure someone knows that she assisted in Shana’s death.

As Aria’s paranoia gets to her and she heads to the shed to make it look like Alison was hiding from her captor, like Ali stated to Hollbrook, Emily finds her. It’s a huge burden for a 17 year old to have that kind of secret to keep. Emily tries to comfort Aria and brings up Nate. Honestly, I think there’s a bit of a difference between the two incidents considering Emily never ran from the scene. Alison’s lie is getting the girls nowhere…

After Mr. DiLaurentis asks Mrs. Marin for help on trying to locate Mrs. DiLaurentis, Hanna does a little bit of snooping on her own to see what her mom found. While, Ashley is logged onto Mrs. D email account, there’s a message in the drafts. “I can’t protect you anymore,” Mrs. D writes to an unknown party.

Mona and Mike spend some quality time in the Montgomery household before Aria comes home. Mike gives Aria her iPod back and reveals he borrowed it and added some music to it for a project. I’m guessing the project is from Mona because she has that knowing smirk on. While Mike leaves the two for a few minutes, Mona gives Aria a rape whistle. It’s Mona’s little project to keep the girls of Rosewood High safe from kidnappers like Alison. It’s all bull and Aria calls her out on it.

Hanna ends up delivering some documents to Mr. D and Emily spends time with Pepe, the DiLaurentis’ new. Hanna reveals the email to Emily and while they try to think up theories, Jason creeps up on them and tells them to stay out of people’s business. He drives off and they follow him, but as they try to see where exactly he visits, some creepy old man scares them off. Jason’s hiding something and I wonder if he knows where his mother is.

Ali visits her grave to say goodbye to the girl that’s really there. Mona ends up finding her and Alison seems that she wants to put the past behind her, wanting Mona by her side. Mona could care less about joining Alison’s army when she has an army of her own. The former “A” reveals she was the one that sent the text. “You’re gonna wish you stayed dead,” Mona says before leaving. Why can’t they all just forgive and forget?!

Aria is worried that Mona knows about Shana and the girls try to calm her down. They try to think of a plan to prove Jason is a threat to Alison because they seem to think he was the one in New York (with good reason). Once they can prove that Mrs. D and Jason had something to do with Alison’s disappearance, they think that Alison can tell the truth. Spencer tries to get Jason to reveal why he was in New York, but all of the conversations are stopped when Pepe is heard barking in the DiLaurentis backyard.

Pepe, who was a dog that Mrs. D wanted to adopt, ends up stumbling across a hand popping out of the ground. The truth is finally revealed about Mrs. D and her body is taken away by the police. One DiLaurentis returns, while another is taken away in a body bag. How ironic.

A part of me thinks that Jason knew about his mother being buried there, just because he was so adamant about not keeping Pepe in the beginning. jasonIt’s as if he knew the dog would find her, but the other part of me sees his vulnerability. His mom isn’t there to defend him or take care of him. With Alison back it’s too much for him to handle. Or he’s just being a good actor pretending like he knows nothing.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Mrs. D was protecting Jason because he was the one that knocked Alison over the head or was she protecting someone else? Who do you think killed Mrs. D? So many questions…I need answers!



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