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It’s Playtime on Pretty Little Liars! (Spring premiere recap)

If you’re a PLL fan like me, you’ve been waiting for this premiere since August 30, 2016 where we were left with questions and accidents galore all around.But if you are also like me, you are dreading the fact that this is the first of the final ten episodes of Pretty Little Liars. How will we spend our Tuesday nights after June 20, 2017?

The episode starts off right where we left off. After being shot by Jenna, Spencer is rushed to the hospital. It was quite ironic when the paramedic asked Spencer what her mother’s name was. I mean, Mary Drake spilled a huge bombshell – with that and the overall shock of being shot, it was definitely not an easy question for Spencer to answer. As the girls watch on, they discover that Toby was in an accident too.

And then we fast forward one week later. Toby isn’t dead! Keegan Allen did a lot of trolling after that last episode making everyone think that Toby was gone. I even cried. What a jerk (lol jk). While both Toby and Spencer made it out alive, Yvonne is stuck in a coma and as a reminder Noel Kahn won’t be coming back at all.

We get little glimpses of each of the girls and their relationship woes. While i’m ready to see which pairs will be endgame, i’m more concerned about the game A.D. wants to play because the girls soon figure out that Noel and Jenna are not who they are looking for.

A.D. sent Spencer a little get well present and gave her the task of gathering the others to have a little game night. A.D. actully came up with quite the elaborate game board – a replica of the little town of Rosewood. I wouldn’t want to play, but I would want to own it. They seem to agree they don’t have time to play games and most of them attempt to go back to a normal life. Yeah, like that would ever happen.

Spencer, however gets a little push to keep finding out who A.D. is. Detective Furey shows her some evidence that pretty much reveals there were two shooters that awful night she was shot. In addition to that news, Mrs. Hastings comes home and doesn’t deny Mary Drake’s confession. The scene between Veronica and Spencer was a bit heartbreaking and everything Spencer thought she knew was shattered.

After a little text from A.D. and a little curiousity, Spencer is the first to start playing. It begins with a game of “Truth or Dare” and she’s a little daredevil. The game seems to start out easy because Spencer’s dared to visit a certain ex-boyfriend. Her prize? A puzzle piece and a letter written by Mary Drake when she was a baby.

The rest of the girls aren’t too happy with Spencer playing without them. Hanna even wants to destroy the game, but A.D. is watching and starts playing the video of them burying Elliot. And that’s enough for them to keep playing. Winner takes all..

The final scene leaves us with Jenna who was kidnapped by A.D. A.D. drops some papers on her lap and Jenna smiles as she reads about the endgame A.D. has for the pretty little liars.

Other noteworthy things :

  • Ezra’s home and hasn’t told Nicole about Aria, which causes Aria to worry about their pending wedding
  • Alison still holds a grudge against Paige. Is it jealousy involving Emily?
  • Paige is still shady AF.
  • Holden’s back and he’s involved in Ezria’s wedding planning. #awkward
  • Mona and Hanna are still #FriendshipGoals…sometimes.
  • I think it’s safe to say that Haleb is endgame ❤

My question is, who’s turn is it next? And what kind of truth (or dares) will we see? I’m waiting for someone to say “Do Not Pass Go…”



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“The dArkest Knight” A PLL Summer Finale Recap.

Hi guys! It’s been a while and I apologize for that, but here I am. On tonight’s episode, our favorite little liars walk right into the #PLLDeathTrap! Honestly, I can’t even [function] right now. This was our last #PLLSummerFinale and it was epic to say the least, especially those last 5 minutes.

The episode started off with our favorite little liars looking for Hanna. They think that Hanna was abducted by Noel Kahn, but boy do they have it backwards. They are so desperate to find Hanna that they called the police. I can’t believe they actually called the police. I mean, after all these years and many events where they should’ve called the police, they call now?

While the girls stress about Hanna, Hanna’s in a stranded motel room being a badass and torturing Noel. When she doesn’t get the answer she wants, she takes a knife to Noel’s thigh. This is a side of Hanna I never thought I’d see. But she isn’t just torturing Noel for the hell of it. She wants proof and uses Noel’s blood sample to see if he’s the long lost child of Mary Drake.

The search for Hanna is on as Detective Marco takes on the case. Toby should be there, too. But NO, it’s his last day on the Rosewood Police Force and Detective Marco wants to make his move. Aria, Ali, Spencer and Emily are all at the Hastings’ residence getting questioned and Paige shows up to support them (Emily). I still do not trust Paige. And clearly Ali doesn’t either.

Caleb and Mona team up at the Radley hotel to watch Jenna’s every move. Jenna’s freaking out trying to get a hold of Noel, while Mona receives a call from Hanna to meet her. Of course, Hanna would request help from the first “A” for her interrogation skills. Too bad Mona wants Hanna to just go to the police. She eventually does, but she doesn’t reveal to anyone that she abducted Noel. In fact, she leaves Noel tied to the chair. I can hear Noel saying, “Wrong move, blondie, wrong move.”

