“Songs of Innocence” – A PLL Recap!

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, our girls escaped but it is not forgotten and “A” may still be lurking!

Tonight’s episode takes us deeper into what happened in that traumatizing dollhouse. We first see the girls together in the hospital discussing the possibility that Andrew Campbell and Charles DiLaurentis are one in the same. It’s easy to think that as a fact, but honestly it’s too easy, if you know what I mean.

But what we do know is that Officer Toby caught Andrew and almost slipped up when he wanted to beat Andrew instead of doing his job. Thanks to the new officer in town, Lorenzo, Toby did things the right way.alidad5Continuing on with Charles, Alison got around to asking her father the question on all our minds: Who is Charles DiLaurentis? He completely shot it down claiming there is no Charles in the family, but seeing his face, he’s definitely lying. Does anyone ever tell the truth?alidad8Emily finds herself visiting Sara Harvey in the hospital and honestly, she seems to be the only one curious about the girl. That being said, Emily is not afraid to get straight to the point. She asks Sara if she remembers how she got to the dollhouse, but all the questions seem to be too much. Understood.

When the girls are released from the hospital and sent home, we see the girls struggle with the homecoming. Things start to trigger their awful memories in the dollhouse and honestly my heart broke a little seeing how traumatized they were.

Hanna couldn’t look at her own room the same way and coped by getting rid of everything, stripping down the wall paper and getting rid of her own bed. Caleb and her mother are there as her support system, even if Hanna doesn’t want to talk about anything.

Aria coped by using all of her energy to make sure Andrew gets what he deserves. At this point we don’t know if Andrew and Charles are the same, but Andrew definitely did a number on Aria with how close he got to her. With all the evidence, it’s understandable how paranoid Aria is about Andrew. Aria evens tells a lie to the police so that there’s a testimony about Andrew, but she realizes that lies are going to get her nowhere.

Spencer’s homecoming isn’t that great when she finds out that her mother made sure she didn’t take the anxiety pills. And you know what? It’s with good reason! Her mother is looking out for her and knows that her former problem might come to the forefront with those pills. Spencer even steals a pill from Aria, and that’s how we know Mama Hastings was right in her decision.

Emily finds a little bit of comfort by going through her father’s things, more specifically his guns. She ends up at the shooting rage with one of her fathers’ guns and without a guardian, which of course worries her mother when she finds out. I know she wants to defend herself, her friends and her family, but Emily with a gun in her current state is not the answer.

During their moments to cope, we learn bits and pieces of what actually happened in the dollhouse. “A” made them choose between each other everyday – Choose one or make them ALL suffer. Clearly their relationship isn’t in such a good place right now and it’s heartbreaking. I know it was against their will, but how do you look your best friend in the eye after playing a part in their suffering?

In the final moments of the episode, Emily steps out of her house to find someone watching from afar. My first instinct is that it’s “A”, but Emily has the guts to run and see who it is. My nerves didn’t really calm down even at the sight of Sara Harvey. The reason she got into this whole mess was because she ran away, and now that she’s back out of that hell hole, she ran away again! And she found Emily’s address at the hospital? Stalker much.

Honestly, I’ve learned over the past 5 years to trust no one who conveniently ends up in Rosewood. But I guess it’s too early to tell if we can trust Sara or not.

So what do you think? Are Charles and Andrew one in the same or is Andrew a pawn in this game? Can we trust Sara? How is Mona coping?

Let me know!


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