“The Bin of Sin”, A Pretty Little Liars Recap!

Pretty Little Liars 5×17 “The Bin of Sin” Recap

Tonight’s episode is conveniently titled “The Bin of Sin” considering Spencer and Caleb’s discovery last week. The girls, especially Hanna, are in quite the predicament and tensions are high!

Tconfronted1he episode takes place after Hanna and Caleb find out who the storage unit is leased to. Turns out the plan to frame Hanna was put in motion months ago, before Alison went to jail. Hanna is freaking out, with good reason, and wants to get rid of everything in the storage bin, but the girls and Caleb are not too keen to the idea.

We musn’t forget that Aria has her own drama with the letter and telling Ezra before “A” does. However, the letter may not be the only thing Aria has to worry about because Talia made him a pecan pie and we all know how much Ezra loves pie. Emily shuts it down, but later on we find out all this talk about pie and buns is just Talia’s way of finding out who Emily’s into. Looks like Em has a new love interest!

Spencer ditches school to tell Toby about the storage bin and Hanna, but that gets interrupted when Detective Tanner walks in. Spencer leaves and Tanner sees that Toby is reading up on Alison’s case file. He lets her know his theory about someone, aka Detective Holbrook, manipulating Alison’s lie detector test. Tanner puts Toby in his place and reminds him he’s only been a cop for “all of 6 minutes”. It’s true though, like how does this rookie cop get so involved in this Alison case, especially considering he knows everyone that’s involved personally?

After shutting down the girls’ plan to erase Hanna’s name from the lease and pin the storage bin on Holbrook, Hanna does her research on getting rid of evidence. While Caleb is successful at corrupting the files that has Hanna’s name on it, it’s not enough for Hanna and she ropes Caleb into helping her.

Aria finally tells Ezra that she got into Talmadge and shows him the letter that got her in. Ezra seems so understanding and even thinks it was a brilliant move on Aria’s part. However, I know there’s something brewing in his mind that may affect Ezria in the long run and it makes me nervous.

After the one night stand with Jason and the proposal from Ted, Ashley finds it’s best to resign from his job. Later on, we find that although it’s awkward, Ashley leaves on good terms and some advice. “You can’t move forward, if you’re stuck in the past,” she says, but Jason kisses Ashley and it gets awkward, again.

Spencer sees that the laptop is on the move and automatically thinks it’s Hanna., with Caleb helping, but we all know this is a wild goose chase considering the fact that Hanna and Caleb are still breaking into the storage unit. Haleb discovers that everything is gone except for the barrel and they are one step behind “A”. Things never change.

The laptop leads the other girls to an abandoned ice cream factory.splitup2 They lose track of the laptop because there’s no service, and Aria has the genius idea to split up. After all those times they’ve been trapped in abandoned places, you’d think they’d learn by now. Like why would you split up in a dark, abandoned place and why would Hanna and Caleb even be there?

On the way out of the storage unit, Hanna and Caleb run into Detective Tanner and Toby. The looks on Haleb’s faces scream guilty and nervous. They manage to leave, but Tanner and Toby head to the infamous storage bin after getting an anonymous tip and find that it appears to have been broken into. Later on, Tanner sends Toby to call a Hazmat team as she takes a peak into the barrel. From the looks on her face, she seems to know exactly what/who it is. She does end up finding a little blood on the floor of the storage unit, so I hope we’ll learn who that belongs to soon.

Back at the abandoned ice cream factory, Spencer hears Hanna and Caleb’s voices, but it turns out it’s the laptop playing a recording of Hanna and Caleb having the conversation about getting rid of the evidence in Hanna’s kitchen. The laptop happens to be in what appears to be a freezer. Aria finds Spencer, but as they get ready to go find Emily and leave, “A” traps them inside and turns the liquid nitrogen on, leaving Sparia to freeze to death! This was one of the most intense scenes this season! I kept screaming for Emily to save them!

regrets1After what was definitely a traumatizing experience, Ezra and Aria spend a little time together. Ezra is there to take her mind off of all things “A” and he gets her an engraved journal as a congrats to getting accepted into Talmadge. This sweet scene takes a turn when he brings up the letter and sort of breaks up with Aria, telling her he doesn’t want her to have any regrets. No, just no.

Hanna confronts Spencer and accuses her of telling Toby about the storage unit. I hate when the girls fight. I think what bothers me the most is that they expect Toby to basically be a crooked cop. He’s only been a cop for a few months right? Isn’t that a little too early for him to be tampering and hiding evidence? I get they’re all friends and whatnot, it doesn’t make sense to blame Toby for doing his job. After Hanna puts the blame on Toby, Spencer defends him and practically says it’s Hanna’s fault for going to the unit and bringing Caleb with her. “A” is always one step ahead and that statement rings through my mind every time.

As Spencer tries to get a hold of Toby, Detective Tanner interrupts again. She lets Toby know that if what’s in the barrel and the drops of blood matches Mona’s DNA, his friends will be the first people she questions. Tanner also reminds that Toby that he took an oath to be a police officer and lays it all on the table putting Toby in a bind. “If there’s anything that I should know, now is the time to tell me.”

It appears that Spencer’s words got through to Hanna. She goes to see Caleb and every Haleb shipper’s heart started to break. Hanna wants to protect Caleb and keep him out of all this mess, but Caleb is not letting Hanna go that easy. If Hanna goes to jail, Caleb goes too.

Toby finally calls Spencer back and she’s an emotional wreck as Toby lies about staying at work late. I wonder what happened during Toby’s conversation with Detective Tanner.

See you next week, little liars!


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