We are then hit with some relationship feels – one ship after another. First we have Haleb. Caleb can see through all of Hanna’s lies. He knows Hanna and Hanna just doesn’t want to admit it. Caleb’s confession was the sweetest as he proclaims that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Hanna. #HalebIsForever. Meanwhile at the DiLaurentis house, Ali reveals to Emily that she’s pregnant. Despite everything, Emily will always be there for her first love and support her. Alison actually kisses Emily and it’s now the beginning of the #EmisonEndgame. Now Paige just needs to chill out.

Now while the two ships above give us hope, the next two aren’t looking too great. Aria awaits Ezra’s return after there is no news of Nicole’s return. However, she happens to catch the news and finds out that Nicole was rescued. I don’t doubt that Ezria will be endgame, but my heart still broke a little. Spencer decides to visit Toby before he leaves Rosewood. I always love scenes with Troian and Keegan because their chemistry is off the charts. When Spencer gave Toby a #SpobyKissGoodbye, I really felt like it was really their end and I hate this feeling.

Remember when Hanna took Noel blood sample to compare it to Mary Drake? Well it wasn’t a match – at least that’s what the doctor said. Noel as Mary Drake’s child would be the easy way out. Because of this new revelation, Hanna finally tells her friends the truth. They all return to find that Noel has escaped and I sat here scolding Hanna in my head for leaving that dude alone. Can’t you see he’s been working out?

Since Noel escaped, he and Jenna want to trade Hanna’s camcorder for the flashdrive with the doll house videos. A text leads the girls to an abandoned school for the blind. At Radley, Mona and Caleb think they have an eye on Jenna, but turns out it’s Sydney. This is all we see of her this episode, but I think we’ll see more of her. Clearly, the girls are walking into the #PLLDeathTrap and at this point I’m pretty nervous.

When the girls get to the school, Jenna instructs them to leave the flashdrive and Hanna’s torture video starts playing upstairs. They rush to get to the camera upstairs and head back down, but during all that haste Emily accidentally leaves her phone. Hanna ends up back upstairs with Emily, but Noel does not let them leave without a fight. It’s unfair considering he has an ax and the girls are unarmed. But the girls cause a distraction and Noel trips over his feet and falls on said ax. When someone from the PLL staff said that “heads will roll” I didn’t think they meant that literally.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Spencer, Aria, and Ali are running from Jenna who has a gun as her weapon of choice. They manage to sneak past Jenna and Noel’s head and run up the stairs to meet Hanna and Emily. When they get ready to sneak back down, Jenna hears them and shoots. The victim is Spencer and I’m like NOPE. You can’t do this to me. She’s the one we saw in the previews crawling for dear life.

Just when I thought Jenna was going to actually end Spencer’s life, Mary Drake hits her over the head. At this point, my mind is starting to work a little more and I realize who Mary Drake is to Spencer. It’s then confirmed when the girls find Mary Drake singing Spencer a lullaby and confesses “I would never hurt you. I’m your mother.” Then Spencer closes her eyes.

My heart breaks. And then the camera pans to a car crash where we find Toby and Yvonne. Keegan Allen doesn’t make it any better when he tweets “RIP TOBIAS”. Seriously Keegan?

RIPTOBIASWHY YOU GOTTA BE LIKE THAT?! I’m reminded of their goodbye kiss and how the two resemble Romeo and Juliet’s tragic love story.

I can’t focus on the last two scenes: Jenna wakes up in the back of A.D.’s car and a tiny figurine of Spencer is placed in a tiny coffin. This cannot be.

Now, I’m hit with the fact that we only have 10 more episodes left and that we have to wait 8 months. 8 long months.

Anyways, I’m excited to find out who A.D. is and why everyone seems to be coming back. Yeah, I’m looking at you Dr. Wren.



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There’s a twin! (PLL Spring Finale Recap/top moments)

Hi little liars! I’ve been on a recap hiatus and I apologize. But I’m back because it’s the finale and I was left feeling very uneasy, as expected.

Tonight’s episode started off right where the last episode ended.The big plan to catch the new “A” was set in motion once Hanna sent her “confession” text. And I found it so interesting they could do all of it and attend to their personal lives especially the big Rosewood election. Honestly, it doesn’t make sense that they think they can be all sneaky, when obviously “A” is everywhere watching their every move.

Anyways, instead of me fully recapping the episode, I’m going to bring you my top 5 “OMG” moments. Just wait till you get to the number one moment for me!

My top 5 OMG moments:

5. The ships you thought were sunk have returned to shore. We can’t ignore the relationships we’ve come to love over these past 6 seasons. This fast forward jumbled everything up and while there were interesting pairings and characters you couldn’t hate, tonight’s episode brought us the main relationships many fans have been holding out for.

  • Spoby teamed up to find hidden clues in the former Radley basement in hopes of stopping Sara Harvey from finding something first. Toby even left his girlfriend’s side during the election to help Spencer! Oh and when they were speaking French with each other, I was a living :heart eyes: emoji.
  • Emison’s special relationship lives on and I found it very adorable that Emily was babysitting Alison and knew exactly where to find her when she went missing. No matter what, they’ll always be special to each other and support one another.
  • Ezria finished their book and Aria’s boss loved it. Of course out of excitement, Aria lunged forward and kissed her ex-boyfriend/teacher. But that turned into more,  once they both realized that the chemistry and feelings were still there.
  • The Haleb chemistry/feelings never left the building. It was so heartbreaking seeing those flashbacks of what led up to their break up and knowing that Hanna came back only to find that Caleb already left was the worst! Confessions were made and a kiss emerged, but I can’t help but feel bad for Spencer.

