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The Girls are forced to “Choose or Lose”! (7×18 PLL Recap)

Hey little liars! We’re nearing the end and tonight’s episode finally revealed some truth.

The episode starts off with Emison sharing a sweet moment that’s later interuppted by the police who happen to have a search warrant handy. However, the DiLaurentis home isn’t the only place being raided. They hit Spencer first and headed over to Hanna’s before making their way to Aria’s. While Ezra is caught off guard, Aria makes sure she shreds the prize she received last week. Also, among the craziness A.D.’s game goes missing.

An angry Spencer barges into the Rosewood Police Station demanding to see Detective Furey; She’s “FUREY”ious. But she’s placed face to face with Detective Tanner. Furey pulled himself out of the case, which is definitely a good idea since it’s a conflict of interest and we all know what happened to the others.”I always thought you were guilty of something…”, Tanner says and we all know Tanner won’t stop till she gets answers.

In the police search all phones were confiscated, but A.D. was smart enough to leave something behind for his latest team player, Aria. Aria demands to meet A.D. and they hesitantly oblige.

But A.D. doesn’t forget about the other girls who are waiting to hear from Aria. A.D. provides some great room service at the Radley Hotel and instead of food, they leave another cell phone to continue the game. It seems to be the last turn and it’s for all of them. “Choose or Lose”: they have to choose between turning one person in or everyone loses the game and goes to jail. Mona decides to crash the party with perfect timing, “If you want an explanation, you might want to ask Aria,” Mona interjects and she has proof!

Toby has returned and runs into Spencer. He was called back to be questioned by Detective Tanner. Toby warns Spencer that Tanner is building a solid case against her and the others.

Aria meets A.D. at the park, only to receive texts indicating that A.D. is watching her. Aria runs off when she hears a noise and is caught black-hoodied (red-handed) by the girls! Aria does not deny her involvement with A.D and as expected, the others are not happy with their so-called friend. Detective Tanner interrupts the heated confrontation by calling the girls to the station regarding all the evidence the police has against them. She offers them an out to hear their side of the story, but no one budges.

“I don’t like sloppiness on my team,” says to Aria as she calls A.D. to exclaim that’s she’s out. Aria’s been sloppy the whole time, I’m surprised A.D. didn’t get rid of her sooner. Either way, A.D. doesn’t grant Aria’s request and tells her to wait til tomorrow for a new revelation.

Spencer visits Aria for answers. Aria pleads with Spencer that she’ll do anything to fix it all and Spencer just wants her to stop. However, their conversation is interrupted when Tanner barges in with all of Aria’s belonging claiming she’s off the suspect list for the murder. Apparently, there is proof that Aria was 300 miles away on the night of Archer’s murder. It’s unbelievable and Spencer believes so too as she leaves unhappy.

Amongst the madness that A.D. and the murder investigation has brought on, the girls decide to spend time with their loved ones before everything hits the fan.

Aria decides to tell Ezra everything. It turns out he knew about the report that Aria was going to file. He forgives Aria, but a part of me feels like he knows a lot more about other things. Either way, all seems to be forgiven and Aria gets Ezra’s support and love.

Caleb decides now is the best time to get married and with Ashley’s blessing, Haleb has a civil wedding. Caleb will do anything to protect Hanna, and I love him for that.

Alison decides to take Emily out on a date. They decide to have a little picnic in the woods that leads to more. Like Hanna mentioned earlier in the episode, it’s about time!

Spencer accepts Toby’s invitation to come to his cabin. She shows up on his doorstep and ;let’s it all out. It warms my heart that Toby is always there for Spencer no matter what.

One day I hope to find someone to share love with like Haleb, Spoby, Ezria, and Emison. But I digress.

Later on they all choose to meet sans Aria. Time is almost up and they make a pact that no one is to blame for whatever happens next. A.D. starts the countdown and it’s finally time for them to choose or lose. Their choice? Spencer decides to destroy the cell phone. It’s all or nothing!

Back at Ezra’s, Aria decides she’s done again. She thinks she has a choice and intends to  turn herself in. But A.D. says she’s too late and Aria wins the grand prize, unlimited freedom. With that, the phone blows up. Aria leaves and tries to get a hold of Spencer, but the call ends and her car stops. Aria gets a little surprise in the trunk, a corpse.

The final scene brings us to Ezra and Caleb on their search for the game board. The sensors lead to Mona’s apartment and we see her admiring the game as the jail slowly pops up.

Two more episodes to go and I’m not prepared. I won’t make any serious guesses about A.D. because I don’t want to have high expectations. It happened with Gossip Girl and I was left angry. I won’t allow myself to feel this way towards Pretty Little Liars.



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A PLL Recap: The verdict is in!!!

Hey little liars! To be honest, I’m pretty emotional right now. I’m angry, I’m sad and I’m just in plain disbelief. I mean, sure, we all knew this was coming, but to hear it and see what happened in the last 2 minutes of the episode was just overwhelming. If this is how I’m feeling now, I can imagine how I will be next week when the “big reveAl” happens.

Anyways, enough of me ranting…here are my top 5 moments of tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, “I’m a Good Girl, I am.”

