Saturday Randomness: My PS3

Hi all!

Sorry for this extremely late blog post. To be honest, I wasn’t even going to write one because I just wasn’t feeling in today. But I remembered my challenge for myself to write a blog every day!

Today’s post is dedicated to the randomness of the day and what I’ve been working on that kept me frustrated the majority if the day.

Last night, I decided to connect my PS3 to the internet. It’s been over a year since I’ve done so. I barely use my PS3 but in the past few months I’ve been watching movies and playing Grand Theft Auto V. Yep, I love GTA. It’s a stress reliever. And I bet you didn’t expect that. Maybe I’ll dedicate a post to my all time favorite PS games.

Anyways, I decided I wanted to stream from YouTube, but after connecting the PS3 to the internet, it decided I needed to finally update my PS3. I understand, but I didn’t think I’d have a huge issue after attempting to update it.

Here I was thinking it was almost done, but at 54% of the installation it gave me an error and told me to restart. I did as told & it repeated about two more times before it finally said, try this or contact support. I slept after midnight, frustrated.

I’ve had the PS3 for years. And there was no way in hell I was going to call support. So I googled it: PS3 Error 8002f1f9. I read through the forums and it seemed like no one really got it resolved without opening up the PS3 & tinkering OR reformatting the HDD. I didn’t want to do either, so I kept restarting and attempting to do a hard reset.

After resetting it a few more times this morning and afternoon, I took a break and did some errands with my mom.

The I came home and debated on whether or not I wanted to reformat my HDD, thinking that would do the trick. But after deciding against it, I decided to tinker with the PS3 and open it. I like to fix things and learn new things. It was such a process. I didn’t even do much after opening it. I just made sure things were plugged in and removed the dust. 

And I’m sure I probably messed something up. When I closed it and screwed everything back in, I went to plug it in and it wouldn’t power. I got even more frustrated. I almost gave up, but I decided to reopen it again to make sure I put everything back to where it was supposed to be. Inexperienced me forgot to plug in the power source! When I plugged it im, it powered back om, but I still got my installation error. 

I’ve officially given up and reached out for a quote to get it repaired. At least I tried. But I think next time I’ll just leave it to the pros. And maybe I won’t update.

I know what you’re thinking. I could always get a PS4, but I have games for the PS3 & it’s not worth it for me to get a PS4 because I don’t even play much.

The day is almost over and I’m going out again. I’m over it. 

Does anyone know a good PS3 repair shop in San Diego?

P.S. I bet you weren’t expecting this today.


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