Basically, there was a lot of cheating going on (mainly with the last two), which I wasn’t really happy about, but it’s hard to forget about your first love right? But still there’s no excuse. I wonder how Spencer and Hanna’s dynamic will change (even more).

4. The discovery in the Radley basement. As explained above, Spoby teamed up to do some investigating in the former sanitarium turned hip hotel. While the Hastings election party was going on, Spoby made sure Sara couldn’t make it to the old record room, but that didn’t keep Mona out. We all know she probably knows more than she lets on. The only record they found was that belonging to a “Mary Drake”. If you recall that last name, there’s obviously some connection with Cece Drake aka Charlotte DiLaurentis. It’s odd how this was the only thing left in the basement. It’s almost as if someone wanted them to find this.

3. Alison’s admittance into a hospital. Alison just left the hospital, but now her mental state isn’t exactly the best. She had such a pleasant dream of her mother, who “visited” her, but all that changed when zombie mother made an appearance along with dead cop Wilden. Were they real or Ali’s mind playing tricks on her? Her current sweet hubby was out of town, so Emily was in charge and while she calmed her down, Emily wasn’t able to stop her from voluntarily admitting herself into a mental institution after seeing all these so-called hallucinations. I really wished the girls told her about the plan and what “A” was planning for them. Alichurch

2. The Twin Reveal! In the books, Ali had a twin, so a lot of us were waiting to see who would be the actual twin in the tv series. I don’t know about you, but I wanted a DiLaurentis to be a twin and we kind of got that. Basically, those so-called hallucinations/dreams of her mother were not hallucinations at all because Mrs. D is the one with a twin! In the file at Radley, Mary Drake was a patient who was pregnant and Mrs. D adopted that baby. Unfortunately, Charlotte’s life was cut short, and Mary Drake was NOT happy about this. Makes you wonder where she was all this time and how involved she was with previous murders. But what made me angry the most, was Dr. Rollins’ reveal. I know not to trust anyone, but I honestly didn’t think he’d be THIS involved. Turns out he was in love with CeCe and is playing Alison to help Mary exact her revenge on her daughter’s murderer(s).To make Ali think she was losing her mind, just to get her out of the way is just plain wrong! They’re taking back what’s theirs, but I definitely don’t think this is what Charlotte would have wanted.

1. My poor Hanna. She stepped up and initiated the plan to confess to Charlotte’s murder in order to catch the new “A” who absolutely loves emojis. And while everyone else was confident that they’d stop the new “A”, twin mom was still one step ahead. Hanna was nervous and you could tell from the look on her face and the confession of love to Caleb. When Caleb, Aria and Ezra knew that “A” escaped their trap, they rushed to Hanna’s room at the Lost Woods, and after breaking through the door, she was nowhere to be found. The indestructible door and windows were still in tip top shape, but they forgot to check the floorboards and a huge hole was found. The final scene of the episode shows an unconscious Hanna Marin being dragged across the bell tower floor of the church and I started to tear up at that point because Hanna will always be my favorite.


Because Hanna didn’t follow the rules and brought along the posse, it makes me nervous to think what Mary Drake is going to do to her.But I swear if they decide to off Hanna in this next season, I don’t know what I’ll do. She better be alive and the girls better find Mary Drake and traitorous Dr. Rollins. A part of me wants Mona to be the one to pull through for Hanna and start doing what she does best.

And there you have it, my top moments of last night’s Season 6 finale. It’s going to be a long few months, but you bet that I’ll be watching all the BTS stuff from filming. What were your fave moments from last night? Be sure to subscribe, leave a reply or reach out to me on twitter!


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It’s happening again on Pretty Little Liars | 6×14 Recap

Hey little liars! Did you miss me? Sorry I failed to provide you with a recap last week. but here’s a few things that happened in case you somehow missed it:

  • Sara Harvey kept being creepy.
  • Angry Ezra was angry. The girls basically accused him of murdering Charlotte.
  • Emily told Hanna her secret.
  • Melissa threw some shade.
  • Hanna and Spencer had the Caleb talk.
  • Spencer and Caleb did more than talk.
  • The red devil new “A” has taken over and sent their first text: “You know who did it and I’m going to make you talk.”

On last night’s episode, the girls are diligently trying to figure out who sent the anonymous text. The first two suspects are Alison and Sara. Alison is off with her doctor friend out of Rosewood, while Sara is cooped up in her room hiding from all the mischief. Who’s the bigger suspect? At this point, it’s Sara, of course.

Hanna has the guts to text back the mysterious number and she actually gets a response. It’s a simple yes to the question, “do I know you?”. It cracks me up because this new “A” didn’t even give a witty response. But not even 5 minutes later, another cryptic message is sent:

“I found what they’re looking for. Tell me who it belongs to.” 9Iron

This points the finger at Ezra and Mr. Montgomery who is definitely up to something when the girls see that he has a room at Radley. But before giving her own father the third degree, Aria goes straight to Ezra first. He’s nowhere to be found and there’s no way in hell that an employee (Sabrina) would let her in his room above the Brew.

