Pretty Little Liars Recap 5×10 “A Dark Ali”

Remember last time when I thought Alison was the problem? Well this whole episode I felt like Emily, falling for all the lies and feeling sorry for the manipulative blonde. But then more stuff happened and I felt betrayed again, but let’s wait for that till the end of this recap. Also more gifs to come soon.

Last week, we were left with a man, Cyrus, confessing to kidnapping Alison. Apparently, Mrs. Marin’s neighbor reported a lurker and Cyrus was their man. As Mr. DiLaurentis and Detective Tanner asked Ali if he was the kidnapper, her response was a hesitant “I don’t know”. The next day, the others are wondering why Alison said that instead of a simple ‘no’. They think this is the doing of “A” and Alison continues to look like a lost puppy. Alison wants to use this guy to find out who “A” is and again I’m pulled back on the Alison train, even though I know I shouldn’t trust that girl one bit.

The others delegate the task of convincing Ali to avoid identifying Cyrus as her kidnapper to Emily. It’s those eyes.convincingeyes3 As Emily tries to talk some sense into Alison, Mr. DiLaurentis interrupts and is convinced Cyrus is their man. “This man is behind bars and all we have to do is keep him there.”

Hanna starts cleaning up at Caleb’s, but Caleb still wants to have his unhealthy lifestyle. Hanna confesses she just wants a normal life. If that means auditioning for the choir solo, so be it. I’m waiting for the day you all have a normal life void of “A” too, Hanna.

Spencer goes to her hiding place in her room to hide the insurance and finds that the recording of the medical exam she hid was stolen! So that’s where “A” was that one time. Melissa comes in with great timing and asks what she wants for dinner. A phone call interrupts and Spencer thinks it’s Emily, but the recording is playing over the line. After Melissa awkwardly leaves, Spencer receives a text: “Check mate -A”normalepeople2

Hanna and Caleb are on a run trying to get back on the normal life grind. Spencer drives up to snatch Hanna away from normalcy and tries to tell Hanna about the problem and what she found on her surveillance camera. Hanna avoids the topic all together, continuing to run. Caleb shrugs it off claiming he’s helping Hanna out of her funk, the exact thing Spencer asked him to do.

Spencer goes off to the next liar, Aria, and shows her the surveillance video of her backyard. A man comes out of the bushes and Melissa meets him. Spencer reads her lips: “Do it. Trust me, do it.” The time stamp reveals that the event took place three nights ago. Spencer thinks the man is Cyrus, although we never see his face. Spencer wants to confess it all and wants to cut Ali down before she brings them down. Aria is nervous about it all because of what happened in New York. “The truth doesn’t amount to anything from a bunch of liars.”liars

Aria updates Ezra on what’s been happening over the past day. Ezra doesn’t think Ali would help put Cyrus in jail for something he didn’t do. “She’s crazy, but not stupid.” Ezra wants to go talk to Alison, but Aria doesn’t want Ezra to be involved in it again, now that he’s all healed. Aria likes knowing that he’s safe. Ezra’s already too involved whether they like it or not.

Mr. D thinks Alison is afraid of retribution and continues to put pressure on Alison to identify Cyrus in some way. The next thing backs up what I believed last week, that it was all Ali’s plan. Cyrus is NOT a stranger. However, the next thing leads me to believe Alison really has nothing to do with it. “I don’t know how ‘A’ found him, but he’s the one who gave me this,” Ali points to the scar on her thigh. Bits and pieces of a flashback comes to Ali’s mind and i’m sucked in again, just like Emily.

Spencer is waiting in Emily’s room with the insurance she took from Noel. He calls Spencer wanting his stuff back, but Emily doesn’t think it’s a good idea to keep him in the loop either. Shdangerous2e’s not too fond of Spencer’s idea about going to the police to confess everything. Spencer is convinced Ali is dangerous, but Emily continues to defend the blond especially after finding out who Cyrus was to Ali. Emily thinks Melissa is the problem and wants Spencer to do her part.

