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“The dArkest Knight” A PLL Summer Finale Recap.

Hi guys! It’s been a while and I apologize for that, but here I am. On tonight’s episode, our favorite little liars walk right into the #PLLDeathTrap! Honestly, I can’t even [function] right now. This was our last #PLLSummerFinale and it was epic to say the least, especially those last 5 minutes.

The episode started off with our favorite little liars looking for Hanna. They think that Hanna was abducted by Noel Kahn, but boy do they have it backwards. They are so desperate to find Hanna that they called the police. I can’t believe they actually called the police. I mean, after all these years and many events where they should’ve called the police, they call now?

While the girls stress about Hanna, Hanna’s in a stranded motel room being a badass and torturing Noel. When she doesn’t get the answer she wants, she takes a knife to Noel’s thigh. This is a side of Hanna I never thought I’d see. But she isn’t just torturing Noel for the hell of it. She wants proof and uses Noel’s blood sample to see if he’s the long lost child of Mary Drake.

The search for Hanna is on as Detective Marco takes on the case. Toby should be there, too. But NO, it’s his last day on the Rosewood Police Force and Detective Marco wants to make his move. Aria, Ali, Spencer and Emily are all at the Hastings’ residence getting questioned and Paige shows up to support them (Emily). I still do not trust Paige. And clearly Ali doesn’t either.

Caleb and Mona team up at the Radley hotel to watch Jenna’s every move. Jenna’s freaking out trying to get a hold of Noel, while Mona receives a call from Hanna to meet her. Of course, Hanna would request help from the first “A” for her interrogation skills. Too bad Mona wants Hanna to just go to the police. She eventually does, but she doesn’t reveal to anyone that she abducted Noel. In fact, she leaves Noel tied to the chair. I can hear Noel saying, “Wrong move, blondie, wrong move.”

We are then hit with some relationship feels – one ship after another. First we have Haleb. Caleb can see through all of Hanna’s lies. He knows Hanna and Hanna just doesn’t want to admit it. Caleb’s confession was the sweetest as he proclaims that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Hanna. #HalebIsForever. Meanwhile at the DiLaurentis house, Ali reveals to Emily that she’s pregnant. Despite everything, Emily will always be there for her first love and support her. Alison actually kisses Emily and it’s now the beginning of the #EmisonEndgame. Now Paige just needs to chill out.

Now while the two ships above give us hope, the next two aren’t looking too great. Aria awaits Ezra’s return after there is no news of Nicole’s return. However, she happens to catch the news and finds out that Nicole was rescued. I don’t doubt that Ezria will be endgame, but my heart still broke a little. Spencer decides to visit Toby before he leaves Rosewood. I always love scenes with Troian and Keegan because their chemistry is off the charts. When Spencer gave Toby a #SpobyKissGoodbye, I really felt like it was really their end and I hate this feeling.

Remember when Hanna took Noel blood sample to compare it to Mary Drake? Well it wasn’t a match – at least that’s what the doctor said. Noel as Mary Drake’s child would be the easy way out. Because of this new revelation, Hanna finally tells her friends the truth. They all return to find that Noel has escaped and I sat here scolding Hanna in my head for leaving that dude alone. Can’t you see he’s been working out?

Since Noel escaped, he and Jenna want to trade Hanna’s camcorder for the flashdrive with the doll house videos. A text leads the girls to an abandoned school for the blind. At Radley, Mona and Caleb think they have an eye on Jenna, but turns out it’s Sydney. This is all we see of her this episode, but I think we’ll see more of her. Clearly, the girls are walking into the #PLLDeathTrap and at this point I’m pretty nervous.

When the girls get to the school, Jenna instructs them to leave the flashdrive and Hanna’s torture video starts playing upstairs. They rush to get to the camera upstairs and head back down, but during all that haste Emily accidentally leaves her phone. Hanna ends up back upstairs with Emily, but Noel does not let them leave without a fight. It’s unfair considering he has an ax and the girls are unarmed. But the girls cause a distraction and Noel trips over his feet and falls on said ax. When someone from the PLL staff said that “heads will roll” I didn’t think they meant that literally.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Spencer, Aria, and Ali are running from Jenna who has a gun as her weapon of choice. They manage to sneak past Jenna and Noel’s head and run up the stairs to meet Hanna and Emily. When they get ready to sneak back down, Jenna hears them and shoots. The victim is Spencer and I’m like NOPE. You can’t do this to me. She’s the one we saw in the previews crawling for dear life.