Among all the new “A” drama, there’s still relationship drama. Last week, Hanna and Spencer had the talk and this week it was Caleb and Toby’s turn. Even though Toby has a girlfriend named Yvonne and is building a house for her, the look on his face says he is not okay with Spaleb. On a somewhat related note, all the new love interests are so likeable.

Back to the 9 iron investigation, Aria enlists Emily to distract Sabrina while she sneaks into Ezra’s apartment. I have a very good feeling that this isn’t going to end well. Emily genuinely likes Sabrina, but Sabrina thinks otherwise when she finds out what her and Aria did. At least Aria got some information right? Ezra’s 9-iron is not missing, but a message on Ezra’s answering machine tells us that Ezra caught Mr. Montgomery doing something sketchy.

Hanna tells her mom the truth and Ashley has a very disappointed look on her face. But knowing Ashley, she’ll do anything to protect her only daughter. Later on we find out that Ashley stole the back up video. Hanna should’ve told her mom that she was going to confess with the help of Jordan and his lawyer because then Ashley wouldn’t have gone and tampered with evidence. The web of lies continues…

Spencer who’s on campaign duty finds out that Toby is going to propose to the opponent’s daughter and this new “A” has to stick their nose in their relationship business. This new “A” doesn’t have a way with words like Charlotte did.ring

Later on, Spencer awkwardly finds out he didn’t propose, but is interrupted when she asks why. Duty calls and Officer Toby is needed to get Yvonne out of a parking ticket.

Back at the Montgomery’s, a creepy mailman is watching Emily through the window while Aria tries to get a hold of her dad. Mr. Montgomery is too busy meeting with someone and suspects that Aria “knows”. Aria knows you’re being sketchy and your 9 iron is missing!

Caleb and Spencer are kicking ass together and they’re led to the supposed location of the new “A”. After five years, you’d think they’d figure out that “A” is always one step ahead and basically led them on a wild goose chase. They find an abandoned storage unit with a trashcan full of hoodies and a cell phone.happeningagain2Yup Spencer, it’s happening again and it’s someone in plain sight. No more black hoodies or Alison masks, just everyday uniforms, like a mail man and a bell hop, paired with an old man mask. The last clue they find is that this person is staying at Radley because of the carpet behind the 9 iron. But who could it be?

I’m convinced that the new “A” is the Red Devil from Scream Queens. I mean, we had that first text with the devil emoji and all the other emojis in every other text they’ve sent. I kid. But it’s still funny though.

What are your thoughts and theories?


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A new web of lies is spun tonight on #PrettyLittleLiars!

Hi little liars! Last week we got our first dose of PLL #5YearsForward and tonight on “Charlotte’s Web” it continued with some new faces and old games.

At the funeral, Detective Lorenzo recommended Hanna, Emily, Spencer and Aria stay. While the first three were willing to stay “home” for a few more days, Aria was very eager to leave. And she did. She was extremely sketchy especially after Hanna called her out for leaving the hotel the night Charlotte was murdered.

As you may already know, Rosewood is a small town so the list of suspects in Charlotte’s case is pretty short. One thing we find out from Detective Lorenzo is that Sara Harvey is off the suspect list because of her hands being severely burned. Just like Alison, I was quite angry at this because Sara cannot be trusted. But after what’s happened in the past, it’s quite easy to point the finger at our favorite group of liars.

Before Aria, leaves she visits Ezra and basically threatens him. “We didn’t see each other the night Charlotte was killed…” Normally, I don’t think Aria is too sketchy, but tonight she was  obviously hiding something, especially considering how fast she left home.

Ali starts to suspect something about Aria after Mr. Montgomery tells her that Aria left a day earlier than planned. And the look on Hanna and Spencer’s faces don’t help. However, at this point Spencer isn’t worried about Aria’s sudden disappearance. After reading the report of Charlotte’s murder, it sounds vaguely familiar to her. Apparently back in college, she wrote a paper about a murder in the 1970’s where a woman was killed the same way Charlotte was.

Over and awkward dinner, Ali makes sure the girls know that she suspects they’re hiding something from her. Again, the looks on their faces don’t help the situation. Hanna tells Spencer what she knows about Aria and they do a little more digging, finding the security footage. Charlotte was killed around 4 a.m. and Aria left the hotel around 3:30 and didn’t come back until after that time. But that’s not the only thing they found. Ezra was with her.aligrace

Aria makes her way back to Rosewood to make sure Ezra is starting his 2nd book, but she seems to have ulterior motives. While all this time we’ve been suspecting Aria, it seems like we should be suspecting Ezra. She asks Ezra where he went after she left him and he simply says he went home. But boy does he look very suspicious. He didn’t look Aria in the eyes.ezra4

The girls visit Aria for an intervention and she recalls everything that happened that night including being with Ezra and seeing Charlotte at the church. Spencer brings up her paper and Ezra’s connection to it. Now Ezra’s at the top of their suspect list. Hanna points out that Aria would look suspicious if the video ever got out and Aria agrees basically asking her friend to get rid of the video. The girls will always stick together. They will always lie together.

