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A recap of the past week 7.30.17-8.5.17

Doing this challenge, I wanted to make sure I actually put some thought into each post. With work and errand running (and unintentionally falling asleep) I didn’t really have much time this weekend to sit and write. However, I guess that’s the point of this challenge, just write whatever comes to mind and post it.
But today I’m going the easy route and posting a recap of my boring week.

This week marked the end of July & boy, did time fly. I spent last weekend resting and doing absolutely nothing most of the time since the two previous weekends were spent celebrating my birth. [Hot] Las Vegas one week, then two buffets the next. As an introvert, a weekend without human contact is what I needed & I was pretty well rested.

Then Monday came and the routine started again. Wake up, go to work, eat, come home, eat, sleep, and repeat. As always, I looked forward to the weekend as early as Monday. But who doesn’t?

August 1st was when I decided I need to stop being lazy and find motivation.  So honestly, there was really no thought into starting this challenge. Hopefully, this week I’ll also start going back to the gym, too. One step at a time, right?

Also, I bought a mini fridge to put in my room. For those who know my living situation, ya’ll know that this is hopefully a step toward eating better and spending less on eating out!

Hawaiian shirt Friday came & I was counting down to 3:30 p.m. PST. Yup, for some reason Fridays at work became “Hawaiian Shirt Friday”. Don’t know how or why, but I often participate with some floral prints. It kind of influenced my OOTD post. I think I may dedicate each Friday to #FashionFriday. What do you think?

Anyways, then Friday night came and it was a final get together with my two close friends before they jet off to Japan for 3 years. It definitely didn’t feel like a goodbye, but I did end up crying at the end of the night. What’s new? I’m ALWAYS an emotional wreck. I cry over everything and nothing has ever changed. It’s usually because I keep all my emotions in until it’s all too much and then BOOM. But I digress.

Saturday was a somewhat lazy day. I ran errands and had to pick up my mom’s prescription for her eye surgery. We procrastinated and it turns out the pharmacy did not have one of them and neither did any other CVS in town. So they transferred it over to the Walgreens acroos the street because they were the only ones that DID have it. But alas, they have no contract with my mom’s insurance or something so we had to pay a lot for a little thing of eyedrops. Any ideas on what I can do to maybe dispute this with my insurance? Or is it simply our fault for procrastinating?

Anyways, it’s another week. Nothing planned, but I hope things don’t get stressful.

I apologize for the lazy post today. I promise tomorrow I’ll do better!



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OOTD 8.4.17

Fashion hasn’t always been my forté. Looking back, I thought I dressed pretty cutely as an elementary student, with cute little dresses and character sets. But I guess that was my mom’s doing because once I hit middle school, apparently I had to choose things on my own.

I cringe just thinking about what I wore during middle school. Everyday consisted of flared jeans and a hoodie. I was that girl you see in those teen movies with my hair up in a ponytail and glasses. Those movies portraying that girl as the “ugly” girl, like She’s All That & then came Not Another Teen Movie that pointed it out to me. But I digress. I’m pretty sure I wore the same hoodie every day or at least alternated between 3 of them.

High school and some of college sort of became the same. Except the jeans were skinnies, the hoodies came off, & I let my hair down.

The past few years, I’ve become very conscious about the fashion I choose now. I mean, red carpet season IS my favorite season. I’m not trying to say I’m a fashion guru now, but I try to keep up with the times and I admire those that put a lot of effort into their outfits (OOTDs). Also, I definitely feel like I’ve gone out of my comfort zone and wear things with more confidence. Remember it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it!

Anyways, today I really liked my outfit! Is that vain? Probably. While it may be a basic outfit, it was still something I felt comfortable and confident in. And it was all affordable.

First I started with my go to fashion staples.

Black leggings from Forever 21 (Plus size) $5.90 

They are comfortable and affordable. Solid colors are a must for me since because I don’t really like printed leggings. So I have like 5 different colors of leggings from F21. But I have like 5 pairs of black leggings. Yes, I’m basic.

Blue cami from Forever 21 (Plus size) $3.90

Another basic staple. Again, I like solid colors. Sue me. I tucked it in and pulled my leggings up high to give that high waisted look. I don’t really like to wear camis by themselves. I got issues.  So when I saw the next item, I fell in love with it as something to coverup.

Long floral kimono by Living Doll Los Angeles $5.99

I took my mom shopping in National City. She loves this reseller store and honestly, I don’t. So while I was waiting for her to finish, I was browsing the plus size section, I saw this hanging all by it’s lonesome and it called out to me. It even had it’s sample tag still on, so could this possibly one of it’s kind? Probably not, but hey, it’s cool to think about.