Just when I thought Jenna was going to actually end Spencer’s life, Mary Drake hits her over the head. At this point, my mind is starting to work a little more and I realize who Mary Drake is to Spencer. It’s then confirmed when the girls find Mary Drake singing Spencer a lullaby and confesses “I would never hurt you. I’m your mother.” Then Spencer closes her eyes.

My heart breaks. And then the camera pans to a car crash where we find Toby and Yvonne. Keegan Allen doesn’t make it any better when he tweets “RIP TOBIAS”. Seriously Keegan?

RIPTOBIASWHY YOU GOTTA BE LIKE THAT?! I’m reminded of their goodbye kiss and how the two resemble Romeo and Juliet’s tragic love story.

I can’t focus on the last two scenes: Jenna wakes up in the back of A.D.’s car and a tiny figurine of Spencer is placed in a tiny coffin. This cannot be.

Now, I’m hit with the fact that we only have 10 more episodes left and that we have to wait 8 months. 8 long months.

Anyways, I’m excited to find out who A.D. is and why everyone seems to be coming back. Yeah, I’m looking at you Dr. Wren.



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There’s a twin! (PLL Spring Finale Recap/top moments)

Hi little liars! I’ve been on a recap hiatus and I apologize. But I’m back because it’s the finale and I was left feeling very uneasy, as expected.

Tonight’s episode started off right where the last episode ended.The big plan to catch the new “A” was set in motion once Hanna sent her “confession” text. And I found it so interesting they could do all of it and attend to their personal lives especially the big Rosewood election. Honestly, it doesn’t make sense that they think they can be all sneaky, when obviously “A” is everywhere watching their every move.

Anyways, instead of me fully recapping the episode, I’m going to bring you my top 5 “OMG” moments. Just wait till you get to the number one moment for me!

My top 5 OMG moments:

5. The ships you thought were sunk have returned to shore. We can’t ignore the relationships we’ve come to love over these past 6 seasons. This fast forward jumbled everything up and while there were interesting pairings and characters you couldn’t hate, tonight’s episode brought us the main relationships many fans have been holding out for.

  • Spoby teamed up to find hidden clues in the former Radley basement in hopes of stopping Sara Harvey from finding something first. Toby even left his girlfriend’s side during the election to help Spencer! Oh and when they were speaking French with each other, I was a living :heart eyes: emoji.
  • Emison’s special relationship lives on and I found it very adorable that Emily was babysitting Alison and knew exactly where to find her when she went missing. No matter what, they’ll always be special to each other and support one another.
  • Ezria finished their book and Aria’s boss loved it. Of course out of excitement, Aria lunged forward and kissed her ex-boyfriend/teacher. But that turned into more,  once they both realized that the chemistry and feelings were still there.
  • The Haleb chemistry/feelings never left the building. It was so heartbreaking seeing those flashbacks of what led up to their break up and knowing that Hanna came back only to find that Caleb already left was the worst! Confessions were made and a kiss emerged, but I can’t help but feel bad for Spencer.

Basically, there was a lot of cheating going on (mainly with the last two), which I wasn’t really happy about, but it’s hard to forget about your first love right? But still there’s no excuse. I wonder how Spencer and Hanna’s dynamic will change (even more).

4. The discovery in the Radley basement. As explained above, Spoby teamed up to do some investigating in the former sanitarium turned hip hotel. While the Hastings election party was going on, Spoby made sure Sara couldn’t make it to the old record room, but that didn’t keep Mona out. We all know she probably knows more than she lets on. The only record they found was that belonging to a “Mary Drake”. If you recall that last name, there’s obviously some connection with Cece Drake aka Charlotte DiLaurentis. It’s odd how this was the only thing left in the basement. It’s almost as if someone wanted them to find this.