But the lies are not going to get them anywhere, especially since Alison now suspects that her friends might have something to do with the murder of her sister.

Lastly, Sara Harvey needs to stop lurking around and smirking at everyone.

Other notable moments:

  • Spencer and Caleb recall their favorite night in Madrid. Something is definitely going on between these two.
  • Hanna’s fiance, Jordan, is cute but that dinner with Caleb and the others was awkward.
  • Aria’s new boyfriend is an adorable brunette coworker. She definitely has a type.
  • Emily is hiding something from her family and friends — she’s been going to the doctor, but for what?

And that’s what you missed on PLL! What was your favorite moments?


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The liars are home, tonight (A PLL Recap)

The last we saw our favorite liars, they found out who was behind “A”. Charles DiLaurentis became Cece Drake and Cece Drake became the mastermind behind the whole “A” game. But when she was caught red-handed, she declared the game over. But the game is never really over, is it?

Just when we thought everyone moved on, five years later, Alison decided to summon the girls and bring back some unwanted memories. But before I get into what happened in tonight’s episode, “Of Late I Think of Rosewood”, what exactly were the liars up to in those five years?

Alison ended up as an English teacher at Rosewood High. I’m so used to seeing Mr. Fitz at the front of the class so this was interesting especially considering how long Alison actually spent in a classroom.

Spencer ended up in D.C. I think we all knew that she’d end up in that field or she’d follow in the footsteps of her parents.

Hanna is a mom! Just kidding, they tricked us. Hanna’s engaged with someone that isn’t Caleb and working in fashion. Can you picture her in any other field? She’s come a long way from shoplifting with Mona!

Aria is working in publishing. While I wish she kept on with photography, this career suits her well also, considering her love for literature.

And Emily, well she’s in California. We see her bartending, but the other girls seem to think she’s still in school. I guess things didn’t work out at Pepperdine University.

The girls are finally leading normal lives, but Alison who stayed behind in Rosewood, seems to think that her friends can help her make her case for Cece’s release. She wants her family to be whole but that’s kind of hard when the other members of her family aren’t too keen on the idea.

So Alison asks her longtime friends for a favor. She wants them to lie again for old time’s sake. You’d think by now she’d learn that lying helps no one in Rosewood. No one at all. She wants them to tell the judges that they aren’t afraid of Cece, but Cece was “A”. Cece tortured them and now Alison is asking them to basically let her out? Come on Alison. You can still have your family with Cece while she’s in a safe environment!

In front of the judge, Spencer, Hanna and Emily make no confessions of their true feelings about Cece’s potential release. They put up a facade and act like they aren’t affected. In a turn of events, Aria changes her mind about lying as she remember the events that took place in the dollhouse. I applaud Aria for stepping up and not giving into Alison’s request. Mona, who is also there, seems to have a change of heart and instead of painting Cece negatively like she intended, she seems to empathize with the eldest DiLaurentis sibling.

Aria’s case doesn’t affect the decision and Cece is released. While Alison prepares for her sister’s homecoming, the rest of the girls get together and drink some cocktails in the Radley Sanitarium turned hotel. Drunk Spencer is my fave.

The morning after Cece’s release, she goes missing. Alison has the audacity to call Hanna to see if she visited them. First of all, the girls are hungover because of Cece. Would Cece really be sipping a margarita on her first night out? Second, why would you call Hanna first and not the police? I was quite frustrated with Alison this episode, but then the end was heartbreaking.

Cece was found dead outside the church of an apparent suicide. When we saw Cece in the hospital earlier in the episode, she seemed like she was happy and hopeful. So when we found out Cece was dead, I definitely thought there was more to it and someone else was actually involved. Like I said, my heart broke for Alison because she only had a few hours with the family she has been wanting her whole life. With Cece gone and her father and brother against her, she had no one else. Well, except for Emily and the new doctor.

The girls ended up staying for the funeral and it gave us all Pilot flashbacks of Ali’s funeral. Just like the pilot, an unexpected visitor showed up. And I wanted to throw something at the screen once I saw Sara Harvey walk through the doors. This girl was part of the game and now she’s back.

Now of course, the four main girls can’t go back to their normal lives considering my hunch came true. Cece was dead before she fell out the church window. And we were left wondering who did it.

And that’s what you missed on Pretty Little Liars! But wait! Can I talk relationships for a moment? The hashtag #StillFriends came on the screen as Haleb reunited and I couldn’t help but think of the whole Brotherhood of Ex-Boyfriends (by Toby Cavanaugh). What were they up to before they stared longingly at their ex-girlfriends?

Ezra is broken because of a tragic event happening in South America. He was not the usual Ezra we saw and it makes me wonder if Aria will be the one to bring his spirits up.

Toby, like Alison, stayed behind in Rosewood. He got his diploma but doesn’t seem to be happy where he’s at. The perceptive Spencer knows he’s building a house for someone, but the question is who. Spoby seemed to be the happiest to see each other.

Caleb finally showed up to make sure Hanna was okay, but only after Spencer called. It seems like he’s been hanging around Spencer a lot. Am I the only one that picked up on some sort of Spaleb connection going on?

