“Pretty Isn’t the Point” A PLL Recap

Hi friends! Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks, but I’m here now in case you missed me!

So over the last few weeks, Mike Montgomery has been a huge creep. He’s been visiting Ali and hiding some secrets and blood, which lead the girls to believe he’s working for “A”. And that is where tonight’s episode kicks off.

Aria and the others are going through Mike’s room and I know when he finds out, he is going to have a huge fit. In Mike’s room they discover a few things: He has jock itch, he likes to workout and he’s bought a little cute necklace for someone with the message “I’m with you”. Who is he with? Mona or Alison?

Hanna is still determined to be part of the Miss Teen beauty pageant to win the prize money. In case you missed it, Hanna’s dad isn’t able to help her financially when it comes to going to college. But he’s apparently there for his step daughter, Kate. Hanna isn’t really happy about that. Later we see she hires a pageant coach, and let’s just say things don’t go right.

Andrew, the same Andrew that tutored and flirted with Spencer, is now tutoring Aria. During the tutoring session, Mike confronts Aria and last week’s Magic Mike turns into Mad Mike and threatens his own sister. Little Mike Montgomery has a temper on him and it’s quite scary.

Aria gets Andrew to follow Mike around. He finds Mike putting something inside a tree outside of Mona’s house. Andrew offers to help Aria snoop around some more to see what’s in the tree, but she insists that she’s fine. Honestly, Andrew is getting too close for comfort at this time.

Johnny, the new guy that lives in Spencer’s backyard, is also getting too close for comfort. Last week he managed to get Spencer to unknowingly vandalize Hollis! That piece of vandalism happened to make it into an art gallery and Johnny isn’t too happy. He is hell bent on stealing his art back and somehow Spencer is convinced to do so too. You know this is the work of “A”.

Back on the “Hanna for Ms. Teen” front, Emily is recruited to help with the talent portion and help Hanna come up with some bangin’ moves (they dance to “Bang Bang”). During the practice, Caleb breaks the news that stepsister Kate has signed up. Again, Hanna is not happy and she will not let Kate take this away from her. YOU GO GIRL!

Spencer and Johnny begin their mission of stealing back their artwork. Johnny looks to have some trouble with unlocking the door, but Spencer’s done it so many times, she’s a pro. Basically, Johnny’s unprepared. Thank goodness for Spencer right? But Johnny messes up the whole thing by tripping up an alarm. Later at a gas station, Officer Toby pulls up and questions Johnny, arresting him. Spencer tries to defend Johnny, but yells at Toby because she thinks he’s doing this because he’s mad at her. He tells Spencer to leave and that Detective Tanner is going to use their relationship against him. I think Spencer doesn’t seem to understand that he’s doing his job. Everyone seems to be mad at Toby, but really, what is he supposed to do in this situation?

Hanna’s going hard during her dance routine in front of her coach, but goes a little overboard. Emily ends up letting Hanna do a solo, but she’s as confused as ever. Let’s just say her coach wasn’t too thrilled either. The pageant coach tells Hanna off and simply put, she thinks Hanna is not pageant material. Hanna leaves an emotional wreck and hears the coach tell Emily that she is pageant material. Hanna doesn’t stay long enough to hear Emily defending Hanna and that’s why I love Emily.

Aria goes on her own adventure to find what Mike put in the tree. She finds a little pint of blood, but her adventure is cut short when Mike finds her. Aria confronts Mike and he reveals that it’s Mona’s blood. Aria freaks out, which is understandable and the pint of blood drops before Aria rushes to her car.

Back to Hanna and Emily, Ashley comes in to reveal that Hanna’s father knows nothing about the pageant and that Kate’s not even in town, meaning this disaster was set in motion by “A”. Hanna is discouraged and she refuses to do the pageant. But you know what?! Emily is going to do it for Hanna. She doesn’t care if “A” comes after her, she will always have her girls’ backs!

Johnny is back from jail because Mrs. Hastings posted his bail and also happened to kick him out of her backyard. Spencer still happens to blame Toby for most of it. Before Johnny leaves, he kisses Spencer and boy am I not happy. Ugh.

Aria comes home looking for her dad and when Mike comes in right after she threatens to call the police! OMG. But Mike finally tells her the truth and boy, is this a big revelation. The night before Mona died, Mike made a surprise visit to Mona and found her stash of blood. Turns out Mona is working for “A” again. She was trying to gain their trust. They wanted Alison in jail and Mona was there to help – stage her own death and frame Alison for it. Once she gains their trust and finds out who “A” is, she can come back and save the other girls, including Alison.

Mike was supposed to meet Mona several times after the staged death, but he still hasn’t seen her. It appears “A” killed Mona after all. “A” is always one step ahead right? So “A” must’ve known that Mona was going to stab them in the back eventually.

So basically the girls accused Alison of being “A” and are now faced with the task of apologizing and helping Alison get out of jail.

The final scene has “A” sneaking into Mike’s bedroom, working out a little and busting out a wrench. And here comes an “A” prediction. Andrew is “A”. He’s been getting too close for comfort. Maybe he’s so pissed off that none of the girls reciprocated his flirty feelings. He’s oddly around during this Mike situation and I don’t know who else to accuse at this point.

But at least it’s only FOUR more episodes until the big “A” reveal! This is not a drill. It’s actually happening this time and I cannot wait. I just want to find out who “A” is and bring them down so our girls can go off to college and be happy.

What are your thoughts and theories after tonight’s episode? Hit me up below 🙂


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