Pretty Little Liars Recap: My top 5 OMG moments of “Bloody Hell”

Hey little liars! I’m going to take a different approach recapping tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars and instead of a play by play of what’s going on, I’m going to give you my top ‘OMG’ moments

coach#5. Mrs. Hastings visited Ali. So the episode started off with Aria, Emily and Spencer visiting Alison in jail after last week’s Mona revelation. The girls tell Ali about Mike’s involvement and things get complicated. Later on in the episode, Mrs. Hastings finds out about Spencer’s visit and she is not happy! She ends up visiting Alison, and gives her a piece of her mind, questioning her about why the girls visited. Alison simply states that they know she’s innocent. Mrs. Hastings finds it hard to believe because of all the lies Ali has told. And while Ali wants to tell her side of the story because this time it’s true, her lawyers don’t think it’s a good idea. Mrs. Hastings agrees, but mentions if she does she would need a coach. Alison boldly asked Mrs. Hastings to take on that role and I’m curious if she’ll actually do it!

ariadrew#4. Aria and Andrew share a moment in Mike’s room. Aria is looking for some sort of schedule in Mike’s room to see where he’s at to question him about “A”. For some reason, this schedule is located on a dart board above his bench press. Obviously Aria is a tiny girl, so in order to reach for the schedule she jumps on top of the bench press. After a few seconds, Aria is on the ground as the bench press collapses. Andrew happens to enter the house and sees that the bolt and washers didn’t match, which caused the bench to collapse. Aria immediately knows who this handy work belonged to, “A”. As Andrew tends to her swollen foot, Aria starts getting emotional because she knows Mike is now a target. Andrew notices Aria’s emotional state, comforts her and ends up leaning in and kissing Aria. And while we saw this coming, it hurts to actually see it happen because of our dear Ezra.

spencerblood#3. Spencer freaks out in the UK. Mrs. Hastings shipped Spencer off to Oxford because Wren was able to get the younger Hastings an interview with someone in admissions at Oxford University. Mrs. Hastings knows what’s up: Spencer’s going to college and it’s going to be far far away from Rosewood. Spencer’s interview was going so well, until the interviewer noticed some red liquid all over Spencer’s bag and the chair in his office. Spencer rumages through her purse and sees a broken tube of blood. Who’s blood? It could be anyone’s! And Spencer freaks out which is understandable. “A” managed to slip something in her purse without her knowing and if TSA were to find that, Spencer would’ve been in huge trouble. After Spencer freaks on the phone with Aria, she heads back to her sister’s flat, and freaks out with her carry on luggage, knowing “A” has something planned. Later on, Mrs. Hastings calls Spencer and tells her to cancel her flight home. Something big is about to happen very soon.

varjak#2. Cyrus/Hank ends up in the hospital in the burn unit. After Aria learns about Mike’s revelation, she goes into investigative mode and searches for Cyrus and finds out he’s at the hospital. They said it was an accident, but we all know it’s probably the work of “A”. Aria recruits Hanna to accompany her to hospital and they convince the nurse that Cyrus is their cousin. As they visit, Cyrus reveals it wasn’t an accident and they question who did it. Cyrus struggles but ends up writing the name “Varjack” on some paper. Hanna figures out that Cyrus has actually met with this person by the way he spells “Varjack” incorrectly. After Hanna and Aria leave, one of the other “patients” in the burn unit is seen getting up and walking over to Cyrus. “A” is not happy. Or is “A” sending the girls on a wild goose chase?

AND MY TOP “OMG” Moment of the night…

imsorry#1. Ali apologizes and I got very emotional. At the beginning of the episode, Hanna was missing from the reunion. She felt bad for her previous visit where she accused Alison, and finally decided to face her again on her own to apologize. But Alison beats her to the punch.

“When I first got here I kept thinking how did this happen? What did I do to deserve this? You know I honestly thought that I was helping you guys. Telling you what to wear, how to act, who to like. Then when you stopped listening, I found new people who would. Being here, no one listens to me. I can’t even decide what to wear or what to eat or when to shower. I’m told everything. Everything’s in order. And I never realized how bad that felt to be on the other side of that, so I’m sorry.”

This time I felt like Alison was being sincere and telling the truth. She finally realized what she did wrong. It took her a while and some extreme circumstances for her to do so, but she finally did it. So many times, we’ve trusted Alison, like the girls did, and then so many times we were let down. But after this I don’t think I can hate Alison and I’m hoping for a happy ending. Alison asks Hanna if they could start over. It’s possible but from now on they all have to truthful to each other. Hanna’s first question: “Who is Varjak?”

So those were my top moments of tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars. What were your favorite moments? LET ME KNOW BELOW.


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