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I still get jealous. (A Faking It Recap)

Hey fakers! (I’m not sure if that’s the correct name for Faking It fans, but i’ll just go with it)

“It’s all good,” but after last night’s season 3 premiere, I’m thinking otherwise. As a refresher of the finale, Karma and Shane took a lifeguarding job. Lauren stayed in Austin to keep the sisterly love going and Liam went on a journey to find his biological father. But most importantly Karmy was at odds when Amy decided to leave for the summer in an attempt to get over Karma.

We first see Amy explaining herself and how the summer was a good experience for her, but turns out she was just practicing on her newfound friends before facing Karma. Although she was obviously nervous about seeing Karma again, I love how the first thing she did when she got back was go to the pool to see her. But she didn’t expect to see Shane between Karma’s legs. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER. They were in the pool and he picked her up on his shoulders! Frenemies turned to friends? I’ve said this before, and I’m saying it again. A lot can happen in a summer.

While Karma was expecting an apology, Amy wasn’t on the same page which led to awkward attempts at avoiding the subject all together.

After being brushed off by Karma, Amy made her way home and the redhead was not the only person made at Amy for leaving. Lauren was not impressed and even less impressed by the fact that Amy already had Karma problems. But it’s all good because Lauren is on a search to find a new Lisbeth since she left (yeah, she left to be a candle enthusiast. Kudos to you if you understand that reference). Only Lauren would try to find a “friendtern”. I love Faking It and their new hip words. Also, they snuck in a little jab about Amy not being on Twitter. Oh look, Rita tweeted!

My favorite bromance, Liam and Shane, reunited to exchange summer stories. In a turn of events, all attention was turned to Liam as Shane was trying to avoid something, much like Karma had. On a somewhat good note, Liam found out about his father/family!

Fast forward, Amy and Liam (who are both over Karma…sounds like a broken record) found themselves at a lifeguard bonfire that Karma and Shane both wanted to hide from them. Don’t get it twisted, though. Liamy are NOT friends — Liam was just Amy’s ride. Unfortunately for those two Karma lovers, a new lover invited them and blew their not so secret cover. Dylan, a new guy from Hawaii, seems to have replaced Amy and Liam in Karma and Shane’s lives. There was so much jealousy, I heard Nick Jonas’ song playing.

For the rest of the episode, Liam tries to win back Shane’s attention and even tries to one up Dylan by walking over hot coals. Dylan succeeded, Liam, not so much. I love watching jealous Liam and his need for competition. He doesn’t want to be replaced. It’s one thing that Dylan is Karma’s new beau, but to be BFFs with Shane too? That’s no bueno!

Karma continued to dodge Amy and her “explanation” only to do things that Amy never expected. Amy threw some shade stating that Karma’s changing herself AGAIN just to fit in with the cool kids. Karmy finally had the talk and I was hit in the feels really hard. Sure, Amy changed and got over Karma, but when Karma changes it’s unacceptable. It’s understandable for Amy to feel that way, but at the same time I was irritated with Amy. I just can’t explain it. I’m glad Karma finally spoke up about how she really felt about Amy leaving and I felt her sentiment about Amy not caring. But Amy reiterated that she was not going to apologize for thinking about herself first. I’m a firm believer of taking care of yourself first, but Karma had me crying for her.

One of the final scenes of the night was Karma getting a tattoo. Back in the day, Karma made Amy promise that she’d stop her if that ever happen. While Amy tried, the previous conversation push Karma to the edge. While she was getting that tattoo, it was easy to tell that she’d regret it.

And it looks like Amy regrets forgetting about Karma over the summer.

I’m excited to see how much each character grew over the summer. While Liam and Amy are supposedly “over” Karma, the trailer felt like no one was over anything.

I hate it when BFFs fight.


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Recap: Faking It 2A Finale “Busted”

Hello Faking It fans! I meant to start recapping at the start of season 2, but a combination of time management and laziness prevented me from doing so. However, I wanted to make sure I at least recap the finale, so here I am!

If you follow me on tumblr, you might have read a rant I made about best friendship. After last week’s episode and the truth coming out about Liam and Amy, I found myself in tears because Karmy’s friendship was shattered. In 2×01, Amy and Karmy told each other they could never hate each other, but the scene where everything blew up between Liam, Karma and Amy broke my heart. At that point it wasn’t about the “ships”, it was about a friendship ending.

The finale was all about that friendship and other relationships mending or coming to a closure. The episode begins the morning after the blow up (I assume). Amy wakes up and knows something is up when her mom decided to make french toast and talk like she’s straight out of Gone With the Wind. Karma was at Amy’s, leaving a box behind without a word. It’s one of those “break up” boxes, filled with all the stuff that defined their relationship.

Amy’s mom thinks this fight will blow over, but Amy confesses what exactly happened. “You broke the cardinal rule of the girl code: Thou shalt not sleep with a best friend’s boyfriend,” Amy’s mom responds. That doesn’t exactly make feel Amy feel better, but she still has hope that their friendship will get past this. So does me and the rest of the fandom.

Liam, on the other hand, wants to get far far away from Hester High and all the drama. He still cares about Karma, but he feels the need to focus on something else to keep his mind off of it all. He has family drama and Karma drama, the only thing keeping him sane is his art.