3. Alison’s admittance into a hospital. Alison just left the hospital, but now her mental state isn’t exactly the best. She had such a pleasant dream of her mother, who “visited” her, but all that changed when zombie mother made an appearance along with dead cop Wilden. Were they real or Ali’s mind playing tricks on her? Her current sweet hubby was out of town, so Emily was in charge and while she calmed her down, Emily wasn’t able to stop her from voluntarily admitting herself into a mental institution after seeing all these so-called hallucinations. I really wished the girls told her about the plan and what “A” was planning for them. Alichurch

2. The Twin Reveal! In the books, Ali had a twin, so a lot of us were waiting to see who would be the actual twin in the tv series. I don’t know about you, but I wanted a DiLaurentis to be a twin and we kind of got that. Basically, those so-called hallucinations/dreams of her mother were not hallucinations at all because Mrs. D is the one with a twin! In the file at Radley, Mary Drake was a patient who was pregnant and Mrs. D adopted that baby. Unfortunately, Charlotte’s life was cut short, and Mary Drake was NOT happy about this. Makes you wonder where she was all this time and how involved she was with previous murders. But what made me angry the most, was Dr. Rollins’ reveal. I know not to trust anyone, but I honestly didn’t think he’d be THIS involved. Turns out he was in love with CeCe and is playing Alison to help Mary exact her revenge on her daughter’s murderer(s).To make Ali think she was losing her mind, just to get her out of the way is just plain wrong! They’re taking back what’s theirs, but I definitely don’t think this is what Charlotte would have wanted.

1. My poor Hanna. She stepped up and initiated the plan to confess to Charlotte’s murder in order to catch the new “A” who absolutely loves emojis. And while everyone else was confident that they’d stop the new “A”, twin mom was still one step ahead. Hanna was nervous and you could tell from the look on her face and the confession of love to Caleb. When Caleb, Aria and Ezra knew that “A” escaped their trap, they rushed to Hanna’s room at the Lost Woods, and after breaking through the door, she was nowhere to be found. The indestructible door and windows were still in tip top shape, but they forgot to check the floorboards and a huge hole was found. The final scene of the episode shows an unconscious Hanna Marin being dragged across the bell tower floor of the church and I started to tear up at that point because Hanna will always be my favorite.


Because Hanna didn’t follow the rules and brought along the posse, it makes me nervous to think what Mary Drake is going to do to her.But I swear if they decide to off Hanna in this next season, I don’t know what I’ll do. She better be alive and the girls better find Mary Drake and traitorous Dr. Rollins. A part of me wants Mona to be the one to pull through for Hanna and start doing what she does best.

And there you have it, my top moments of last night’s Season 6 finale. It’s going to be a long few months, but you bet that I’ll be watching all the BTS stuff from filming. What were your fave moments from last night? Be sure to subscribe, leave a reply or reach out to me on twitter!


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It’s happening again on Pretty Little Liars | 6×14 Recap

Hey little liars! Did you miss me? Sorry I failed to provide you with a recap last week. but here’s a few things that happened in case you somehow missed it:

  • Sara Harvey kept being creepy.
  • Angry Ezra was angry. The girls basically accused him of murdering Charlotte.
  • Emily told Hanna her secret.
  • Melissa threw some shade.
  • Hanna and Spencer had the Caleb talk.
  • Spencer and Caleb did more than talk.
  • The red devil new “A” has taken over and sent their first text: “You know who did it and I’m going to make you talk.”

On last night’s episode, the girls are diligently trying to figure out who sent the anonymous text. The first two suspects are Alison and Sara. Alison is off with her doctor friend out of Rosewood, while Sara is cooped up in her room hiding from all the mischief. Who’s the bigger suspect? At this point, it’s Sara, of course.

Hanna has the guts to text back the mysterious number and she actually gets a response. It’s a simple yes to the question, “do I know you?”. It cracks me up because this new “A” didn’t even give a witty response. But not even 5 minutes later, another cryptic message is sent:

“I found what they’re looking for. Tell me who it belongs to.” 9Iron

This points the finger at Ezra and Mr. Montgomery who is definitely up to something when the girls see that he has a room at Radley. But before giving her own father the third degree, Aria goes straight to Ezra first. He’s nowhere to be found and there’s no way in hell that an employee (Sabrina) would let her in his room above the Brew.

