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The #SummerOfAnswers continues! A PLL Recap “Songs of Experience”

Hey Little Liars! We’re on week 3 of the #SummerOfAnswers and we got a few tonight! I’m going to go back to the format I did closer to the end of last season with my top 5 moments of the episode tonight, so please proceed if you’d like to know which moments had me freaking out and questioning everything I thought I knew.

1. Andrew is adopted. Let’s get right to it. Aria is getting really good at her detective work. Like us viewers, she is eager to find out who Andrew is and if Andrew is in fact, Charles DiLaurentis. In an attempt to avoid going to school, she stays at Ezra’s cafe and the two team up to find more information. Ezra pretends to be a detective over the phone, but doesn’t get too much medical information. Obviously. But he does find out that Andrew Campbell was in fact adopted. This supports the theory that Andrew may be Charles DiLaurentis which is exactly what I thought at the end of last season, but I kept second guessing it as I watched tonight. Honestly, wouldn’t that be too easy?


2. Apparently, there is no Charles DiLaurentis, but…there is a Charlie from the DiLaurentis’ past. Last week, Mr. DiLaurentis completely shut down the idea of Charles. Spencer was quite persistent in trying to get Ali to keep questioning her father, but since that was going nowhere, she went straight to their shared brother. Jason shut the idea down as well, but digs deep and remembers his imaginary friend from his childhood, Charlie. And like all imaginary friends, he was forced to say goodbye and forget. You all know he was NOT imaginary.


3. Sara Harvey stays in Rosewood and “A” emerges from the shadows. Sara Harvey still hasn’t left Emily’s house. And I still don’t trust her. I think there’s more to it than her running away. But Emily seems to trust her, so let’s just give her the benefit now. Anyways, as the girls plan to have a session with Dr. Sullivan (She’s back!), Sara interrupts. But it isn’t Sara. It’s “A” with what appears to be Sara in a bed and a knife in their gloved hand. Of course, what good “A” if he does not continue threatening the girls. They ditch Dr. Sullivan and find Sara fresh out of the shower, safe and sound. Was the video real? Is Sara working with “A”?


4. Bitter Andrew is released. Andrew had an alibi for both Mona and Sara’s kidnapping, so there’s no case against him. This does not sit well with the girls, knowing that someone is still out there. Of course, Andrew is pissed off considering the hell he was put through. Apparently, he spent the 3 weeks trying to find the girls, not keeping them captive. Also, during the whole facechat incident with Sara, Andrew was still in jail. But, I still don’t trust him. He still gives off this creepy vibe and I definitely think he has something to do with “A”.


5. A DiLaurentis photo emerges from the ashes…well from the button jar. After the girls, tell Alison about Jason’s revelation, they all search through the DiLaurentis for some kind of trace of Charles. Aria , who has become quite the detective, finds a photo in a button jar of Mrs. D, Jason and the other boy, as seen in the home movies. Alison is left to face her father, but Jason is also there for the support. Mr. D is not having any of it, but the kids caught him in a lie and he can’t go on avoiding this further, right? As the camera pans away, we don’t hear what Mr. D says, but it kind of looks like he says, “He’s your brother.” We finally got a little bit of the truth! But as this convo goes on, “A” watches through the window. I’m thinking “A” has the urge to be part of this family meeting.


How do all of you feel about Andrew? Let me know! Don’t be shy 🙂 Also, where the hell is Mona?! I need her snooping skills.


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