DIY: Christmas Snow Globe

Each year around the holidays, I always have trouble figuring out what to get for the people closest to me. But this year, I thought I’d get a little crafty with some gifts and utilize my ever-so-trusty glue gun. Please note: I don’t get crafty very often.

Aside from the little candy sleigh that I’ve been making over the past few years, I scanned Pinterest and Google for more DIY ideas to spread holiday cheer and the “Mason Jar Snow Globe” caught my eye. You can do anything with mason jars nowadays!

Here’s what you need:


I purchased half pint mason jars, so it was rather difficult finding a variety of small figurines to fit. Luckily, Walmart had mini ornaments and I was able to find a Snowman salt shaker small enough to fit at the Dollar Tree. I was also able to find these little “Santa This Way” arrow figurines at Michaels! If you get larger mason jars, you should be able to find a bigger variety of figurines to fit to create your perfect snow globe.

After gathering all of the supplies needed, you can begin!

  1. Start gluing your mini figurines to the mason jar lid. I started with gluing my mini ornaments to the mason jar lids with the water resistant glue. I was having quite some trouble keeping the ornament settled. Maybe I was impatient. But after waiting for it to dry, I took my hot glue gun and added a few layers of glue over the water resistant glue. I had to be sure it would be stable! Plus, it gave it a snow effect.
  2. Fill the jars with confetti. I started off with a layer of sparkly clear glitter and added a pinch of red and silver. The saver spot at Target had some oversized red and silver glitter (basically confetti) and you better believe I bought it. P.S. don’t go overboard with the glitter. It gets too messy and you don’t want your figurine to be drowning in glitter. Also, there’s glitter everywhere now.
  3.  Continue to add contents to jars. After going crazy with the glitter, add water and a dash of glycerin. You don’t even need the glycerin, but it helps the glitter flow a little better. Be sure to not overfill the jar, or else you’ll have a big mess when placing the lid on the jar. Tip: Make sure you’re by a sink.
  4.  Screw the lid. Once you are certain the glue on the lid is dry, screw the lid back on the jar tightly. Please keep in mind the TIP stated in step 3. I recommend gluing the lid and sealing that jar. I didn’t do it and I had to give disclaimers to all the recipients, “Be careful, water may come out.”
  5.  Decorate! I personalized each jar by writing a little message on a piece of ribbon and wrapping it around the lid. On a few jars, I added a gift bow on the top. I’m sure you all can come up with more creative things, but that’s a start.


And VOILA! A little DIY snow globe with your own personal touch. Thank you for the individual who was creative to think of this and help me out this year!

What do you think?



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