Dear Future Valentine…

The day’s almost over, but I was inspired.

Dear Future Valentine,

We haven’t met yet, at least I don’t think we have. But if we have, then I’m happy that one of us actually had the guts to say something.

I haven’t really had a real Valentine. And to be honest, the only time I was ever excited for Valentines Day was in elementary school – preparing little Valentine cards for my classmates and hoping my crush gave me a special valentine. But ever since high school, Valentine’s Day was just “Single Awareness Day”.

Yeah, I’m one of THOSE people. One of those people who say “I’m fine with being single” but on Valentines day I think, “Why am I single? What’s wrong with me? When will I have a special someone to spend the day with?”

But you’re here now and you accept me for all that I am. You accept my flaws, my insecurities, my randomness, my awkwardness. You respect the fact that I like my alone time, but you also take me on long car rides to places I’ve never been. You dance the night away with me. You embrace my love for entertainment. You challenge me. You inspire and support me. You manage to put a smile on my face, when everything else seems to be going wrong.

You’re you. I’m me. We’re us. I’m sorry, that was corny wasn’t it? And I know you’re shaking your head and smiling.

You make every day Valentine’s day.

And that’s why I’m so lucky to have you in my life. ❤



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