“Welcome to the Dollhouse” – A PLL Recap

Welcome to the Dollhouse, liars!

Tonight was the night the #BigAReveal took place and it was an emotional roller coaster ride. The whole episode was crazy, creepy and insane. This episode had 2 big reveals: one of them made me happy but the other reveal left me extremely frustrated and disappointed. “A” has some deep problems, but apparently they have a soul according to one of the girls. Yeah, right.

So let’s get on with it! Here are my top moments (in order of appearance) of tonight’s episode and a little theory at the end, in case you’re interested.

The girls’ van is hijacked and they are taken to “A” dollhouse. After last week’s episode, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Aria are taken away in their orange jumpsuits away from Alison. According to Hanna’s contact the police think the five girls are planning something big, but we all know this is “A”s handy work. In the transport van, the Hanna reveals how jail is which doesn’t ease the others’ fears, but they all share a cute friendship moment together and I hate having to see my girls getting arrested for something they didn’t do.

But anyways, that moment is interrupted when “A” hijacks the van, taking out the officers and busting through the back door of the van. Understandably, the girls are scared for their life considering “A” is pointing some big gun at them.

“A” knocks them out with some type of gas and they all wake up in what appears to be exact replicas of their bedrooms. Did they just all wake up from a big nightmare? Nope, considering they were still wearing orange jumpsuits and behind every window/door is a solid wall. The doors open and a mysterious overhead voice advises the girls to follow the lighted path which happens to lead to a replica of Alison’s room. Once they reach the room, a blond girl is playing the piano with the Ali mask on. Once that mask is taken off, we find out that…

Mona is alive! I think a majority of fans were really rooting for Mona to be alive and I screamed once that mask came off. Even though she was wearing the Ali mask for a few minutes, the piano playing was definitely an indication that it was Mona.

Honestly, at first I thought this was Mona’s twin or something and she’s playing this stupid game with the girls, but then she started acting like she was Alison and I was thoroughly confused. I thought long and hard about it and was convinced that Mona was under “A”s spell or she completely lost it. I’m glad she was just acting to appease “A”. She knows “A” is not playing games when it comes to someone disobeying them.

Mona went on with her Alison act and kind of became the leader of the group, naturally. Since Mona had been there for so long, she knew he ins and outs of the dollhouse. From experience and the torture “A” put her through, she was able to share that information with the girls. Honestly, this was the biggest OMG moment of the night!

The Hastings pay a visit to Alison. Officer Toby goes to Mr. and Mrs. Hastings to inform them of what happened to their daughter and the other girls. Apparently, the cops know, but they want to keep it a secret and out of the press. I would’ve loved to see all the parents be informed, but oh well.

Mr. and Mrs. Hastings were hell bent on thinking it’s all Alison’s doing, which frustrated me. Like, how does an 18 year old girl who is distraught and sentenced to life in prison, have ANYTHING to do with 4 other teenage girls disappearing. Sure, Ali was a great manipulator, but really? Their theory leads them to Alison to ask her questions and Ali finally tells the truth about the return of “A”. I’m so happy because they actually believe her later on. They become part of the “A” search party along with Ezra, Caleb and Toby.

Detective Tanner teams up with Caleb and “A”s lair is found. Earlier in the episode, Toby tries hacking the police radar for the van, but doesn’t get very far. Detective Tanner also gets some research done, which leads her to Caleb and issuing a warrant of arrest. This angered me as well. Tanner was so focused on finding evidence against the girls and their boyfriends. I was so happy that the Hastings were representing Caleb and pretty much manipulated Tanner into allowing Caleb to use their system to do some more hacking/research.

Caleb uses the police system and is able to find the van. I found it so hilarious when Tanner put her hand on his shoulder, and he brushed it off like “Bitch, don’t touch me.” It looks like Caleb might be the next person joining the Rosewood police force!

His research leads them to the Campbell apple farm, a place where the Hastings used to take the girls when they were younger. I didn’t really find that piece of information with the girls useful, but the Campbell apple farm was a trigger. In case you forgot, Campbell is Andrew’s last name. Oh and the Campbell farm is where “A”s lair is. Finally, Tanner sees that the girls have been kidnapped.

A twisted Senior Prom takes place and “A” is revealed. In the dollhouse, “A” wants to relive a prom that’s happened in the past, meaning it’s either a current or past student of Rosewood High School. Of course, “A” puts the girls to work. Aria in charge of the music, Emily and Spencer in charge of decorating, Hanna taking care of the food, and Mona (as Alison) overseeing the prom queen committee.

Spencer uses this decorating committee as a way to enact an escape plan and boy, do I love the way Spencer thinks. Spencer goes along with “A”s game wanting to plan a beautiful prom with an elaborate entrance for Alison, considering Alison is their favorite. She mentions some things needed to decorate and the next day “A” delivers, not expecting that they are about to get played by these girls. But one thing we need to remember is that “A” is always ahead in the game.

In between all the set up, Spencer puts some pieces of the puzzle together. When she was in “A”s play room she saw the letter blocks and her mind put together a name: Charles. And if you remember the note in Mona’s mirror, Charles DiLaurentis. #CHARLESISA

Once everything is set up and ready, “A” provides the girls with some beautiful prom dresses and although this isn’t the prom they dreamed of, at least they looked good right? As they wait for Alison aka Mona to come down the stairs and crown her Prom Queen, they ask Charles to come out amongst the mannequin prom guests. He does and once they get closer, the use their little camera contraption to bust out the circuits, giving them enough time to try and escape. I thought that the girls could’ve at least beat “A” a little bit and even unmask them. I mean, the five ladies are so badass, I think they could’ve taken him.

Spencer finds a room with “A”s belongings, including some home videos and pictures. Spencer plays the video and we see a younger Mrs. DiLaurentis with baby Alison and two young boys outside the Campbell farm, one we can assume is Jason and another who may possible another DiLaurentis son. Spencer finally stands face to face with the masked “A” and it’s a tense moment, but he manages to disappear right as Mona appears to interrupt the moment.

The final scene brings us to the girls escaping, but they’re fenced in. You know why? Because “A” is always one step ahead.

Honestly, this season 5 finale had so many intense moments, but the “Big A Reveal” was not what I expected. I was hoping we’d actually see a face. No more masks, distractions or diversions. But all we got was a name. Sure, we got the answer to who “A” was, #CharlesIsA, but we were all left with one big question: WHO THE HELL IS CHARLES?  It was such a huge tease. -_-

With that being said, here is my #PLLTheory of the week: Obviously, the Campbell farm with “A”s lair is very important. Andrew Campbell seems to be involved with this. After all, he was listening in on Mrs. Hastings’ phone conversation with Melissa and he’s been very creepy as of lately watching the girls closely and worming his way into one of their lives. It could be very possible that he was the other boy in that DiLaurentis home video. He could very much be Jason’s twin and Alison’s other older brother (if that other boy was a DiLaurentis son). Charles may be “A”, but you can’t spell Andrew without “A” either, right?

What do you think was the biggest reveal of the night?MONAALIVEcharlesisa

You know what to do. Leave me your thoughts, comments and theories!


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