A PLL Recap: “Through A Glass, Darkly”

Pretty Little Liars returned tonight and PLL fans everywhere were once again left with more questions.

This episode takes us three months after their jolly “A” filled holiday break. Mona’s body still hasn’t been found, but Mrs. Vanderwaal thinks its time to move on. What good’s a Rosewood funeral without a big scene or what Aria referred to as the “slap heard ’round the world.” Alison tries to pay her respects and insists that she had nothing to do with Mona’s death, but Mrs. Vanderwaal is not taking any of Alison’s bull and slaps the girl in front of everyone.

After the funeral, Spencer’s dad visits and drops a huge bomb that could land Spencer in jail. Bethany Young’s parents want Spencer’s bail revoked. There’s some new evidence that drops to warrant this and thanks to Officer Toby we find out what was on the arrest warrant. Detective Tanner is the one who hands over the unsealed documents and honestly I sat through the rest of the episode wondering why exactly she’s so open with Toby. I mean, wouldn’t this be a conflict of interest? But I guess Tanner is getting her own answers from Toby.

Anyways, I digress. Basically the evidence against Spencer was a witness, Mrs. DiLaurentis, who claimed to have seen Spencer talking to a blonde dressed in Alison’s clothes. This evidence was hidden away in Detective Wilden’s stash. #PLLCoverUp

Hanna and Caleb discuss what Alison could’ve done with Mona’s body and she wants to ask the Grunwald for help. Clearly, this upsets Caleb because of all the things that happened with him in Ravenswood and he wants Hanna to steer clear from all that drama.

Later we find Aria sitting on a bench alone at night. She finally received her letter from Oberlin college and I suddenly remember that the girls are still in high school and are looking to receive some college acceptance letters. I still wonder how they can manage all of that. I had one extra curricular activity and AP Classes and I was stressed. Anyways, I digress again.

While Aria, reads the rejetion letter, Alison decides to creep up on heryourea6. Aria gives Alison a piece of her mind: “You’re A!” and accuses her for a few of the Rosewood deaths and taking over the “A” game. Alison continues to deny it and tries to tell her side of the story, but Aria blows a whistle indicating to draw attention to them and Alison walks away to avoid a scene.

Spencer is freaking out and with good reason considering the #PLLCoverUp was revealed. The others are determined to find the evidence that Mona found and come up with a plan to squash Alison’s alibi from Thanksgiving.

Ezra tries to get Mike to talk, but it isn’t too successful. “People leave, people die. It’s the only sure thing in this world.” Mike has his walls up and they aren’t coming down soon.

Hanna ends up contacting Mrs. Grunwald to ask her to help find Mona’s body with her psychic powers. Hanna hands her the stuffed dog that Mrs. Vanderwaal gave her in hopes that’ll help Grunwald connect to Mona – and it does thanks to little Bungee.

While Hanna has her meeting with Grunwald, Spencer and Emily head to the DiLaurentis in hopes to reach Jason. Emily goes off to find the item she claims her mom left, leaving Jason and Spencer to have a sibling talk. Spencer wants the truth and flat out tells Jason that he needs to pick a sister.

Back at the cemetery, Grunwald says some deep things about secrets and once Hanna asks her if Alison killed Mona, some supernatural things begin to take place. “Each one hated the other because each one feared the other because each one knew something about the other.” Grunwald starts to say and she never fails to freak me out.

It turns out Jason was swayed by the conversation he had with Spencer. When Alison comes home, he confronts her and asks Alison where she went on Thanksgiving day. Alison says she’s being framed and brings up the fact that the girls are all working together to make her go away. Is Alison implying that they have something to do with Mona’s murder?

When Emily was getting the muffin pan at the DiLaurentis house, she actually grabbed Alison’s hairbrush to plant some evidence at the Vanderwaal home. I was not on board with this idea and I was not happy with Emily. I get that she wants to save Spencer and all, but after all the things that go down in Rosewood, I don’t understand how she thinks she would be able to get away with that. They go on with the plan anyway, but in their search for a place to plant the strand of hair, Spencer actually finds a camera in the air vent. Instead of planting evidence, they get Hanna to plant the idea in Mrs. Vanderwaal’s head that Mona had hidden cameras everywhere.

When Aria goes to pick Mike up, she has a little run in with “A” who happens to have his phone. After they struggle with each other, the figure in the black hoodie traps her and runs off with Mona’s computer. I’m pretty confident in Caleb, so if he couldn’t get past Mona’s security, I’m hoping “A” can’t either.

Alison and Mrs. Grunwald also have a run in with each other on the street. Pleasantries are exchanged and when Mrs. Grunwald grabs Alison’s arm she definitely sees something and I wonder what Grunwald just found out! I hope we find out soon.

Mrs. Vanderwaal took Hanna’s hint and found the hidden camera, which helped the police find some more evidence for Mona’s murder. Detective Tanner shows the tape to Jason and he reveals that it could have been Alison and that he lied about her alibi. On another note, I like how Toby is sort of Tanner’s partner with Hollbrook absent on a temporary assignment.

icant4Now the police has evidence incriminating Alison and head to the DiLaurentis house. Alison tries to run, but the girls are there to stop her. Alison sticks to her story and says that “A” is framing her and with her gone, “A” is going to go after them. I’m stuck in the predicament of not knowing what to believe again.

On a good note, Detective Tanner and Officer Toby are waiting for Spencer at the Hastings’ home to tell her some good news. The police say they now have evidence that Mona was not Alison’s first victim. They think Alison may have murdered Bethany Young as well and all the charges are dropped. Toby proclaims, “It’s over, Spencer..”

But let’s face it…it’s not over. Especially when there’s a message in the form of fireworks from “A”. How does that happen if Alison is in jail? The girls think this must have been planned before Alison was arrested, but maybe Alison was telling the truth this whole time. Leave me your thoughts on the matter!


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