Among all the new “A” drama, there’s still relationship drama. Last week, Hanna and Spencer had the talk and this week it was Caleb and Toby’s turn. Even though Toby has a girlfriend named Yvonne and is building a house for her, the look on his face says he is not okay with Spaleb. On a somewhat related note, all the new love interests are so likeable.

Back to the 9 iron investigation, Aria enlists Emily to distract Sabrina while she sneaks into Ezra’s apartment. I have a very good feeling that this isn’t going to end well. Emily genuinely likes Sabrina, but Sabrina thinks otherwise when she finds out what her and Aria did. At least Aria got some information right? Ezra’s 9-iron is not missing, but a message on Ezra’s answering machine tells us that Ezra caught Mr. Montgomery doing something sketchy.

Hanna tells her mom the truth and Ashley has a very disappointed look on her face. But knowing Ashley, she’ll do anything to protect her only daughter. Later on we find out that Ashley stole the back up video. Hanna should’ve told her mom that she was going to confess with the help of Jordan and his lawyer because then Ashley wouldn’t have gone and tampered with evidence. The web of lies continues…

Spencer who’s on campaign duty finds out that Toby is going to propose to the opponent’s daughter and this new “A” has to stick their nose in their relationship business. This new “A” doesn’t have a way with words like Charlotte did.ring

Later on, Spencer awkwardly finds out he didn’t propose, but is interrupted when she asks why. Duty calls and Officer Toby is needed to get Yvonne out of a parking ticket.

Back at the Montgomery’s, a creepy mailman is watching Emily through the window while Aria tries to get a hold of her dad. Mr. Montgomery is too busy meeting with someone and suspects that Aria “knows”. Aria knows you’re being sketchy and your 9 iron is missing!

Caleb and Spencer are kicking ass together and they’re led to the supposed location of the new “A”. After five years, you’d think they’d figure out that “A” is always one step ahead and basically led them on a wild goose chase. They find an abandoned storage unit with a trashcan full of hoodies and a cell phone.happeningagain2Yup Spencer, it’s happening again and it’s someone in plain sight. No more black hoodies or Alison masks, just everyday uniforms, like a mail man and a bell hop, paired with an old man mask. The last clue they find is that this person is staying at Radley because of the carpet behind the 9 iron. But who could it be?

I’m convinced that the new “A” is the Red Devil from Scream Queens. I mean, we had that first text with the devil emoji and all the other emojis in every other text they’ve sent. I kid. But it’s still funny though.

What are your thoughts and theories?


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“Welcome to the Dollhouse” – A PLL Recap

Welcome to the Dollhouse, liars!

Tonight was the night the #BigAReveal took place and it was an emotional roller coaster ride. The whole episode was crazy, creepy and insane. This episode had 2 big reveals: one of them made me happy but the other reveal left me extremely frustrated and disappointed. “A” has some deep problems, but apparently they have a soul according to one of the girls. Yeah, right.

So let’s get on with it! Here are my top moments (in order of appearance) of tonight’s episode and a little theory at the end, in case you’re interested.

The girls’ van is hijacked and they are taken to “A” dollhouse. After last week’s episode, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Aria are taken away in their orange jumpsuits away from Alison. According to Hanna’s contact the police think the five girls are planning something big, but we all know this is “A”s handy work. In the transport van, the Hanna reveals how jail is which doesn’t ease the others’ fears, but they all share a cute friendship moment together and I hate having to see my girls getting arrested for something they didn’t do.

But anyways, that moment is interrupted when “A” hijacks the van, taking out the officers and busting through the back door of the van. Understandably, the girls are scared for their life considering “A” is pointing some big gun at them.

“A” knocks them out with some type of gas and they all wake up in what appears to be exact replicas of their bedrooms. Did they just all wake up from a big nightmare? Nope, considering they were still wearing orange jumpsuits and behind every window/door is a solid wall. The doors open and a mysterious overhead voice advises the girls to follow the lighted path which happens to lead to a replica of Alison’s room. Once they reach the room, a blond girl is playing the piano with the Ali mask on. Once that mask is taken off, we find out that…

Mona is alive! I think a majority of fans were really rooting for Mona to be alive and I screamed once that mask came off. Even though she was wearing the Ali mask for a few minutes, the piano playing was definitely an indication that it was Mona.