I then paired the outfit with some nude ballet flats from Target (Merona $16.99). If it were fall, I probably would have gone with booties.

To add some accessories, I went with my clear heart necklace and some Privé Reveaux sunnies. P.S. I should have changed the band on my Fitbit Alta.

What are your fashion staples?



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Dear future…

I was looking at topics to write about today and one of them that came up was, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” It got me thinking about those letters we were assigned to write ourselves Freshmen year in high school to our  future Senior self. We were bright eyed teenagers thinking we could do everything and when Senior year came around, we had to think about the real world. And nothing prepared us for that. And that letter you wrote didn’t all come true.

Which takes me to the present, 10 years after graduating, still navigating the real world unprepared. But I have hope that my future self will be okay. I have fears, but I have hope. So here’s my letter to you, future self.

Dear Adele,

It’s been quite a long ten years. You’re almost forty. I’m cringing just thinking about it. But I bet you’re having the all too familiar quarter life crisis you had in your late 20s.

Don’t raise your eyebrows at me. You know exactly what I’m talking about. It probably isn’t as bad as it was 10 years ago, but you have your fears. I mean, come on, you used to be worried about what you were doing in your life. You didn’t know what you wanted to do. You were unsure about your career, your finances, your relationships, and just life in general. 

You thought everyone else around you had their lives together and you were the only one who didn’t. But you slowly started to realize that there are a lot of people that felt that way.  And you also started to realize that you had it a lot better than others. The world doesn’t revolve around just you even though you like to joke that it does. But you’re a Leo, so the world does revolve around you. Ha

But all jokes aside, you’re going to be okay. You’re doing great. I’d like to think that at this point, you’ve decided what you want as a career. Maybe your secret dream of becoming an …. has finally come true. But if it hasn’t it’s okay. You’ve learned so many things over these past years. Knowledge is power right?  I just want to remind you to do something that makes you happy.

At this point, you’ve found someone that makes you happy as well. A guy that makes you see that relationships aren’t that scary. And if he’s the one he’s someone who makes you feel loved every day. That’s all a girl could hope for. And from your love, came a bundle of joy (or maybe two babies) that you love unconditionally. Ugh, you’re always such a hopeless romantic, don’t you ever stop being that way. But even if all the above isn’t true and you’re still single AF, you’re probably never gonna find someone 😂 Just kidding!

After that last sentence, I bet you think this letter went in a completely different direction. I’m just here to make you laugh,  really. I’m here to remind you that life’s too short to take everything so seriously.

I’m here to remind you that you’re okay. You’ve got reasons to be happy and reasons to keep going. You’ve got family and friends, so try not to push people away. You’re too old to keep doin’ that shit. 

Ew, you’re getting old. I seriously cannot right now.



P.S. I hope you’re still a TV/Pop Culture junkie. That’s the only thing you’re ever confident about. It gives you life and makes you smile. Also, keep writing for yourself.

What would you remind your older self?



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A Blog a Day for 31 days: An Introduction to This Personal Challenge

Happy August 1st!

2017 has gone by so quickly and to be honest I feel like I haven’t really accomplished anything this year. And before you roll your eyes, I’m not trying to whine. This is me trying to have discipline. This is merely me trying to get back into writing. This is me trying to brand myself. This is me trying to hold myself accountable of what I want to achieve. This is me, just being me.

I started off the New Year with no expectations really. I was in the Philippines visiting, not really thinking about what I wanted this year. I was thinking more about the present and having fun with my family that I haven’t seen for 10+ years.

I did have some resolutions, though – the typical ones I have almost every year. So whilst in the Philippines, I wrote a short list down in my little notebook. And up until today, I hadn’t even given that page another look.

2017 Resolutions

  • Lose weight and go to the gym more
  • update resume
  • stay active on dating apps
  • get own place
  • learn something new

Sure, I may have forgotten I wrote those things down, but they’ve been on my mind these past months. But to be honest, I only feel confident in saying that i’m “learning something new”.

Note, when I said “learn something new”, I had no idea what exactly I was going for. I still don’t. But I’d like to think i’m taking baby steps. At one point, I wanted to learn Photography. At another point, I wanted to learn how to sew – like legit sew with a sewing machine. I keep buying new make up & brushes with the intention of learning how to do make up better. More recently, I read a book on how to step up my Instagram game. I think it’s working. *Insert awkward laugh* After I finished that book, I bought a book on how to build a website. I got a long way to go, but baby steps, right?