While Hanna tries to live on the normal side, Mona is also at the audition for the choir solo. I always love when they utilize Janel’s singing talent because she can sing! Anyways, Mona collapses right before the audtion and Hanna rushes to her side. They may have a broken relationship filled with lies, but Hanna looked genuinly concerned. Mona wakes up and immediately asks for her bag. Hanna gets it, but before handing it to Mona she snoops and finds a picture of Cyrus.

Ezra confronts Ali and tells her, in a not so nice tone, that she’s not alone and that a lot of people are backing her up. Mr. D interrupts any further conversation, while Aria looks on angry that Ezra talked to Ali.

Hanna jumps into Mona’s [rental] car and Hanna thinks she may have something to do with Cyrus. Mona’s on the same boat and insists she’s trying to find out who set it up as well. They see Ali and Mr. D jump into Tanner’s vehicle and Mona taps into Tanner’s phone. Hanna wants to follow Tanner, but Mona is more concerned about following Cyrus.

Spencer comes back into her home from searching the barn. Melissa is there to greet her and knows Spencer’s snooping. “I only helped Mona, because I wanted you to see that Ali hasn’t changed. She is as toxic as ever.” Melissa just seems to be concerned for Spencer, but Spencer is tired of the lies and secrets. So am I. Spencer finally asks Melissa what she did, but Melissa avoids the question. “It is not safe for me here, or for you. Maybe you should come with me?”

neverforgetAlison is taken to the basement that Cyrus said he took Alison. She flashbacks to the day Cyrus took her things and slashed her thigh. Apparently, they had some sort of relationship, but when she woke up one morning, he was heading off with her bag and so called friend. “You remember this place?” Tanner asks. “I could never forget it.” Alison just messed up and lost everyone’s trust.

Back in Mona’s surveillance car, they talk about their mutual bad decisions ever since Ali returned. They finally hear Tanner’s call to the station to not release Cyrus. Later on we find out that Tanner’s call was too late and Cyrus had already been released. I’m sitting here thinking everything is just so messed up.

After Hanna texts the s.o.s. to the others, Emily confronts Ali when she gets home. “I wasted so much time on you.” Like I said last week, I was rooting for Ali and her changing for the better, but all of this is too much. Ali’s number one supporter is just done and I’m so proud of Emily for standing up to the girl. Ali promises to make it right and find out who ‘A’ is, but Emily walks away. Honestly, my heart is breaking a little at Emily’s outburst because of the roller coaster ride that is Emison, but Alison is toxic at the moment. sticktogether

Emily meets the others and finally thinks Spencer has had the right idea all along. While Spencer, Emily and Hanna all want to cut ties with Alison, Aria is nervous and hesitant still, but with good reason. They’re in too deep, if you ask me.

Cyrus is seen frolicking around in the woods and meets a brunette with a wig. At first I was thinking it’s Melissa because of that surveillance video, but nope it isn’t Melissa. It’s Alison in a wig. What I and many others believed last week is true. foundA warrant was made for Cyrus’ arrest and that wasn’t part of the deal. I don’t understand why random people keep showing up at Alison’s every beck and call. Alison gives Cyrus a plane ticket to get out and it seems like Alison is still going to keep tabs on him. “I found you once and you bet your life I can find you again.” People are risking their lives for Alison, and all Alison is doing is sending them away in hiding until she needs them back again.

The final two scenes cryptic as usual. Melissa records a video for Spencer probably before she heads off to another place across the globe. “I have to tell you the truth before it’s too late.” The video cuts off. I really hope Melissa manages to stay alive for the ending of this video.

“A” is then found doing some laundry, folding some black hoodies and a candy striper outfit. “A” is Alison. I’m done.

Okay, “A” is not least that wasn’t revealed or anything, but who else do you think this person is? Most of the girls rocked that candy striper outfit when they “volunteered” at the hospital, but could it be someone new that we haven’t seen before?


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