Honestly, at first I thought this was Mona’s twin or something and she’s playing this stupid game with the girls, but then she started acting like she was Alison and I was thoroughly confused. I thought long and hard about it and was convinced that Mona was under “A”s spell or she completely lost it. I’m glad she was just acting to appease “A”. She knows “A” is not playing games when it comes to someone disobeying them.

Mona went on with her Alison act and kind of became the leader of the group, naturally. Since Mona had been there for so long, she knew he ins and outs of the dollhouse. From experience and the torture “A” put her through, she was able to share that information with the girls. Honestly, this was the biggest OMG moment of the night!

The Hastings pay a visit to Alison. Officer Toby goes to Mr. and Mrs. Hastings to inform them of what happened to their daughter and the other girls. Apparently, the cops know, but they want to keep it a secret and out of the press. I would’ve loved to see all the parents be informed, but oh well.

Mr. and Mrs. Hastings were hell bent on thinking it’s all Alison’s doing, which frustrated me. Like, how does an 18 year old girl who is distraught and sentenced to life in prison, have ANYTHING to do with 4 other teenage girls disappearing. Sure, Ali was a great manipulator, but really? Their theory leads them to Alison to ask her questions and Ali finally tells the truth about the return of “A”. I’m so happy because they actually believe her later on. They become part of the “A” search party along with Ezra, Caleb and Toby.

Detective Tanner teams up with Caleb and “A”s lair is found. Earlier in the episode, Toby tries hacking the police radar for the van, but doesn’t get very far. Detective Tanner also gets some research done, which leads her to Caleb and issuing a warrant of arrest. This angered me as well. Tanner was so focused on finding evidence against the girls and their boyfriends. I was so happy that the Hastings were representing Caleb and pretty much manipulated Tanner into allowing Caleb to use their system to do some more hacking/research.

Caleb uses the police system and is able to find the van. I found it so hilarious when Tanner put her hand on his shoulder, and he brushed it off like “Bitch, don’t touch me.” It looks like Caleb might be the next person joining the Rosewood police force!

His research leads them to the Campbell apple farm, a place where the Hastings used to take the girls when they were younger. I didn’t really find that piece of information with the girls useful, but the Campbell apple farm was a trigger. In case you forgot, Campbell is Andrew’s last name. Oh and the Campbell farm is where “A”s lair is. Finally, Tanner sees that the girls have been kidnapped.

A twisted Senior Prom takes place and “A” is revealed. In the dollhouse, “A” wants to relive a prom that’s happened in the past, meaning it’s either a current or past student of Rosewood High School. Of course, “A” puts the girls to work. Aria in charge of the music, Emily and Spencer in charge of decorating, Hanna taking care of the food, and Mona (as Alison) overseeing the prom queen committee.

Spencer uses this decorating committee as a way to enact an escape plan and boy, do I love the way Spencer thinks. Spencer goes along with “A”s game wanting to plan a beautiful prom with an elaborate entrance for Alison, considering Alison is their favorite. She mentions some things needed to decorate and the next day “A” delivers, not expecting that they are about to get played by these girls. But one thing we need to remember is that “A” is always ahead in the game.

In between all the set up, Spencer puts some pieces of the puzzle together. When she was in “A”s play room she saw the letter blocks and her mind put together a name: Charles. And if you remember the note in Mona’s mirror, Charles DiLaurentis. #CHARLESISA

Once everything is set up and ready, “A” provides the girls with some beautiful prom dresses and although this isn’t the prom they dreamed of, at least they looked good right? As they wait for Alison aka Mona to come down the stairs and crown her Prom Queen, they ask Charles to come out amongst the mannequin prom guests. He does and once they get closer, the use their little camera contraption to bust out the circuits, giving them enough time to try and escape. I thought that the girls could’ve at least beat “A” a little bit and even unmask them. I mean, the five ladies are so badass, I think they could’ve taken him.

