GAME ON, CHARLES! The Pretty Little Liars Season 6 premiere is finally here!!!

The game is definitely on! The last we saw of our liars, they were captured by “A” with no way out and Alison went to jail for the murder of Mona Vanderwaal. Oh yeah, and we found out that Charles is “A”. So tonight marked the first night of the #SummerOfAnswers and we became one step closer to finding out who Charles is.

The first thing we saw tonight was the escape. It was practically a replay of the final minutes of the Season 5 finale except we saw another point of view from an unknown blonde girl who was also a prisoner. My guess it was Bethany Young or that girl who had gone missing from the other town. She didn’t follow but the others didn’t get too far anyways.

They were caged in and locked out of the dollhouse. It started to rain and let’s just say the whole place was charged. If my timing is correct, they spent about two or three days outside without any water or food. Also, let’s not forget about their prom dresses. I hated seeing the girls like this, but I loved that they still had some snarky remarks for “A”. My personal favorite was when Hanna said, “You may be a dude, but you’re still a bitch.”


After a few days, Charles finally opens the door back into the dollhouse. Per Mona’s advice/knowledge, they go back in to face the wrath. Mona mentions that Charles may not be mad at them anymore and their punishment is over. I think not. The girls vow to stick together as they walk in, but that is soon destroyed as Charles appears with a little gas bomb, grabbing Mona and putting that gas mask to use. The others are left to fend for themselves.

To continue the sick game, the girls wake up with white sheets covering their body in what looks a lot like a morgue. If this is a message “A” wants to send to the families, it’s frankly disgusting and I know their loved ones won’t give up. After Mona (as Alison) brings them some juice and aspirin, “A” summons them to their rooms to find their “surprises”. The screams did not put my soul at ease.

Fast forward to three weeks later and we find out that Alison was discharged from the murder conviction. She appeared in front of the press to give her statement about her friends kidnapping and the alleged suspect, Andrew Campbell. Yes, Andrew Campbell. I knew he was sketchy. Honestly, I’ve had my moments where I absolutely was disappointed in Alison. I couldn’t help but tear up after seeing her finally out and trying to rescue the others. It’s time for Ali’s redemption.

Ali working with the cops is one thing, but Alison working with the PLL boys is absolutely amusing. The whole thing with the mystery caller being in the house was epic. Everyone thinks Andrew or whoever is going to strike and kidnap Alison, but he’s always one step ahead and knows people are watching.

Back at the dollhouse, the girls are finally let out of their rooms to play, donning some old school outfits. I’m so curious about what happened in each room because all the girls look so traumatized. They head to Alison’s room to avoid further punishment and find that they are getting the room ready for their best friend’s arrival. They also find that Mona’s going to be replaced. Charles is pissed at Mona, but what did she do to deserve being sent to “the Hole”. Mona, you are so strong, you’ll get through this!

“A” leads Alison to where the girls are at and I’m very impressed. He freaking hijacked roadside assistance and then gave her a welcome card with a deadly message. Not cool. At least Ali was clever enough to leave some clues for Ezra and Caleb!

During the down time where the generator shut off, the girls make a plan to get Mona back and escape. This plan includes destroying Charles’ soul, every memory he had as a child. First on the list, that home video outside the Campbell farm. “Game on Charles,” Spencer says as she lights the film on fire. Charles is put in quite the predicament when he has to choose between the childhood memories or welcoming Alison.


And he chose his childhood. “A” has a soul. As he tries to put out the fire, Ezra and Caleb find Alison, but just before they leave they hear the fire alarms going off. The girls get to Mona who is extremely distraught. I applaud Janel Parrish, she is just so good. I’m honestly surprised that “A” didn’t catch any of them. As the girls run to escape, Ezra, Caleb and Alison are there busting the doors open and HOORAY, I was so excited, but also a bit hesitant. I didn’t think they’d get out in the first episode! But the game’s just beginning.


As everyone reunites, Spencer tells Toby they finally have a name and Officer Toby tells her it’s Andrew. But that’s too easy, if it’s Andrew, isn’t it? After last season, my theory was that Andrew was in fact Charles, but hearing all this stuff in the first episode about him being the prime suspect is a bit unbelievable. Does that make sense?

At the end we also find out who the other blonde is, it’s Sara Harvey, the girl who went missing at the same time Ali did. And someone FINALLY asked the big question that everyone has, “Who is Charles DiLaurentis?”

I’m excited for this summer of answers! What are your theories so far?


P.S. I totally forgot about doing a Top 5 format. I was just really excited about talking about the premiere! 😉

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