I am definitely feeling the vibe of this fast forward. The girls are more mature, but are now finding themselves sort of in the same position they were when we first met them. And this time around, I’m confident they know what their doing — kind of.

Anyways, I loved the start of Season 6B! How did you all feel about the Winter premiere? What shocked you the most and what are you looking forward to see? Let me know!


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Tonight, the GAME IS OVER.

Hey all! So tonight was the finale of the “Summer of Answers” and my goodness, we got a lot of answers! The episode was crazy and mind boggling, but the puzzle pieces were slowly coming together with “A”’s story and the flashbacks that accompanied it.

I was honestly shocked at how quickly we came #fAcetofAce with “A”! I mean, it happened in the first 10 minutes and then the story of how “A” stole the game, came.

As the girls attended the prom night from hell, Alison was whisked away and was the first to come face to face with her brother – but not before she saw her father and brother lying lifeless in front of her little cell. The others, along with Mona, watched it all unfold before their eyes and “A” aka Charles finally turned around revealing CeCe Drake. Yes, Charles DiLaurentis = CeCe Drake. I don’t know why I didn’t put two and two together. Hell, why didn’t Spencer put that together?

“You were like my very own living doll.” – All Charles wanted to do was play with dolls, but Mr. D wasn’t very accepting of that, so the moment Charles really messed up, i.e. placing baby Alison in a running bath, Mr. D took the opportunity to send Charles away.

But Mrs. D never stopped caring and protecting for her first born. And as he grew older, he met Bethany Young in Radley. While the pair seemed to be have a good relationship, all went to hell when Bethany pushed Mrs. Cavanaugh off the roof and blamed Charles. Clearly, Bethany didn’t know what Mrs. D was capable of, considering she covered the whole thing up and made it look like suicide. “Mr. D abandoned him, but Mrs. D taught Charles how to be ‘A’”.

Years later, Charles died and Charlotte was born. She even managed to get out of Radley for a little to take classes at U. Penn., but instead she took the opportunity to sneak off to Rosewood High to be Cece Drake and ended up being her brother’s girlfriend. That’s such a twisted way to be close to your family. “Why do you think he was so mad all the time? He was so frustrated.”

“That bitch Bethany ruined everything.” In case you forgot, Bethany practically hated Mrs. DiLaurentis especially after she found out about the affair she was having with Bethany’s father. So according to Cece, Bethany threw on Cece’s clothes and snuck out of Radley. Cece thought Bethany was going to go after her mom and hit the first girl she saw outside of the DiLaurentis house wearing a yellow top. Turns out that was Alison and Mrs. D saw the whole thing and covered it all up with Wilden. And oh yeah, Mona hit Bethany over the head with a shovel thinking it was Alison.

While Cece wasn’t part of the first round of “A” games, she weaseled her way in before taking it over completely. And that’s all thanks to Mona’s little stunt in Radley. Basically, Cece has some trust issues.

Then we flashback to the burning lake house where Alison and Shana came to the rescue. Cece had no idea Alison was really alive, but she knew this plan would lure her out to play if she really was alive. But Alison wasn’t the only one lurking around that night. Cece was there along with a little red coat decoy, someone we all know as Sara Harvey. That bitch. I knew I couldn’t trust her. UGH. But not only was she one of the red coats, Sara was the black widow that showed up at Wilden’s funeral. All this time she’s been a minion of “A” and I am angry.

“I know you won’t believe me, but I love all of my dolls. That’s why you’re still alive.” Vanessa Ray did a pretty amazing job this episode.

Anyways, while the girls escape to go save Alison, Mona’s stays behind to listen to the end of the story. But she doesn’t seem to finish because Sara is there ready to blow up the place for Cece. But I guess that’s the end of the story right? NOPE, it’s not. The girls get there in time disable the bomb and Emily punches Sara in the face. I’m going to say it again, I never trusted Sara. They all run after Cece on the roof and try to make amends. Instead of jumping off the roof, Cece gives up and proclaims that “the game is over”.

But is it really? We flash forward to labor day weekend to find that the girls have graduated and are off to college. Alison stays behind, which makes you wonder what exactly happened to Cece, Sara, Mona, and so on. Hopefully we get to see that this fall, when we flash forward 5 years.

Is it the fall yet? Who’s excited!?


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The #SummerOfAnswers continues! A PLL Recap “Songs of Experience”

Hey Little Liars! We’re on week 3 of the #SummerOfAnswers and we got a few tonight! I’m going to go back to the format I did closer to the end of last season with my top 5 moments of the episode tonight, so please proceed if you’d like to know which moments had me freaking out and questioning everything I thought I knew.

1. Andrew is adopted. Let’s get right to it. Aria is getting really good at her detective work. Like us viewers, she is eager to find out who Andrew is and if Andrew is in fact, Charles DiLaurentis. In an attempt to avoid going to school, she stays at Ezra’s cafe and the two team up to find more information. Ezra pretends to be a detective over the phone, but doesn’t get too much medical information. Obviously. But he does find out that Andrew Campbell was in fact adopted. This supports the theory that Andrew may be Charles DiLaurentis which is exactly what I thought at the end of last season, but I kept second guessing it as I watched tonight. Honestly, wouldn’t that be too easy?