Spencer finds a room with “A”s belongings, including some home videos and pictures. Spencer plays the video and we see a younger Mrs. DiLaurentis with baby Alison and two young boys outside the Campbell farm, one we can assume is Jason and another who may possible another DiLaurentis son. Spencer finally stands face to face with the masked “A” and it’s a tense moment, but he manages to disappear right as Mona appears to interrupt the moment.

The final scene brings us to the girls escaping, but they’re fenced in. You know why? Because “A” is always one step ahead.

Honestly, this season 5 finale had so many intense moments, but the “Big A Reveal” was not what I expected. I was hoping we’d actually see a face. No more masks, distractions or diversions. But all we got was a name. Sure, we got the answer to who “A” was, #CharlesIsA, but we were all left with one big question: WHO THE HELL IS CHARLES?  It was such a huge tease. -_-

With that being said, here is my #PLLTheory of the week: Obviously, the Campbell farm with “A”s lair is very important. Andrew Campbell seems to be involved with this. After all, he was listening in on Mrs. Hastings’ phone conversation with Melissa and he’s been very creepy as of lately watching the girls closely and worming his way into one of their lives. It could be very possible that he was the other boy in that DiLaurentis home video. He could very much be Jason’s twin and Alison’s other older brother (if that other boy was a DiLaurentis son). Charles may be “A”, but you can’t spell Andrew without “A” either, right?

What do you think was the biggest reveal of the night?MONAALIVEcharlesisa

You know what to do. Leave me your thoughts, comments and theories!


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“The Bin of Sin”, A Pretty Little Liars Recap!

Pretty Little Liars 5×17 “The Bin of Sin” Recap

Tonight’s episode is conveniently titled “The Bin of Sin” considering Spencer and Caleb’s discovery last week. The girls, especially Hanna, are in quite the predicament and tensions are high!

Tconfronted1he episode takes place after Hanna and Caleb find out who the storage unit is leased to. Turns out the plan to frame Hanna was put in motion months ago, before Alison went to jail. Hanna is freaking out, with good reason, and wants to get rid of everything in the storage bin, but the girls and Caleb are not too keen to the idea.

We musn’t forget that Aria has her own drama with the letter and telling Ezra before “A” does. However, the letter may not be the only thing Aria has to worry about because Talia made him a pecan pie and we all know how much Ezra loves pie. Emily shuts it down, but later on we find out all this talk about pie and buns is just Talia’s way of finding out who Emily’s into. Looks like Em has a new love interest!

Spencer ditches school to tell Toby about the storage bin and Hanna, but that gets interrupted when Detective Tanner walks in. Spencer leaves and Tanner sees that Toby is reading up on Alison’s case file. He lets her know his theory about someone, aka Detective Holbrook, manipulating Alison’s lie detector test. Tanner puts Toby in his place and reminds him he’s only been a cop for “all of 6 minutes”. It’s true though, like how does this rookie cop get so involved in this Alison case, especially considering he knows everyone that’s involved personally?

After shutting down the girls’ plan to erase Hanna’s name from the lease and pin the storage bin on Holbrook, Hanna does her research on getting rid of evidence. While Caleb is successful at corrupting the files that has Hanna’s name on it, it’s not enough for Hanna and she ropes Caleb into helping her.

Aria finally tells Ezra that she got into Talmadge and shows him the letter that got her in. Ezra seems so understanding and even thinks it was a brilliant move on Aria’s part. However, I know there’s something brewing in his mind that may affect Ezria in the long run and it makes me nervous.

After the one night stand with Jason and the proposal from Ted, Ashley finds it’s best to resign from his job. Later on, we find that although it’s awkward, Ashley leaves on good terms and some advice. “You can’t move forward, if you’re stuck in the past,” she says, but Jason kisses Ashley and it gets awkward, again.

Spencer sees that the laptop is on the move and automatically thinks it’s Hanna., with Caleb helping, but we all know this is a wild goose chase considering the fact that Hanna and Caleb are still breaking into the storage unit. Haleb discovers that everything is gone except for the barrel and they are one step behind “A”. Things never change.

The laptop leads the other girls to an abandoned ice cream factory.splitup2 They lose track of the laptop because there’s no service, and Aria has the genius idea to split up. After all those times they’ve been trapped in abandoned places, you’d think they’d learn by now. Like why would you split up in a dark, abandoned place and why would Hanna and Caleb even be there?