Shane is still hung up on Duke and finds out that Duke has a beard that he brings to church. He wants someone to out Duke so badly and claims he’s done outing people himself. I don’t think that’ll be the case for long.

After being stood up by Theo, Lauren tries to focus on something else. With Leila and Lizbeth by her side, she starts a campaign to run for school president so she can make Hester a school she actually likes to go to. I’ve grown to love Lauren this season, she’s such a badass. I’ve always loved characters who have walls and a facade.

Speaking of Theo, his secret is finally revealed. He stood Lauren up because he spent the whole night with Brandy…questioning her about where she got the pot brownie. Theo’s a cop, people! Who called it? I had a strong feeling, but some people said it would be something viewers wouldn’t expect, so that threw me off. But that’s the only secret that came to my mind when I thought about Theo.

Back on the Karmy friendship front, Amy is constantly trying to get Karma to speak with her. Karma is not having it and even eats a peanut butter cookie to stand her ground. Irma, the lunch lady, is so distraught. So am I, Irma, so am I. Before Amy can follow Karma out of the cafeteria, Reagan calls and reminds her of their camping trip. Reagan can tell something is up and thinks Amy’s going to flake, but the tone in her voice immediately changes when Amy tells her that she’s in a fight with Karma, “You two are always getting into fights, can’t this wait until we get back.” I love you Reagan, but it cannot wait.

Liam is still working on getting out of Hester High next semester. Nicholas Brendan makes an appearance as a Hester High Alum there to interview students for the Jackson Lee Youth Art Fellowship. Let’s just say he’s not impressed with Liam’s BS and art.

Shane takes Liam’s advice and decides to try something new to distract himself from Duke. He decides to run against Lauren for class president and practically rubs it in her face that people would rather see him win. They’re frenemies again and I thought they were past that.

Amy tries to get to Karma by convincing Karma’s mom to get her to talk to her. Karma is still having none of it and it’s all interrupted by a couple of police cars surrounding the Ashcroft’s juice truck. Theo steps out of the car in slow mo and I enjoyed every bit of it.


Anyways, the Ashcroft’s are arrested including Karma. Shane prevents Liam from attacking Theo, but Amy sees an opportunity and punches Theo to be with Karma. Lauren catches it all and her face is heartbreaking.

Amy, Karma, Karma’s mother and a few other women are in a holding cell at the police station and Amy tries to use it to her advantage. Karma drops the bomb and reveals to her mom what Amy did. Karma’s mom cracked me up. “Amy, you slept with a boy?” she says instead of the fact that it was with Karma’s boyfriend.

Karma finally caves and gives Amy 60 seconds to explain herself. If she’s not convinced, Amy has to move schools so Karma doesn’t have to see her face. That’s a little drastic, I think, but I guess Karma has the power. Amy’s speech includes a confession of love since the day they met. Amy had hope that she could be Karma’s Princess Sarcasm.

karmy4 karmy5

When Karma says nothing, Amy holds the other half of their best friend necklace over the toilet and explains that this is Karma’s time to decide if their friendship remains. Karma doesn’t want to throw it all away, but it’s going to take baby steps. I’m glad they’re talking again.

thaurenLauren then confronts Theo, who is actually named Anthony. She asks Theo/Anthony if any of it was real, and before answering “No”, he hesitates and looks at his boss. It was real and Theo actually does have feelings for Lauren, okay? Lauren breaks down talking about trust and shows out her secret by accident, in front of the whole school. Bailey De Young is such a great actress.

Later on we see Lauren’s confession has the student body by her side supporting her campaign for presidency. At first she’s confused, but she rolls with it. I can’t wait to see what Lauren will do during her term.

Shane sort of gets a happy ending for now. He ends up outing Duke to TMZ which causes Duke to hold a press conference where he comes out and confesses his love for Shane Harvey. While it seems like a good thing, I bet things will blow up once Duke finds out Shane outed him.

Angsty Liam actually gets the art fellowship, but it’s thrown away when he asks his grandfather to get the Ashcrofts and Amy out of jail. He sold his soul to Sqwerkel and he’s not happy about it. However, he gets a surprise visit from an angry Karma, which leads to make up sex. But she does let Liam know he’s still not forgiven.

Amy makes the Reamy camping trip just in time and they spend some sexy times in a tent. At this time the “Woah—I know” mystery is solved with some major inception going on. Reagan kisses Amy, Amy opens her eyes and says “Woah”, then the scene cuts to Karma on top saying “I know” who then kisses Amy. Amy then wakes up and turns around to find Liam and they talk about tricking Karma into forgiving them before making out. Finally, Karma wakes up on top of Liam, with an epiphany.

The inception dream was confusing to me. At first I thought Karma and Amy was Amy’s dream, then Amy and Liam were Karma’s dream. Turns out both of those dreams were Karma’s, according to Carter Covington. It appears our little Karma may be having a little bit of more than friendly feelings for Amy now, but also has some trust issues with her ex(?)-boyfriend and best friend, which is totally understandable.

Carter revealed that Season 2B will have a time jump, so I wonder who’s relationships were maintained and mended. What do you think will happen when Faking It returns?

On another note, everyone at Hester High seems to fall in love over a few weeks. I can’t even get a date in that time. I have an unrequited love for Ian Harding. #Awkward.

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