Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Over A Barrel”

On tonight’s episode, things get a little crazy over a barrel. And with good reason.

The episode begins with a little recap from all the girls on the Alison/Holbrook situation. In case you missed it, last week Spencer and Caleb destroyed a bloody knife and Hanna found out that Holbrook wasn’t actually visiting his father. Aria on the other hand, got into college by writing a letter basically dissing her relationship with Ezra, which takes us to “A”s first message of the night. The letter prints on a receipt at Ezra’s cafe/bookstore. “This kind of lie will stay on your permanent record. -A” I still can’t believe Aria wrote the letter.

Again, amongst all the drama, we are reminded that they are in high school. It seems like Aria is about to tell Ezra about the Talmadge acceptance, but she stops when Ezra mentions the professor that liked her the night before. Spencer also has some college woes when she receives acceptance letters from several colleges. It becomes a touchy subject as Toby congratulates her, but she’s not happy about being accepted into random places like the University of Hawaii because of “A”. Good thing newbie roommate Johnny is there to break up the tension between Spoby.

Aria gets a text from “H” telling her to stop looking and to meet them at the Grill. Her and Emily automatically assume its Holbrook, but I just wonder why Aria over anybody else?

All of the girls get some kind of text alert from Mona. Is Mona sending texts from the grave or is “A” playing mind games again? Caleb and Spencer deduce that it’s a security alert that she set up when she was alive, showing the coordinates of where her laptop is located. Knowing that “A” would get their hands on this laptop Mona appears to be helping the girls find their way, even when she’s dead. That girl was always a step ahead and I miss her.

The coordinates in Mona’s security alert lead Caleb and Spencer to a storage place, specifically storage unit 1017. One of Spencer’s teachers sees them and mentions a really bad odor coming from that storage unit and my red flags go up. Spencer asks her teacher if she’s ever spoken to the owner, but all she mentions is that it’s a blonde girl. Could it be Alison?

While waiting for “H”, Aria runs into Jason who ends up getting ditched by Ashley. He ends up inviting Aria for lunch, so any plans Aria has with “H” are squashed. That is, unless Jason is “H”! Jason reveals the cops’ theories that Alison has someone that was working for her and Aria plants the idea that Alison may have manipulated Holbrook to help her. During their little lunch meeting, Aria gets another text from “H” to meet them at a flower shop.

Earlier in the episode, we found that Pastor Ted returned from his trip. It gets complicated especially considering Hanna spends a good amount of the episode trying to confront her mom about her hookup with Jason DiLaurentis. When Hanna meets Pastor Ted, he asks Hanna for her blessing on asking Ashley to marry him. Hanna is on #TeamTed. He comes up with this cute proposal with a cookie, but Ashley lets him down by saying she needs time to think. It is sad, but at the same time before she can accept any proposal she needs to tell Ted the truth.

Emily isn’t really too involved in the Alison problem at this point as she is still hung up on Paige and also happens to have a new co-worker. Her and Talia are still butting heads. Talia, however, ends up giving Emily a little relationship advice that actually seems to help Emily move on a little bit.

Caleb and Spencer successfully break into the storage unit in question. They find everything put in place neatly, with Mona’s computer and a bunch of bloody clothes packed in a plastic bag. Everything starts to click and Caleb theorizes that Holbrook is keeping everything to build a case against one of them.

Spaleb comes across a barrel and if you’re thinking what they’re thinking, Mona may be inside. But I really hope that’s not the case. Spencer sees some ingredients and puts her biology knowledge to use. Antacid tablets + denatured alcohol + water = preservation or it’s corrosive. “So she’s either being pickled or dissolved?” Yes, Caleb just said that. Right before they try to open the barrel, the lights turn off.

After leaving the storage unit and erasing any evidence that they were there, Spencer and Caleb decide they need to connect the storage unit to Holbrook. Spencer thinks it’s best leave Toby out of it and Caleb goes on a mission to find the who the storage unit is leased to.

“H” ended up not meeting Aria at the flower shop and instead had her deliver flowers to Ashley Marin. Aria’s on a wild goose chase. Aria ends up at Hanna’s house and reads the card, finding out it’s allegedly from Jason. Hanna automatically thinks it’s one of Alison’s games and reveals to Aria that she visited Alison in jail. Honestly, I’m confused about this. Why would this “H” (for Hanna? Holbrook?) send Aria on this mission?

Spoby finally seems like they’re on somewhat good terms. The college distance conversation is brought up, but Spencer suggests that Toby can come with her to wherever she ends up and Toby’s is happy with that answer. The moment is ruined when Toby sees a text message to Spencer from Caleb. Let’s just say keeping things from Officer Toby is too hard and Toby wants it to stop. “Whatever you say Officer.”

Talia admires Emily in her casual clothing, then proceeds to ask Emily if she likes Ezra’s cute buns. Does Emily have a new love interest already?!

Johnny comes back to retrieve the egg Spencer promised at the beginning so he can make his paints, but then asks some questions about Alison and the great headlines that Rosewood makes. He ends up giving Spencer a pep talk and it looks like Spencer may not take the college route after all. I’m still thinking he’s working for someone. Trust no one.

The ending revelation makes me uneasy and pissed. Caleb breaks the news to Hanna about who the storage unit belongs to and it’s the blonde herself. Hanna’s being framed and I am not happy.

The final “A” scene takes us into Holbrook’s office and “A” easily logging into Holbrook’s computer. Is it Holbrook or someone else?

Next week looks quite intense, but when does it not?


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