The liars are home, tonight (A PLL Recap)

The last we saw our favorite liars, they found out who was behind “A”. Charles DiLaurentis became Cece Drake and Cece Drake became the mastermind behind the whole “A” game. But when she was caught red-handed, she declared the game over. But the game is never really over, is it?

Just when we thought everyone moved on, five years later, Alison decided to summon the girls and bring back some unwanted memories. But before I get into what happened in tonight’s episode, “Of Late I Think of Rosewood”, what exactly were the liars up to in those five years?

Alison ended up as an English teacher at Rosewood High. I’m so used to seeing Mr. Fitz at the front of the class so this was interesting especially considering how long Alison actually spent in a classroom.

Spencer ended up in D.C. I think we all knew that she’d end up in that field or she’d follow in the footsteps of her parents.

Hanna is a mom! Just kidding, they tricked us. Hanna’s engaged with someone that isn’t Caleb and working in fashion. Can you picture her in any other field? She’s come a long way from shoplifting with Mona!

Aria is working in publishing. While I wish she kept on with photography, this career suits her well also, considering her love for literature.

And Emily, well she’s in California. We see her bartending, but the other girls seem to think she’s still in school. I guess things didn’t work out at Pepperdine University.

The girls are finally leading normal lives, but Alison who stayed behind in Rosewood, seems to think that her friends can help her make her case for Cece’s release. She wants her family to be whole but that’s kind of hard when the other members of her family aren’t too keen on the idea.

So Alison asks her longtime friends for a favor. She wants them to lie again for old time’s sake. You’d think by now she’d learn that lying helps no one in Rosewood. No one at all. She wants them to tell the judges that they aren’t afraid of Cece, but Cece was “A”. Cece tortured them and now Alison is asking them to basically let her out? Come on Alison. You can still have your family with Cece while she’s in a safe environment!

In front of the judge, Spencer, Hanna and Emily make no confessions of their true feelings about Cece’s potential release. They put up a facade and act like they aren’t affected. In a turn of events, Aria changes her mind about lying as she remember the events that took place in the dollhouse. I applaud Aria for stepping up and not giving into Alison’s request. Mona, who is also there, seems to have a change of heart and instead of painting Cece negatively like she intended, she seems to empathize with the eldest DiLaurentis sibling.

Aria’s case doesn’t affect the decision and Cece is released. While Alison prepares for her sister’s homecoming, the rest of the girls get together and drink some cocktails in the Radley Sanitarium turned hotel. Drunk Spencer is my fave.

The morning after Cece’s release, she goes missing. Alison has the audacity to call Hanna to see if she visited them. First of all, the girls are hungover because of Cece. Would Cece really be sipping a margarita on her first night out? Second, why would you call Hanna first and not the police? I was quite frustrated with Alison this episode, but then the end was heartbreaking.

Cece was found dead outside the church of an apparent suicide. When we saw Cece in the hospital earlier in the episode, she seemed like she was happy and hopeful. So when we found out Cece was dead, I definitely thought there was more to it and someone else was actually involved. Like I said, my heart broke for Alison because she only had a few hours with the family she has been wanting her whole life. With Cece gone and her father and brother against her, she had no one else. Well, except for Emily and the new doctor.

The girls ended up staying for the funeral and it gave us all Pilot flashbacks of Ali’s funeral. Just like the pilot, an unexpected visitor showed up. And I wanted to throw something at the screen once I saw Sara Harvey walk through the doors. This girl was part of the game and now she’s back.

Now of course, the four main girls can’t go back to their normal lives considering my hunch came true. Cece was dead before she fell out the church window. And we were left wondering who did it.

And that’s what you missed on Pretty Little Liars! But wait! Can I talk relationships for a moment? The hashtag #StillFriends came on the screen as Haleb reunited and I couldn’t help but think of the whole Brotherhood of Ex-Boyfriends (by Toby Cavanaugh). What were they up to before they stared longingly at their ex-girlfriends?

Ezra is broken because of a tragic event happening in South America. He was not the usual Ezra we saw and it makes me wonder if Aria will be the one to bring his spirits up.

Toby, like Alison, stayed behind in Rosewood. He got his diploma but doesn’t seem to be happy where he’s at. The perceptive Spencer knows he’s building a house for someone, but the question is who. Spoby seemed to be the happiest to see each other.

Caleb finally showed up to make sure Hanna was okay, but only after Spencer called. It seems like he’s been hanging around Spencer a lot. Am I the only one that picked up on some sort of Spaleb connection going on?

I am definitely feeling the vibe of this fast forward. The girls are more mature, but are now finding themselves sort of in the same position they were when we first met them. And this time around, I’m confident they know what their doing — kind of.

Anyways, I loved the start of Season 6B! How did you all feel about the Winter premiere? What shocked you the most and what are you looking forward to see? Let me know!


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