On the way out of the storage unit, Hanna and Caleb run into Detective Tanner and Toby. The looks on Haleb’s faces scream guilty and nervous. They manage to leave, but Tanner and Toby head to the infamous storage bin after getting an anonymous tip and find that it appears to have been broken into. Later on, Tanner sends Toby to call a Hazmat team as she takes a peak into the barrel. From the looks on her face, she seems to know exactly what/who it is. She does end up finding a little blood on the floor of the storage unit, so I hope we’ll learn who that belongs to soon.

Back at the abandoned ice cream factory, Spencer hears Hanna and Caleb’s voices, but it turns out it’s the laptop playing a recording of Hanna and Caleb having the conversation about getting rid of the evidence in Hanna’s kitchen. The laptop happens to be in what appears to be a freezer. Aria finds Spencer, but as they get ready to go find Emily and leave, “A” traps them inside and turns the liquid nitrogen on, leaving Sparia to freeze to death! This was one of the most intense scenes this season! I kept screaming for Emily to save them!

regrets1After what was definitely a traumatizing experience, Ezra and Aria spend a little time together. Ezra is there to take her mind off of all things “A” and he gets her an engraved journal as a congrats to getting accepted into Talmadge. This sweet scene takes a turn when he brings up the letter and sort of breaks up with Aria, telling her he doesn’t want her to have any regrets. No, just no.

Hanna confronts Spencer and accuses her of telling Toby about the storage unit. I hate when the girls fight. I think what bothers me the most is that they expect Toby to basically be a crooked cop. He’s only been a cop for a few months right? Isn’t that a little too early for him to be tampering and hiding evidence? I get they’re all friends and whatnot, it doesn’t make sense to blame Toby for doing his job. After Hanna puts the blame on Toby, Spencer defends him and practically says it’s Hanna’s fault for going to the unit and bringing Caleb with her. “A” is always one step ahead and that statement rings through my mind every time.

As Spencer tries to get a hold of Toby, Detective Tanner interrupts again. She lets Toby know that if what’s in the barrel and the drops of blood matches Mona’s DNA, his friends will be the first people she questions. Tanner also reminds that Toby that he took an oath to be a police officer and lays it all on the table putting Toby in a bind. “If there’s anything that I should know, now is the time to tell me.”

It appears that Spencer’s words got through to Hanna. She goes to see Caleb and every Haleb shipper’s heart started to break. Hanna wants to protect Caleb and keep him out of all this mess, but Caleb is not letting Hanna go that easy. If Hanna goes to jail, Caleb goes too.

Toby finally calls Spencer back and she’s an emotional wreck as Toby lies about staying at work late. I wonder what happened during Toby’s conversation with Detective Tanner.

See you next week, little liars!


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Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Over A Barrel”

On tonight’s episode, things get a little crazy over a barrel. And with good reason.

The episode begins with a little recap from all the girls on the Alison/Holbrook situation. In case you missed it, last week Spencer and Caleb destroyed a bloody knife and Hanna found out that Holbrook wasn’t actually visiting his father. Aria on the other hand, got into college by writing a letter basically dissing her relationship with Ezra, which takes us to “A”s first message of the night. The letter prints on a receipt at Ezra’s cafe/bookstore. “This kind of lie will stay on your permanent record. -A” I still can’t believe Aria wrote the letter.

Again, amongst all the drama, we are reminded that they are in high school. It seems like Aria is about to tell Ezra about the Talmadge acceptance, but she stops when Ezra mentions the professor that liked her the night before. Spencer also has some college woes when she receives acceptance letters from several colleges. It becomes a touchy subject as Toby congratulates her, but she’s not happy about being accepted into random places like the University of Hawaii because of “A”. Good thing newbie roommate Johnny is there to break up the tension between Spoby.

Aria gets a text from “H” telling her to stop looking and to meet them at the Grill. Her and Emily automatically assume its Holbrook, but I just wonder why Aria over anybody else?

