Pretty Little Liars “Fresh Meat” Recap

Previously on Pretty Little Liars…we saw Alison DiLaurentis arrested for the murder of Mona Vanderwaal. Now that Alison is in jail, “A” needs to find “fresh meat” to mess with and who better to start with than the other girls.

The episode begins with our favorite Rosewood Police Officer, Toby, who happens to be dropping off some paperwork at the women’s correctional Ali is at for Detective Tanner. Conveniently, the blonde is sitting in the hall chained to a bench. We’re all so used to seeing Alison all dressed up and flawless, but you know what they say…orange is the new black. Alison thinks Toby should pass on a message to his girlfriend and the others to see her before “A” gets to them, but he doesn’t budge. No one wants to believe Alison’s stories anymore, with good reason.

Officer Toby runs to the girls and tells them about his little conversation. They all discuss the theory that Holbrook is helping Alison in this game, but Hanna defends him thinking that Alison manipulated him. Also, amongst this convo, we learn that Hanna is smart little cookie and got into several schools, so she can’t be with the scooby gang the upcoming weekend because she’s visiting a campus. Aria tries to avoid the topic all together, which I find funny considering I always forget they have classes and school to go to. Note to self: They’re teenagers!

The Mona investigation is in full force again when Detective Tanner issues another search around the Vanderwaal residence. I still think Toby is too connected to it all and shouldn’t be involved, but what do I know? Anyways, Toby sees a knife underneath a pile of leaves and leaves it there as if he’s seen nothing. He then runs to Spencer and Caleb and we learn that the knife belonged to Toby’s father and that Caleb used that knife when he was staying at the cabin. Toby is put in an awkward position when he decides he should go back and turn it in as evidence, while Spencer and Caleb think they should get it and destroy it. A compromise is made when Spencer suggests they all just leave it where it is.

Among the Mona investigation and Aria’s college problems, Emily feels like she’s having some relationship problems with Paige. She convinces Ezra she can cater for his bookstore opening in hopes she can make enough money to visit Paige during Spring Break. This storyline cracked me up during this episode because Emily and Ezra interactions are pure gold.

Alison calls the DiLaurentis office and Ashley picks up. Jason does not want to speak to his sister, so of course Mrs. Marin is put in an awkward situation. Jason has only seen Alison once and he thinks Alison may have had something to do with Mrs. DiLaurentis’ death.

During Hanna’s Ballard campus visit, she calls Caleb and he reveals that Toby found a bloody knife. Caleb doesn’t want Hanna to worry, but she goes against Caleb’s wishes and drops her little campus visit.

After receiving a few angry texts from Hanna, Spencer goes to see Caleb about his big mouth and finds out that he’s going back to get the knife. Caleb reveals what happened in his past and that he can’t get taken in on suspicion of murder….again, if the police find the knife and find his prints on it. At first I thought he was going to get into his time in Ravenswood, but I guess seeing dead people doesn’t really get you thrown in jail. Instead of telling Toby, Spencer decides to help Caleb.

Hanna is on a hunt for Holbrook. Apparently, Holbrook had to take a personal leave to take care of his sick father, so Hanna finds herself in a trailer park in the middle of the night all by her lonesome. She comes across a creepy man slaughtering deer and a little boy on a bike who happens to be the son of Mr. Holbrook. After finding Papa Holbrook, he tells Hanna that he hasn’t seen Detective Holbrook in weeks and once again another person mistakes Hanna for Alison. After Hanna walks back to her car, all four doors are open and she finds her little college stuffed animal on the driver seat with the deer guts sewed into it. Little boy Holbrook creepily peddles away on his bike.

Instead of throwing the knife into the lake, Spencer and Caleb think it’s best to destroy the knife before “A” can get their hands on it. They head to the school to burn it, but of course “A” is already one step ahead of them. Spencer’s curiosity leads her out of the room, leaving “A” to lock Caleb in the kiln at school. Luckily, Spencer gets back in time to get Caleb out of the burning hot room. While the two think they got rid of the knife, I think “A” got their hands on it among the madness.

Back on the Aria vs. college admissions front, Aria writes a personal letter to get off the waitlist of Talmadge college. It is revealed that Jackie, Ezra’s ex, is on the admissions board so the letter is about how she regrets being in a secret relationship. Emily thinks its a bad idea, but the damage is done considering Aria already sent the letter. Listening to Em’s advice, drives all the way to see Jackie to try to erase the letter, but Jackie already saw it. She empathizes with Aria and we all know this is going to go wrong. Jackie later sends Aria a little acceptance message, but “A” also sends Aria a message. Ezra’s going to be very disappointed and when Jackie finds out, Aria’s college experience probably won’t be as great as she thinks.

Hanna actually visits Alison after her little trailer park visit with the creepy Holbrook family. Alison tries to convince Hanna that she had nothing to do with Mona’s murder. On Thanksgiving, Ali got a message from Cyrus to meet him and he never showed. Could it really have been the work of “A” trying to frame Alison? Either way, Hanna doesn’t give a damn.

Toby is not happy with Spencer and Toby finally says what I’ve been wanting him to realize. “Spencer, I can’t listen to this….There are things that I can’t know about, things that you can’t say out loud,” he says before walking away from Spencer and my heart can’t take it.

The final scene takes us back to Alison in her cell and she gets a little message: “Your friends will see you soon.” It doesn’t appear to be signed by “A”, but clearly it’s someone who’s going to land the girls in jail.

Other notable things:
– We met Johnny Raymond, a possible new resident at the Hastings’ home. He sure seems harmless, but he has some kind of connection to this game. Why would he go up to Spencer and automatically assume she’s Melissa? That’s conveniently suspicious.

– We also meet a chef, Talia Sandoval, who takes Emily’s catering job. Her and Emily have really bad first impressions of each other, but by the end of Ezra’s party, they seem to be fine. Is she another love interest for Emily, now that Paige is gone?

– Ashley and Jason got a little too close for comfort and I cannot wait to see how Hanna confronts her mother about it.

Thoughts? Talk to me.


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