A recap of the past week 7.30.17-8.5.17

Doing this challenge, I wanted to make sure I actually put some thought into each post. With work and errand running (and unintentionally falling asleep) I didn’t really have much time this weekend to sit and write. However, I guess that’s the point of this challenge, just write whatever comes to mind and post it.
But today I’m going the easy route and posting a recap of my boring week.

This week marked the end of July & boy, did time fly. I spent last weekend resting and doing absolutely nothing most of the time since the two previous weekends were spent celebrating my birth. [Hot] Las Vegas one week, then two buffets the next. As an introvert, a weekend without human contact is what I needed & I was pretty well rested.

Then Monday came and the routine started again. Wake up, go to work, eat, come home, eat, sleep, and repeat. As always, I looked forward to the weekend as early as Monday. But who doesn’t?

August 1st was when I decided I need to stop being lazy and find motivation.  So honestly, there was really no thought into starting this challenge. Hopefully, this week I’ll also start going back to the gym, too. One step at a time, right?

Also, I bought a mini fridge to put in my room. For those who know my living situation, ya’ll know that this is hopefully a step toward eating better and spending less on eating out!

Hawaiian shirt Friday came & I was counting down to 3:30 p.m. PST. Yup, for some reason Fridays at work became “Hawaiian Shirt Friday”. Don’t know how or why, but I often participate with some floral prints. It kind of influenced my OOTD post. I think I may dedicate each Friday to #FashionFriday. What do you think?

Anyways, then Friday night came and it was a final get together with my two close friends before they jet off to Japan for 3 years. It definitely didn’t feel like a goodbye, but I did end up crying at the end of the night. What’s new? I’m ALWAYS an emotional wreck. I cry over everything and nothing has ever changed. It’s usually because I keep all my emotions in until it’s all too much and then BOOM. But I digress.

Saturday was a somewhat lazy day. I ran errands and had to pick up my mom’s prescription for her eye surgery. We procrastinated and it turns out the pharmacy did not have one of them and neither did any other CVS in town. So they transferred it over to the Walgreens acroos the street because they were the only ones that DID have it. But alas, they have no contract with my mom’s insurance or something so we had to pay a lot for a little thing of eyedrops. Any ideas on what I can do to maybe dispute this with my insurance? Or is it simply our fault for procrastinating?

Anyways, it’s another week. Nothing planned, but I hope things don’t get stressful.

I apologize for the lazy post today. I promise tomorrow I’ll do better!



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