Tonight, the GAME IS OVER.

Hey all! So tonight was the finale of the “Summer of Answers” and my goodness, we got a lot of answers! The episode was crazy and mind boggling, but the puzzle pieces were slowly coming together with “A”’s story and the flashbacks that accompanied it.

I was honestly shocked at how quickly we came #fAcetofAce with “A”! I mean, it happened in the first 10 minutes and then the story of how “A” stole the game, came.

As the girls attended the prom night from hell, Alison was whisked away and was the first to come face to face with her brother – but not before she saw her father and brother lying lifeless in front of her little cell. The others, along with Mona, watched it all unfold before their eyes and “A” aka Charles finally turned around revealing CeCe Drake. Yes, Charles DiLaurentis = CeCe Drake. I don’t know why I didn’t put two and two together. Hell, why didn’t Spencer put that together?

“You were like my very own living doll.” – All Charles wanted to do was play with dolls, but Mr. D wasn’t very accepting of that, so the moment Charles really messed up, i.e. placing baby Alison in a running bath, Mr. D took the opportunity to send Charles away.

But Mrs. D never stopped caring and protecting for her first born. And as he grew older, he met Bethany Young in Radley. While the pair seemed to be have a good relationship, all went to hell when Bethany pushed Mrs. Cavanaugh off the roof and blamed Charles. Clearly, Bethany didn’t know what Mrs. D was capable of, considering she covered the whole thing up and made it look like suicide. “Mr. D abandoned him, but Mrs. D taught Charles how to be ‘A’”.

Years later, Charles died and Charlotte was born. She even managed to get out of Radley for a little to take classes at U. Penn., but instead she took the opportunity to sneak off to Rosewood High to be Cece Drake and ended up being her brother’s girlfriend. That’s such a twisted way to be close to your family. “Why do you think he was so mad all the time? He was so frustrated.”

“That bitch Bethany ruined everything.” In case you forgot, Bethany practically hated Mrs. DiLaurentis especially after she found out about the affair she was having with Bethany’s father. So according to Cece, Bethany threw on Cece’s clothes and snuck out of Radley. Cece thought Bethany was going to go after her mom and hit the first girl she saw outside of the DiLaurentis house wearing a yellow top. Turns out that was Alison and Mrs. D saw the whole thing and covered it all up with Wilden. And oh yeah, Mona hit Bethany over the head with a shovel thinking it was Alison.

While Cece wasn’t part of the first round of “A” games, she weaseled her way in before taking it over completely. And that’s all thanks to Mona’s little stunt in Radley. Basically, Cece has some trust issues.

Then we flashback to the burning lake house where Alison and Shana came to the rescue. Cece had no idea Alison was really alive, but she knew this plan would lure her out to play if she really was alive. But Alison wasn’t the only one lurking around that night. Cece was there along with a little red coat decoy, someone we all know as Sara Harvey. That bitch. I knew I couldn’t trust her. UGH. But not only was she one of the red coats, Sara was the black widow that showed up at Wilden’s funeral. All this time she’s been a minion of “A” and I am angry.

“I know you won’t believe me, but I love all of my dolls. That’s why you’re still alive.” Vanessa Ray did a pretty amazing job this episode.

Anyways, while the girls escape to go save Alison, Mona’s stays behind to listen to the end of the story. But she doesn’t seem to finish because Sara is there ready to blow up the place for Cece. But I guess that’s the end of the story right? NOPE, it’s not. The girls get there in time disable the bomb and Emily punches Sara in the face. I’m going to say it again, I never trusted Sara. They all run after Cece on the roof and try to make amends. Instead of jumping off the roof, Cece gives up and proclaims that “the game is over”.

But is it really? We flash forward to labor day weekend to find that the girls have graduated and are off to college. Alison stays behind, which makes you wonder what exactly happened to Cece, Sara, Mona, and so on. Hopefully we get to see that this fall, when we flash forward 5 years.

Is it the fall yet? Who’s excited!?


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