As a recently turned 28-year-old, I still don’t know what I want to do. But I realize that there’s so many resources to learn.

Which led me back to this blog. I bought this domain many months ago and I’ve done nothing but recap Pretty Little Liars, which ended. Why did I even buy it? It was an attempt to brand myself. I realize now that I should have put more thought into it, but it’s done and I’m still happy that I did it.

But anyways, what do I do now? They say that you should write for yourself first, to know yourself better. Who says that? I really don’t know, but it makes sense to me. I need to challenge myself and feel inspired again, which is the reason for today’s blog and the blogs to come. Yeah, I know. I was all over the place. But this is what I want to do right now, so deal with it.

For 31 days, I’m challenging myself to write a blog a day. I’ve gathered topics from those “30 day challenges” you see on Pinterest and I hope to write at least 500 words on each topic.

My ultimate goal is to make you feel something when you read this. I want to entertain you with my random rambles. Is that too much to ask? 😊

See you tomorrow!



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My 2016 goals: New year, new me?

How cliche of me, isn’t it?

This blog is one of the things that I want to incorporate in my daily life this year. I look at it as something that will motivate me and I’m really hoping it works. New year…new (revamped) blog.

I used to love to write and blog when I was younger. I mean, a lot of us did. I look back at my Xanga sometimes and think to myself, “Wow, Adele did you really have to give everyone the play by play of your day?” Apparently, I thought I was THAT interesting. And apparently I still think I’m that interesting. I may not write about the most captivating topics and I don’t write in a certain language that will actually draw in and retain an audience, but I like to write [and rant]. Period. That should be enough, right?

Anyways, back to the point of this post. If I continue to write down my 2016 goals, I’m almost certain they’ll be etched in my mind. So without further ado, here’s what I hope to accomplish this 2016.

  • Lose weight and get under xxx pounds: Last month, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I had a hunch, but to actually hear it come out of my doctor’s mouth hit hard. I’m still learning about diabetes and how I can control it. I know that losing weight is an important factor in controlling it. I’ve always been the bigger girl and many times it’s affected my confidence/self esteem. As I write this, I’m getting teary eyed thinking about it. But I won’t get into that now. Maybe I’ll save that for another post.
  • Eat out less, prepare more meals & cut out that soda: This obviously is connected to the above goal. My mom and I eat outside a lot, And I’m well aware that’s not the most healthiest diet especially when you’re eating at Filipino or Chinese restaurant almost 3 times a week. Soda is also a big thing for me. Since I started working almost 8 years ago, soda was convenient. The last few months, I’d have a soda a day. It was an addiction! But I’ve been good for the past month and I’m very proud of myself 🙂 Baby steps.
  • Blog/Vlog more: If the intro didn’t explain it, I don’t know what else to say. Other than that, I think I’m better at expressing things this way, anyways.
  • Read at least 3 books: This may not be a lot compared to other people, but considering I haven’t actually finished a book in a few years, it would be an accomplishment for me. So if you have recommendations, feel free to leave a comment. 🙂
  • Cover more music: I like singing and attempting to learn new songs to play on the guitar. I don’t care how amateur I may sound. Last year, one of my resolutions was to do 1 video per month. I did pretty well in the beginning so maybe I’ll do even better this year!
  • Hang out and make an effort with friends: This always seem to hard for me. I’m very content with having alone time. In fact, I prefer it most of the time. Don’t get me wrong! I love going out once in a while and I love that feeling when you get together with friends after a while but everything is as if there was no time apart, you know? I usually wait for people to reach out to me and I seldom will initiate the plans. Maybe I’m just scared of rejection. Ahem, okay bye.
  • Save money & budget better: I feel like this is probably a mutual goal. Am I right? lol. My paycheck goes to bills and loans and I rarely have the extra cash to purchase things that I want. One of these days, I want my vacation to be an actual vacation and not a staycation.
  • Be positive: I’m not particularly a negative person. I mean, most of the time you’ll see me with a smile on my face. But I just want to remind myself to not let other people’s negativity affect me.

I’m pretty excited to accomplish these goals. I didn’t start off the year with that mindset because so much had been on my mind, but I’m slowly finding the motivation I need. And actually, this was the first year I made an inspiration/goal board, so I’m always going to be reminded of what I want to accomplish this year. With that being said, I hope you all find your motivation to reach your goals this year!!!


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