Pretty Little Liars 5×11 Recap: “No One Here Can Love or Understand Me”

After Alison’s little confession regarding her “kidnapper” Cyrus, the rest of the girls lost complete trust in the blonde. I’m tired of her games too. They finally think it’s time to come [sort of] clean to the police and that’s where tonight’s episode begins.

policeThe girls make their way to the police station and it’s in plain view calling their name. They plan to throw Ali under the bus and confess a half truth, but “A” gets to them before any confessing can take place. A video of Alison the day she visited Hanna in the hospital show up on some tv screens in a shop window. This shows that the girls may have known that Alison was in fact alive before they “saved” her from Cyrus. “We’re all in this together” flashes across the screen before “A” rudely posts “Act normal, bitches”. How does one act normal in this situation?

After their failed attempt, the girls retreat back to their “normal” lives. The theory that Alison could be “A” crosses Spencer and Emily’s mind and I think it’s a great theory after her little stunt with sending Cyrus away last week. Emily reveals to Spencer that she regrets pushing Paige away. Later on, we see Paige trying to move on.

Hanna makes her way to visit Caleb. He’s startled by her as she wakes him up, but Hanna then calls Caleb out for drinking again. She’s worried with good reason. I’m excited to get some sort of closure on the Ravenswood chapter of Caleb’s life.

Emily can’t shake off Alison’s lies so she goes to Ezra to have him do some more research and updates him on Alison’s latest lie that put Cyrus in jail for a second. She gives him the photo of Alison in clear view at an ATM with the back of an unidentified man. At this point I’m going to assume it’s Cyrus.

Aria comes home and Mona is with Mike. It’s so awkward because Aria still doesn’t trust Mona. It’s with good reason since Mona is to blame for some of this drama. Aria confesses her feelings about Mona to her father, but all they can do is let Mike live his life and maybe watch from the sidelines and make sure Mona doesn’t pull some act that hurts the young Montgomery.

The next day Hanna also brings up the theory of “A” and Alison being one in the same. My question right now is..where exactly is Alison right now? She’s tried getting hold of the girls last night, but no one picked up. Then the one place where they would all show up (school), Alison is MIA? Because honestly, I don’t think Alison’s father really took her out of town for a little.

Amongst all the Ali drama, Hanna is still looking out for Caleb and asks Spencer about her old sober coach. Spencer thinks Toby is the guy to talk to Caleb instead, after all they have this epic bromance. While they discuss the sobriety of Caleb, Spencer receives a goodbye note from Melissa and soon the big secret will be revealed!

Hanna has another “bad thought” thinking that Ali left town and may have made a deal with A, like she did with Noel. Another plausible theory, but Detective Tanner decides to interrupt Hanna’s conversation with Aria and Emily.

Detective Tanner tries to reassure the girls that they’ll find Cyrus soon. I don’t think they could care less. Before she leaves, she asks them if they ever thought about who killed Bethany Young. This takes them off guard. Hanna calls Spencer and freaks because while there was no connection before, there is one now after all their snooping at Radley and at the horse stables.

While Spencer discusses Caleb’s current “haunted” state with Toby, Spencer receives a package from Melissa. It’s the video confession we’ve all been waiting for! Melissa reveals she’s running back to England, but not before revealing what happened the night Alison “disappeared”. “I saw you the night Alison disappeared. I heard you fighting with her..” Melissa starts. Apparently, Melissa thought Spencer killed Alison with the shovel she was dragging along. At that moment, Melissa freaked seeing a girl she thought was a dead Alison and ended up burying that girl alive. Now there’s an answer to the Bethany Young case, but what will Spencer do with this information?

Back to trying to live the normal life, Caleb’s intervention begins when Toby straight up asks what’s been bothering him. Caleb’s reaction: “Who died and made you Oprah?”

It’s family night with the Montgomery’s and they opt to watch an old film. Because Ella canceled, Mona happens to take her place. Aria is not happy sitting next to the girl who’s been in the “A” game. During the film, Aria whispers something into Mona’s ear. This troubles Mona and she steps out of the theater to compose herself.mona5x11

Like a good sister, Aria complies to Mike’s request to check on Mona and the two actually share a moment. Mona even warns her about Alison tossing them aside and playing games with them because of the new found lack of trust. “I’m just trying to protect myself. That’s all i’ve been doing protecting myself from her.” I’m trusting Mona over Ali now and it’s a strange feeling.

Ezra does his research on the photo and finds another photo showing Cyrus was the man with Ali. Cyrus Petrulo isn’t the only name he’s known for. It appears he has a thing for running and changing identities. No wonder he and Ali are such good friends.

Spencer rewatches the video and has a conversation as if her sister was there listening to her.melissaconfesses1 “She was a stranger and I buried her alive because I thought I was protecting you,” we hear Melissa say again and it’s heartbreaking. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, while Melissa and Spencer have a complicated relationship, their dynamic is just so great and intense. I once again applaud Torrey DeVitto and Troian Bellisario.

Detective Tanner pays a visit to to Mr. Montgomery while Aria listens in the shadows of her home. Byron has some sass and I love how he’s not enjoying Tanner running around in circles. Tanner reveals that she is certain that Aria is part of the complications of the open cases. What comes next makes me nervous. According to Tanner, someone stepped up and came forward wanting to tell the truth. When Byron asks who, Tanner says goodnight.

On the Caleb front, he’s angry at Hanna for the intervention. Hanna doesn’t think Caleb can take care of himself this time and Caleb finally cracks and retells what he experienced in Ravenswood. If you didn’t watch the show, there was pacts, dead people, demons and doppelgangers (the last recap I did for Ravenswood can be found here). Basically, Caleb was involved in a pact he did not agree to and was supposed to die along with their friend Miranda (Nicole Anderson). According to Caleb, they found a way to get rid of the pact and demons by releasing the jars of hair. The woods filled with fireflies in an event, Mrs Grimwald referred to as the “great ascendency”.

Miranda’s spirit was gone and so was everything else. While Hanna is convinced that Caleb did his best to help Miranda, he believes otherwise. He brings up the Ouija board sitting on his coffee table and it’s not just a game to him anymore. Honestly, a part of my giggled at the obvious product placement/advertisement for the movie (#WatchOuija). “I can sleep, i’m just afraid of my own dreams,” Caleb remembers the first time he spoke to Miranda after her death. While Hanna asserts that she is there for Caleb, the Ouija board moves and points to the word “goodbye”. I wonder if we’re ever going to see any of the Ravenswood kids again.

The girls seem to be pretty sure that Alison was the one to step up to Detective Tanner and I’m sure that’s a good assumption. I just wonder what additional lies and stories Alison will make up this time. Also after Spencer shows Emily and Aria the video of Melissa’s confession, Spencer throws out the idea that Bethany Young’s involvement was part of the plan. I wouldn’t be surprised.

And there you have it, folks. Next week is the #fAtalfinale and someone will die! I wonder who! I hope we get some answers to hold us over the break!

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