2. Apparently, there is no Charles DiLaurentis, but…there is a Charlie from the DiLaurentis’ past. Last week, Mr. DiLaurentis completely shut down the idea of Charles. Spencer was quite persistent in trying to get Ali to keep questioning her father, but since that was going nowhere, she went straight to their shared brother. Jason shut the idea down as well, but digs deep and remembers his imaginary friend from his childhood, Charlie. And like all imaginary friends, he was forced to say goodbye and forget. You all know he was NOT imaginary.


3. Sara Harvey stays in Rosewood and “A” emerges from the shadows. Sara Harvey still hasn’t left Emily’s house. And I still don’t trust her. I think there’s more to it than her running away. But Emily seems to trust her, so let’s just give her the benefit now. Anyways, as the girls plan to have a session with Dr. Sullivan (She’s back!), Sara interrupts. But it isn’t Sara. It’s “A” with what appears to be Sara in a bed and a knife in their gloved hand. Of course, what good “A” if he does not continue threatening the girls. They ditch Dr. Sullivan and find Sara fresh out of the shower, safe and sound. Was the video real? Is Sara working with “A”?


4. Bitter Andrew is released. Andrew had an alibi for both Mona and Sara’s kidnapping, so there’s no case against him. This does not sit well with the girls, knowing that someone is still out there. Of course, Andrew is pissed off considering the hell he was put through. Apparently, he spent the 3 weeks trying to find the girls, not keeping them captive. Also, during the whole facechat incident with Sara, Andrew was still in jail. But, I still don’t trust him. He still gives off this creepy vibe and I definitely think he has something to do with “A”.


5. A DiLaurentis photo emerges from the ashes…well from the button jar. After the girls, tell Alison about Jason’s revelation, they all search through the DiLaurentis for some kind of trace of Charles. Aria , who has become quite the detective, finds a photo in a button jar of Mrs. D, Jason and the other boy, as seen in the home movies. Alison is left to face her father, but Jason is also there for the support. Mr. D is not having any of it, but the kids caught him in a lie and he can’t go on avoiding this further, right? As the camera pans away, we don’t hear what Mr. D says, but it kind of looks like he says, “He’s your brother.” We finally got a little bit of the truth! But as this convo goes on, “A” watches through the window. I’m thinking “A” has the urge to be part of this family meeting.


How do all of you feel about Andrew? Let me know! Don’t be shy 🙂 Also, where the hell is Mona?! I need her snooping skills.


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“Songs of Innocence” – A PLL Recap!

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, our girls escaped but it is not forgotten and “A” may still be lurking!

Tonight’s episode takes us deeper into what happened in that traumatizing dollhouse. We first see the girls together in the hospital discussing the possibility that Andrew Campbell and Charles DiLaurentis are one in the same. It’s easy to think that as a fact, but honestly it’s too easy, if you know what I mean.

But what we do know is that Officer Toby caught Andrew and almost slipped up when he wanted to beat Andrew instead of doing his job. Thanks to the new officer in town, Lorenzo, Toby did things the right way.alidad5Continuing on with Charles, Alison got around to asking her father the question on all our minds: Who is Charles DiLaurentis? He completely shot it down claiming there is no Charles in the family, but seeing his face, he’s definitely lying. Does anyone ever tell the truth?alidad8Emily finds herself visiting Sara Harvey in the hospital and honestly, she seems to be the only one curious about the girl. That being said, Emily is not afraid to get straight to the point. She asks Sara if she remembers how she got to the dollhouse, but all the questions seem to be too much. Understood.

When the girls are released from the hospital and sent home, we see the girls struggle with the homecoming. Things start to trigger their awful memories in the dollhouse and honestly my heart broke a little seeing how traumatized they were.

Hanna couldn’t look at her own room the same way and coped by getting rid of everything, stripping down the wall paper and getting rid of her own bed. Caleb and her mother are there as her support system, even if Hanna doesn’t want to talk about anything.

Aria coped by using all of her energy to make sure Andrew gets what he deserves. At this point we don’t know if Andrew and Charles are the same, but Andrew definitely did a number on Aria with how close he got to her. With all the evidence, it’s understandable how paranoid Aria is about Andrew. Aria evens tells a lie to the police so that there’s a testimony about Andrew, but she realizes that lies are going to get her nowhere.

Spencer’s homecoming isn’t that great when she finds out that her mother made sure she didn’t take the anxiety pills. And you know what? It’s with good reason! Her mother is looking out for her and knows that her former problem might come to the forefront with those pills. Spencer even steals a pill from Aria, and that’s how we know Mama Hastings was right in her decision.

Emily finds a little bit of comfort by going through her father’s things, more specifically his guns. She ends up at the shooting rage with one of her fathers’ guns and without a guardian, which of course worries her mother when she finds out. I know she wants to defend herself, her friends and her family, but Emily with a gun in her current state is not the answer.

During their moments to cope, we learn bits and pieces of what actually happened in the dollhouse. “A” made them choose between each other everyday – Choose one or make them ALL suffer. Clearly their relationship isn’t in such a good place right now and it’s heartbreaking. I know it was against their will, but how do you look your best friend in the eye after playing a part in their suffering?