Capture5. Lesli Stone returns to Rosewood as a surprise witness. In case you need a refresher, Lesli made her first appearance in 5×18, claiming to be Mona’s friend from out of town. She reveals to the girls that she talked to Mona the night before she died and heard a male voice yelling at Mona, which we found out later was Mike. Let’s just say, Mike and Lesli didn’t have a good impression on each other. During, the trial Lesli brings a piece of evidence, a little card mentioning Alison’s threats. It doesn’t make anything better for Alison. Lesli then proceeds to throw Hanna, Mike and the girls under the bus, stating that they were all hiding something. She claims that Hanna was stalking her and Mike “practically attacked” her, which is sort of true, but still, this girl came out of nowhere. Either this was all part of Mona’s grand scheme or Lesli is working for “A”.

4. Alison takes the stand. The whole episode, Spencer, Emily and Aria are working to find someone that can be Ali’s alibi. We flashback to Thanksgiving where Ali is at the park waiting for Cyrus. She doesn’t see anyone, but she does hear someone. Due to some amazing detective skills, Emily and Spencer find this person by seeing a certain scarf/patch. However, the girl who was at the park doesn’t get them anywhere as she was recovering from partying too hard the night before. This dead end causes Alison’s lawyer to use their own surprise witness…Alison. Capture

Ali’s lawyer brings up the point that Alison fractured her elbow when she was little and it never healed. What does that have to do with Mona’s death? The force used to push her around. I thought this was making a good case until the prosecution dug up some old archery award. Alison says nothing about it. After the jury goes into deliberation, Alison reveals that she convinced her bunkmate to help her rig that archery competition. It looks like she didn’t want to open up a can of worms mentioning her old bunkmate, whoever it was.

3. Ezra vs. Caleb over Mike. Honestly, I was getting pretty frustrated with Aria. I understand she wants to protect her brother in all of this, but I think Mike was looking at the bigger picture when he wanted to confess everything he knew if he was called to the stand. As Aria enlisted Ezra’s help to take Mike away from all the madness, Caleb wanted Mike to tell his side of the story. Ezra and Caleb got in a pretty heated argument about what Mike should do, but during all their bickering, Mike drove off. He didn’t get too far as he was attacked by a pretty skilled archer, knocked unconscious and tied around a tetherball pole.Capture

Ezra and Caleb were successful in getting past the mysterious archer(s), and rushed Mike over to the Rosewood police, but not before taking a photo of his binding situation. And while I thought that this proof and Mike’s state would be some good evidence, apparently it wasn’t, according to Detective Tanner. To me, she basically implied that the whole attack on Mike was staged to try to get the girls off the hook. Detective Tanner is either working for “A” or the whole Rosewood Police Department is in denial. If Aria allowed Mike to tell the truth, I think the whole thing could have been avoided or at least put off for a little longer.Capture

2. Andrew reaches another level of creepiness. Andrew gets very defensive when he hears that Aria recruited Ezra for help regarding Mike. He’s gotten to be a stage 5 clinger and obviously he’s jealous of Ezria’s relationship. He keeps repeating his “I’m here for you 24/7” spiel to Aria, but the one time she calls him for help in looking after Mike, he’s not available. And it happens to be when Mike goes missing. Later on during the trial, he meets Aria to apologize. Somehow a yearbook quote is worked in the mix and Aria finds out that Andrew was a Pathfinder Scout for 12 years. Um…Ezra, Caleb and Mike were attacked at the Pathfinder Scout camp the night before. “A” is for Archer Andrew.

alisverdict51. #AlisVerdict & the arrest. Remember when I was ranting earlier? Well, this is why. Again, I think the majority of us knew the jury would find Alison guilty, but to hear it and to see it was heartbreaking. Sure, Ali’s done some unforgivable things to a number of people, but for her to go to jail for a murder she didn’t commit had me feeling all kinds of emotions. The evidence and testimonies didn’t help Alison at allOne thing that made me angry was the reactions from people behind the girls who were in distraught seeing their innocent friend get a verdict, landing her life in prison. Everyone behind Emily, Spencer and Aria were all smiling. I was sitting here playing the scene back, thinking, “YOU ALL DON’T KNOW WHAT’S REALLY HAPPENING HERE, SO STOP SMILING.” Maybe if Mike actually testified, it would’ve changed something. But “A” is always one step ahead.alisverdict6

Anyways, after Alison’s heartbreaking verdict, Tanner finally made an appearance at the trial to gloat and to arrest the remaining “liars”. Officer Toby was too late to save them and Tanner had all the evidence she needed to land them in jail with Alison and Hanna. I also dislike the fact that she was conveniently there to arrest them right after Alison’s verdict.

Since all of them are in jail now, I wonder how their dynamic will change and what games “A” has up their sleeve. I guess we’ll find out next week along with who “A” is.

Theory of the week: As I was writing the bit about Andrew earlier, I came up with a theory. Apparently, there have been talks about there being a twin in the mix, that’s not Alison’s. In case you missed it earlier, Alison’s past came up about camp when she was 11 and her convincing a bunkmate to rig the game of archery for her. Maybe that’s where it all started? We all know Andrew gets pretty competitive and may have some great archery skills, so maybe Andrew has a twin sister who is very similar! Who knows!?

That’s it for this week, liars. You know what to do! Like, share, & comment. Let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode and share some of your theories!


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