Pretty Little Liars 5×09 Recap “March of Crimes”

I came to one conclusion this episode: Alison DiLaurentis needs to realize that she is the problem and she can’t keep bringing other people down with her.

This week’s episode starts off right where we left off last week. Ashley Marin is convinced that Alison is not safe and let’s face it…more and more people are getting involved when they shouldn’t be. After Alison confesses that she planted the intruder (Noel Kahn), the other begin to lose trust in all that is Alison DiLaurentis. Her little stunt is pissing off everyone, but she implies they haven’t supported her lately. At least Noel has her back.loudcrazy2

Or so she thinks. As Emily leaves Hanna’s house, she sees Noel casually sitting in his car, windows down and listening to some recording of Alison contacting Shana from when she was missing. He hears someone creeping about and drives off before Emily can do some confronting.

Detective Tanner makes her rounds to Rosewood High yet again and has Aria and Ella under her radar. While they both think it’s regarding the break in into the Marin residence, Tanner has a different case on her find. She inquires Aria about Mr. Fitz and implies that he may have had some sort of relationship with Shana. Aria defends Ezra’s honor, but you could tell Tanner knows something is up.

Back with the rest of the girls, Alison is extremely paranoid that one of the others will break. “If one of us falls, we all fall and ‘A’ wins,” she says. If you told the truth from the beginning, then you wouldn’t need to worry about someone falling.

On a positive note, Emily got the job as assistant coach. However, she does something that could get her into more trouble. After the swim coach leaves, she sneaks back in to the office and finds Noel’s locker assignment.

Before heading to the eye doctor to treat her injury from the stables, Spencer visits Caleb. She confronts him about Hanna’s drinking problem and knows Caleb has involvement in it. “You guys used to draw strength from each other and now I don’t get this,” Spencer points out and I just really love this scene. Finally one of the girls addresses Hanna’s problem and doesn’t just put it off. Another thing to point out, is that the Ravenswood events are implied once again. I really hope they do address it one day.

stuntsAli tries to patch things up with Hanna, but she still gives Alison the cold shoulder, wanting to be left alone. Ali seems genuinely upset that everything’s falling apart and she’s losing her friends, again. A famliar face enters the picture, allowing Hanna to storm out. Ali and Jenna finally meet again face to face and they exchange a few words. Ali then asks Jenna how she turned Shana against Ali. Jenna’s response? “I didn’t. You did.”

That was the moment, where I thought that Alison needs to accept that she is the problem and should stop bringing other people into her web of lies and deceit. The first few episodes of this season, I was really rooting for Alison, but having her back just seems to be the worst thing ever.

While, Spencer is at the doctor’s office, she has her pupils dilated. During her time of blurry vision, she sees two Jennas, not realizing who the other person sporting the glasses is. In her fit of panic, she calls Emily who is in the process of stealing the tape player and pictures from Noel’s car. Emily’s too busy trying not to get caught when Spencer finds a little note left for her from “A”.canucmeyet

Ella leaves Aria and Zack alone before the engagement part and I know for a fact some awkward stuff is about to go down. Aria lets it slip that Hanna isn’t coming to the party to see what kind of reaction she’ll get from her mother’s fiance. Later on, Aria confronts her mother and asks if she’s sure about Zack. This isn’t the first time Zack has had wandering eyes.

Back at the optometrist, Emily comes over to calm Spencer and down and sees that #TwinJenna is Sydney. Syndey’s quite and looks guilty that she’s been caught and Jenna is pissed at the other girls for constantly accusing her of being the bad guy. “You’re nervous around the wrong person. I’m not Alison.”

Hanna visits Caleb and goes straight to a beer, since she won’t be attending the engagement party. After Spencer little slip about Zack, Caleb asks Hanna about the engagement party and Hanna finally tells him what happened. A pissed off Caleb leaves Hanna to watch TV as he goes to “buy dinner”. He confronts Zack. He says it’s a misunderstanding, pulling out a note that says Hanna was sorry for acting shy. Bitch please, that’s not Hanna’s handwriting. Caleb forgets the food, but remembers to punch Zack in the face.

Sydney tells Emily about how she met Jenna and I think she’s genuinely sorry about lying to Emily. I still don’t trust her, but if she is lying about being sorry then she’s being a great actress. Emily is not accepting any apology whatsoever and the way Emily reacts to Sydney honestly surprised me. I remember some choice words about seeing her drown or something to that effect.

insuranceSpencer hides Noel’s stuff at the lake house. I’m sitting here wondering why the girls continue to roam about alone at night. As she hides the items that squash Alison’s kidnapping story, someone is moving under a white sheet on a chair and surprise! It’s Noel Kahn! “You know nothing,” (Jon Snow…LOL SORRY I HAD TO) Noel says to Spencer in response to her accusations about spying on Alison. Noel emphasizes that he needs to be prepared in case Alison decides to turn on him. It turns out Noel stole it from Jenna, right before the house blew up. It makes me wonder if Alison was behind the explosion. I wouldn’t be surprised. Spencer becomes handy with a fireplace poker and points out that they need insurance too. She promises Noel she’ll keep it in a safer place. He leaves pissed, but what else can he do?

Aria visits Hanna after the engagement party that never happened. She apologizes to Hanna, and now the girls seem to be sending their support to Hanna now. Also, I just want Emily and Hanna to make up now because they never really did from that one blow up they had when Hanna tried to help Ali move.

kidnapperThe Rosewood Police calls Mrs. Marin and they want Alison at the station. Apparently, they caught the person who allegedly broke in to their house and things just got a lot interesting. Alison looks like she’s been caught and I’m thinking Noel turned himself in so he could betray Alison before he’s tossed aside. But nope, I was wrong. There’s a random guy in the police station and I’m wondering why he’s throwing away his life to protect Alison. I want to believe she’s a good person deep inside, but if this is truly #AlisCoverUp then I need to stop giving Alison second chances.

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