In the final moments of the episode, Emily steps out of her house to find someone watching from afar. My first instinct is that it’s “A”, but Emily has the guts to run and see who it is. My nerves didn’t really calm down even at the sight of Sara Harvey. The reason she got into this whole mess was because she ran away, and now that she’s back out of that hell hole, she ran away again! And she found Emily’s address at the hospital? Stalker much.

Honestly, I’ve learned over the past 5 years to trust no one who conveniently ends up in Rosewood. But I guess it’s too early to tell if we can trust Sara or not.

So what do you think? Are Charles and Andrew one in the same or is Andrew a pawn in this game? Can we trust Sara? How is Mona coping?

Let me know!


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GAME ON, CHARLES! The Pretty Little Liars Season 6 premiere is finally here!!!

The game is definitely on! The last we saw of our liars, they were captured by “A” with no way out and Alison went to jail for the murder of Mona Vanderwaal. Oh yeah, and we found out that Charles is “A”. So tonight marked the first night of the #SummerOfAnswers and we became one step closer to finding out who Charles is.

The first thing we saw tonight was the escape. It was practically a replay of the final minutes of the Season 5 finale except we saw another point of view from an unknown blonde girl who was also a prisoner. My guess it was Bethany Young or that girl who had gone missing from the other town. She didn’t follow but the others didn’t get too far anyways.

They were caged in and locked out of the dollhouse. It started to rain and let’s just say the whole place was charged. If my timing is correct, they spent about two or three days outside without any water or food. Also, let’s not forget about their prom dresses. I hated seeing the girls like this, but I loved that they still had some snarky remarks for “A”. My personal favorite was when Hanna said, “You may be a dude, but you’re still a bitch.”


After a few days, Charles finally opens the door back into the dollhouse. Per Mona’s advice/knowledge, they go back in to face the wrath. Mona mentions that Charles may not be mad at them anymore and their punishment is over. I think not. The girls vow to stick together as they walk in, but that is soon destroyed as Charles appears with a little gas bomb, grabbing Mona and putting that gas mask to use. The others are left to fend for themselves.

To continue the sick game, the girls wake up with white sheets covering their body in what looks a lot like a morgue. If this is a message “A” wants to send to the families, it’s frankly disgusting and I know their loved ones won’t give up. After Mona (as Alison) brings them some juice and aspirin, “A” summons them to their rooms to find their “surprises”. The screams did not put my soul at ease.

Fast forward to three weeks later and we find out that Alison was discharged from the murder conviction. She appeared in front of the press to give her statement about her friends kidnapping and the alleged suspect, Andrew Campbell. Yes, Andrew Campbell. I knew he was sketchy. Honestly, I’ve had my moments where I absolutely was disappointed in Alison. I couldn’t help but tear up after seeing her finally out and trying to rescue the others. It’s time for Ali’s redemption.

Ali working with the cops is one thing, but Alison working with the PLL boys is absolutely amusing. The whole thing with the mystery caller being in the house was epic. Everyone thinks Andrew or whoever is going to strike and kidnap Alison, but he’s always one step ahead and knows people are watching.

Back at the dollhouse, the girls are finally let out of their rooms to play, donning some old school outfits. I’m so curious about what happened in each room because all the girls look so traumatized. They head to Alison’s room to avoid further punishment and find that they are getting the room ready for their best friend’s arrival. They also find that Mona’s going to be replaced. Charles is pissed at Mona, but what did she do to deserve being sent to “the Hole”. Mona, you are so strong, you’ll get through this!

“A” leads Alison to where the girls are at and I’m very impressed. He freaking hijacked roadside assistance and then gave her a welcome card with a deadly message. Not cool. At least Ali was clever enough to leave some clues for Ezra and Caleb!

During the down time where the generator shut off, the girls make a plan to get Mona back and escape. This plan includes destroying Charles’ soul, every memory he had as a child. First on the list, that home video outside the Campbell farm. “Game on Charles,” Spencer says as she lights the film on fire. Charles is put in quite the predicament when he has to choose between the childhood memories or welcoming Alison.


And he chose his childhood. “A” has a soul. As he tries to put out the fire, Ezra and Caleb find Alison, but just before they leave they hear the fire alarms going off. The girls get to Mona who is extremely distraught. I applaud Janel Parrish, she is just so good. I’m honestly surprised that “A” didn’t catch any of them. As the girls run to escape, Ezra, Caleb and Alison are there busting the doors open and HOORAY, I was so excited, but also a bit hesitant. I didn’t think they’d get out in the first episode! But the game’s just beginning.


As everyone reunites, Spencer tells Toby they finally have a name and Officer Toby tells her it’s Andrew. But that’s too easy, if it’s Andrew, isn’t it? After last season, my theory was that Andrew was in fact Charles, but hearing all this stuff in the first episode about him being the prime suspect is a bit unbelievable. Does that make sense?

At the end we also find out who the other blonde is, it’s Sara Harvey, the girl who went missing at the same time Ali did. And someone FINALLY asked the big question that everyone has, “Who is Charles DiLaurentis?”

I’m excited for this summer of answers! What are your theories so far?


P.S. I totally forgot about doing a Top 5 format. I was just really excited about talking about the premiere! 😉

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