All of the girls get some kind of text alert from Mona. Is Mona sending texts from the grave or is “A” playing mind games again? Caleb and Spencer deduce that it’s a security alert that she set up when she was alive, showing the coordinates of where her laptop is located. Knowing that “A” would get their hands on this laptop Mona appears to be helping the girls find their way, even when she’s dead. That girl was always a step ahead and I miss her.

The coordinates in Mona’s security alert lead Caleb and Spencer to a storage place, specifically storage unit 1017. One of Spencer’s teachers sees them and mentions a really bad odor coming from that storage unit and my red flags go up. Spencer asks her teacher if she’s ever spoken to the owner, but all she mentions is that it’s a blonde girl. Could it be Alison?

While waiting for “H”, Aria runs into Jason who ends up getting ditched by Ashley. He ends up inviting Aria for lunch, so any plans Aria has with “H” are squashed. That is, unless Jason is “H”! Jason reveals the cops’ theories that Alison has someone that was working for her and Aria plants the idea that Alison may have manipulated Holbrook to help her. During their little lunch meeting, Aria gets another text from “H” to meet them at a flower shop.

Earlier in the episode, we found that Pastor Ted returned from his trip. It gets complicated especially considering Hanna spends a good amount of the episode trying to confront her mom about her hookup with Jason DiLaurentis. When Hanna meets Pastor Ted, he asks Hanna for her blessing on asking Ashley to marry him. Hanna is on #TeamTed. He comes up with this cute proposal with a cookie, but Ashley lets him down by saying she needs time to think. It is sad, but at the same time before she can accept any proposal she needs to tell Ted the truth.

Emily isn’t really too involved in the Alison problem at this point as she is still hung up on Paige and also happens to have a new co-worker. Her and Talia are still butting heads. Talia, however, ends up giving Emily a little relationship advice that actually seems to help Emily move on a little bit.

Caleb and Spencer successfully break into the storage unit in question. They find everything put in place neatly, with Mona’s computer and a bunch of bloody clothes packed in a plastic bag. Everything starts to click and Caleb theorizes that Holbrook is keeping everything to build a case against one of them.

Spaleb comes across a barrel and if you’re thinking what they’re thinking, Mona may be inside. But I really hope that’s not the case. Spencer sees some ingredients and puts her biology knowledge to use. Antacid tablets + denatured alcohol + water = preservation or it’s corrosive. “So she’s either being pickled or dissolved?” Yes, Caleb just said that. Right before they try to open the barrel, the lights turn off.

After leaving the storage unit and erasing any evidence that they were there, Spencer and Caleb decide they need to connect the storage unit to Holbrook. Spencer thinks it’s best leave Toby out of it and Caleb goes on a mission to find the who the storage unit is leased to.

“H” ended up not meeting Aria at the flower shop and instead had her deliver flowers to Ashley Marin. Aria’s on a wild goose chase. Aria ends up at Hanna’s house and reads the card, finding out it’s allegedly from Jason. Hanna automatically thinks it’s one of Alison’s games and reveals to Aria that she visited Alison in jail. Honestly, I’m confused about this. Why would this “H” (for Hanna? Holbrook?) send Aria on this mission?

Spoby finally seems like they’re on somewhat good terms. The college distance conversation is brought up, but Spencer suggests that Toby can come with her to wherever she ends up and Toby’s is happy with that answer. The moment is ruined when Toby sees a text message to Spencer from Caleb. Let’s just say keeping things from Officer Toby is too hard and Toby wants it to stop. “Whatever you say Officer.”

Talia admires Emily in her casual clothing, then proceeds to ask Emily if she likes Ezra’s cute buns. Does Emily have a new love interest already?!

Johnny comes back to retrieve the egg Spencer promised at the beginning so he can make his paints, but then asks some questions about Alison and the great headlines that Rosewood makes. He ends up giving Spencer a pep talk and it looks like Spencer may not take the college route after all. I’m still thinking he’s working for someone. Trust no one.

The ending revelation makes me uneasy and pissed. Caleb breaks the news to Hanna about who the storage unit belongs to and it’s the blonde herself. Hanna’s being framed and I am not happy.

The final “A” scene takes us into Holbrook’s office and “A” easily logging into Holbrook’s computer. Is it Holbrook or someone else?

Next week looks quite intense, but when does it not?


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