Pretty Little Liars Recap: To Plea or Not to Plea…that is the question:

Hey little liars, we meet again! Last week, I started a different format for my recap with a list of my top 5 moments of the episode, so I figured I’d continue that trend. We’re so close to finding out who “A” is, two episodes to be exact, and tonight we got a little bit closer, but not without some detective work and heartbreaks.

Ready for my top 5 moments? In case you’re confused, these are not in chronological order.

5. Ezria is done and Spoby might as well be. While Ezra joins Aria and Emily in their search for Varjak, he sees a text to Aria from A…Andrew, which prompts the hashtag #WhosAndrew. This makes for an awkward conversation. Ezra is obviously jealous and Aria feels pretty guilty about it. Later in the episode, they have “the talk” and Aria admits that she thinks Ezra was right about space and experiencing college as a single lady. But is it really the end of Ezria? I HOPE NOT. At least they agree to remain friends. After all they’ve been through with this “A” game, I don’t ever see them not being friends.whosandrewAs far as the Spoby front, Spencer’s been pretty down about Toby’s distance ever since he joined the police force. Their relationship status is unknown at this moment, but we do know that guys are lining up to be with Spencer. First, there was Johnny and now there’s Colin with his British accent. It appears he has a way of calming her down and making her forget about what’s going on at home when they’re together. But I still don’t trust him.

4. Melissa returns sans Wren. Her and Spencer share a heartfelt talk about the Rosewood drama and promise each other to have no more secrets/lies between them. Melissa even convinces Spencer to stay for her interview at St. Andrews. But the lies continue between them when Spencer finds out there isn’t actually an interview set up. It turns out that Mrs. Hastings had Melissa come up with a plan to keep Spencer away from the latest revelation in the DiLaurentis case! This also makes me think Colin was in on the plan too. Anyways, I’ve missed Melissa because the Hastings sisters have such a great dynamic with each other.

3. Mona’s lawyer meets Varjak. Remember when I said Ezra was helping the girls? Well, he knew nothing about Varjak from his research, but he came up with the idea that Mona’s lawyer may have been in on Mona’s plan or worse…working for “A”. Ezra confronts the lawyer and it’s so obvious he knows something. Emily, Ezra and Aria follow Mona’s lawyer to a gated house, but Emily is the only one that makes it past the gate. She almost gets caught several times but managed to find a pizza receipt with Varjak’s name and number. So if Varjak is “A”, we’re one step closer to finding them! But I’m so curious to see what’s going to come out of their little discovery considering there was a camera right at the gate.

2. Alison gets a plea bargain. Alison still wants to tell the her side of the story, but her lawyer is still against it and reveals that the judge has agreed to give her a plea bargain. If she pleads guilty and names her accomplice, the sentencing is reduced from life without parole to 15 years with parole. The thing is, Alison didn’t have an accomplice. But the police have some compelling evidence that it’s one of the other girls. “A” even gets in Alison’s head by infiltrating the prison and getting the other inmates to scare/attack her. By the end of the episode, everyone thinks that Alison took the plea bargain because…

1. Hanna is arrested. Remember last week when Mrs. Hastings found out something that prompted her to change Spencer’s plans to return to Rosewood? She knew about the plea bargain and thought the DA had some evidence against Spencer, but it turns out all the evidence pointed towards Hanna. As Ashley Marin’s friend, she decides to tell her about Hanna and the younger Marin overhears the conversation.hanna1

Hanna spends the whole episode freaking out and I can’t blame her. Ashley confronts Hanna and she is forced to tell her mother that someone is framing her and Alison. While Ashley is off trying to find a lawyer, Caleb finds out from Toby that the police have a warrant of arrest for Hanna because they found her blood among Mona’s things. Again, everyone automatically assumes Alison took the plea bargain.msgsdeleted

Caleb convinces Hanna that it’s time to come clean to Tanner and tell her how she and the others are being harassed by “A”. When she’s about ready to do so, “A”, like always, is one step ahead and manages to hack into Hanna’s phone to delete all the texts and photos. The other girls don’t have any evidence either to back up Hanna because “A” thinks they need a fresh start. By the end of the episode, Hanna is booked and in jail, and Alison decides to decline the plea bargain and stick around in the same facility.

hamison1And there you have it. Tonight’s episode had me emotional because I hate seeing my favorite character going to jail for something she didn’t do. I was left heartbroken. I can’t wait to see the dynamic between Hanna and Alison while they’re in jail!

You know the drill. Let me know what your thoughts are!


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