Pretty Little Liars 5×03 Recap: “Surfing the Aftershocks”

pll5x03Last week’s revelation about Mrs. DiLaurentis hit the Rosewood residents pretty hard, leaving a distraught DiLaurentis family “surfing the aftershocks” and another mystery for the police to solve.

Remember the countless funerals Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer had to attend? But more specifically, I’m thinking of Alison’s funeral. Now, they’re back in black again with Alison joining them, only she’s alive this time. Like true Ali fashion, she makes a statement and decides to wear the dress her mother wore at her funeral. While Ali claims she had no idea, I’m not believing it one bit.

The four girls sans Alison return to school and Mr. Hacket suggests they act like things are normal. Nothing will ever be normal when it comes to the pretty little liars of Rosewood. It’s high school; people will stare and whisper throughout the halls especially since it’s the latest scandal.

Emily and Hanna go into detective mode again and are convinced it was Jason who started the whole thing with hitting Alison over the head and murdering Mrs. D. Spencer defends him and spends most of the episode trying to get an answer from her half brother.

Mona is still trying to control the Rosewood High halls, with her fake smiles and all knowing glances. Aria is not amused and neither is Hanna. However, because Mona knows everything, she was the one to reveal that Ezra was back. From the look on Aria’s face, you can see a hint of sadness considering she had no idea that the love of her life is back. #Ezria

There’s also a new girl named Sydney in town. She’s on the swim team and very interested in Emily and her swimming skills. She awkwardly asks Emily to watch her form in the swimming pool for some tips, and I’m sitting here wondering what her point is. But I guess time will tell.

I love the dynamic between Melissa and Spencer. Sure, they are at each others throats 95% of the time, but it’s just so intense when they argue. Melissa tells Spencer to stay away from Alison and that whole family, but Spencer can’t considering their half brother is part of that family and he has no one else. Melissa joins the “Jason did it” club, but she still remains as a suspect in my book, considering the fact she wishes Ali never returned.

Hanna accompanies Ali to the funeral home to pick something up. Alison becomes distraught after seeing a picture on the wall and steps away leaving Hanna all by her lonesome. The funeral home director mistakes Hanna for Ali, which triggers a flashback to the past. “It used to be easier to tell us apart,” Alison tells the director and Hanna can’t stop thinking about “Hefty Hanna”.

Aria finally gets the guts to visit Ezra and the tension is high. While Ezra expresses his concern and worry for Aria and her friends, Aria refrains to tell him about what happened to Shana.

We are taken back to the day Hanna’s transformation started with Mona. With the weight lost, she convinces Hanna to try on something that once belonged to Alison. At that time, Hanna knew Ali was missing and possibly even dead, while Mona knew the truth. She was making Hanna a pawn in her little game. “Everything’s better with a friend”

Aria tells Alison that Ezra won’t talk about the true story. Aria is still worried about the Shana thing and confesses to Alison that she thinks it’s a bad idea if she were to come back to school, considering Mona knows the truth about everything. I’m sure that won’t stop Alison.

Hanna and Emily go back to the place Jason visited to do some more detective work. They ended up interrogating Arnie, the creepy guy, and he breaks down and reveals that Jason was there when Mrs. D was murdered.

trust1One the other side of town, Jason is ready to leave. His dad isn’t happy with him and Alison is still a ghost to him. Spencer shows him the email that Mrs. D wrote on the night she died. She doesn’t accuse Jason of anything, but explains that whoever she was writing the email to was the one to murder her. The conversation ends with Jason saying, “You can’t trust him.” By ‘him’ he means their father. So basically he implies that Mr. Hastings was the person that Mrs. D was writing the letter to.

Hanna has another flashback which will be forever be referred to as the #PLLBABES scene. The transformation is over and Mona reveals her project.pllbabes5 Mona and Hanna walk down the halls of Rosewood High hand in hand. All eyes are on them and there’s a new Queen Bee. It’s like one of those cliche scenes in high school movies and I LOVE IT. Back to the present, Hanna looks to Emily and asks her, “What was it like to come out?” I’m not going to lie, but in a weird twist, I thought Hanna was going to say she had feelings for Emily. But anways, Hanna confesses she never knew who she was. She’s finally realizing she was transformed into Alison 2.0, but she’s definitely become her own person these past few years.

Alison visits Ezra and thanks him for saving them. She’s there to return the manuscript Aria kindly gave to her and asks Ezra if there is more to it. She needs all the info she can get to save her own life and solve the mystery that is “A”.

After reminiscing of the past and realizing a few things, Hanna finally confronts Mona and accuses her of changing Hanna into someone she isn’t. She got an “Ali upgrade” and that’s not what she ever wanted. Mona asks Hanna who she would be without her. “I would be me,” Hanna says confidently. “And who remembers her?” Touche.

After leaving Ezra’s, Alison is walking the streets alone at night. I don’t get it, someone is out to get you and you walk around as if no one is following your every move. With perfect timing Mr. Hastings finds her and asks how she’s doing. Mr. Hastings ends up offering her a ride home and it is all very sketchy if you ask me.

Mr. Hastings comes home in a chipper mood and we are left wondering what exactly happened with Alison. Spencer confronts her father with Mrs. D’s email and he tries to avoid it like the plague. Melissa comes in to defend her father and rips up the email. After a few choice words, Melissa wants to tell Spencer the big secret we still know nothing about, but Mr. Hastings sends Spencer to her room.“You can’t lie about something you know nothing about.”

Aria goes back to Ezra’s to tell him about Alison and finally confesses what happened tot Shana in New York. Ezra is determined to get Aria to trust him again and simply asks her, “How can I help?”

The final scene finds Hanna at the hair salon. “Same shade of blonde?” the hairdresser asks. But Hanna tells her it’s time for a change. Hanna’s becoming her own person and I love it. Mona happens to be creepin’ on the other side of the wall and we see a silhouette of another girl, but I’m not too sure who that could be. Could it be Mona’s latest project? Any thoughts?



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