Pretty Little Liars 5×08 Recap “Scream For Me”

Hey Little Liars! I’m sorry i’ve been a bit MIA and have failed to post my weekly Pretty Little Liars recap for the past two episodes. I’ve been pretty busy and had other things going on. In case you missed what happened in those two episodes, Ali tried running away, Aria tried volunteering at Radley for answers and basically everyone got angry with Hanna because of her willingness to help Ali disappear again and all her drunken confessions.

The first scene finds the girls singing in choir, while Ali is being questioned by Detective Tanner about Shana. She tries to figure out what Ali’s connection to Shana is and Ali is starting to feel like she’s going to be caught in a lie soon. After Ali is done being grilled, the girls find a message on Ali’s music from “A” and it brings up some bad memories: “Glad to hear you singing. Last time you were all choked up.”

One of my favorite moms returns tonight – Ella’s back! If you remember from the last episode, Ella and Zack sent out invitations for their engagement party. Ella asks Aria’s to be her maid of honor! It’s a beautiful gesture, but Aria’s mind is elsewhere, as always.

Ali asks Hanna if she can crash at Hanna’s while her dad is away. Things are still a bit awkward between the two, since Alison is not happy with Hanna’s past drunk outbursts and Hanna is still not trusting Alison. Ali definitely sounds like she has a plan, when she could’ve easily asked to stay at Emily’s house, like she’s been doing for the past few weeks.

Toby wants to be on in the inside to help Spencer and the girls, he reveals that he’s enrolled at the Harrisburg police academy to become #OfficerToby. Spencer is not happy with this decision.

Aria goes back to Radley looking for Eddie Lamb because it appears he’s disappeared. Since it looks like Eddie won’t be back at Radley, Aria goes back into Rhonda’s room and returns the sketchbook she took. Big Rhonda comes in and shuts the door behind her. Big Rhonda blackmails Aria. “I can forget you were here,” she tells Aria. Rhonda requests chips and soda and reveals some secrets about Bethany’s stay at Radley. Apparently, Mrs. D visited Bethany, bribed her and took her out of Radley often. She even had a pony named Custard!

Hanna doesn’t seem to ask her mom about Alison staying over, but Alison invites herself over anyway. Ashley fell for Ali’s story and Hanna wants to avoid dinner and all things Alison. She ends up spending time with Caleb and honestly, I am not happy with the two of them. Caleb’s clearly messed up from his time in Ravenswood and Hanna is going through an identity crisis, but it appears they just keep drinking together to avoid those conversations.

Earlier in the episode, Emily confronted Sydney about Hanna’s drunk confessions about New York. She insists Hanna was too drunk and that none of them have ever been to New York. To win Emily over, appears to get the swim team to offer Emily the position of Assistant Coach.When visiting Emily in her home, Sydney explains how she appreciates Emily’s support and goes into her father opening up yogurt shops in New York. “You probably saw them when you were in New York,” Sydney casually says hoping Emily would slip. However, Emily is too smart for that and both are caught off guard.

Drunk Hanna decides to stop into the Brew for a tuna melt and Zack lets her in and makes something special for the blond. Zack takes advantage of the situation, flirting with the drunk blonde. Clearly, Aria’s mom isn’t on his mind.

Speaking of Ella, Aria doesn’t make it to the bridal fitting. Ella thinks she was avoiding it and doesn’t want her to marry Zack. Aria insists she just forgot and a part of me thinks Ella is having some premarital nerves.

Hanna’s late to class the next morning and clearly she’s shaken up by the Zack situation. She tells Spencer and Emily, but they imply that she may have read into it and to think before she tells Aria. Hanna storms out in disbelief that her friends think she’s lying.

Mrs. Marin barges into Hanna’s room because the school called her. She finds Alison instead and asks why she isn’t at school. Ali says she heard someone trying to come in the night before and couldn’t sleep. Mrs. Marin sees pillows and blankets in the closet and Ali says she slept in there instead of the guest bed. At this point, I can’t tell if Ali is making this up or if “A” was really stalking the Marin’s.

A storm is brewing in Rosewood, literally and figuratively. Hanna is sittin in her car, when Zack comes into the car uninvited. You’d think she’d learn to lock the doors. Zack thinks Hanna was feeling the same vibe he was feeling last night and insists Hanna hits him up, giving her his number. We’re left with a #CreepedOutHanna and I’m a #CreepedOutAdele.

Mrs. Marin makes reservations for her and Ali since Hanna is out. With the storm getting worse, one of the windows in the kitchen is open and she goes to close it before hearing some noises. The front door appears to be open and Ashley sees a hooded person enter the kitchen. Ali comes down the stairs oblivious to the intruder, but Ashley forces her to be quiet and Ali sees the shadow of the hooded figure with a knife. The black hooded person runs out of kitchen door dropping the knife and Ashley immediately calls police.

Hanna visits Aria to tell her about Zach. It’s awkward between them too, but Hanna can’t not tell her friend about Zack’s advances. Aria doesn’t take it lightly and she is pissed, blaming Hanna for ruining everything. She doesn’t believe one word and thinks Hanna is spiraling. It breaks my heart that everyone seems to be turning on Hanna.

Spencer and Emily check out the stables during the storm and happen to finds Melissa’s helmet by a horse that is freaking out. “A” locks them in the stable with the startled horse. Spencer gets hit in the eye, but they manage to leave before something worse happens. Toby visits Spencer and reveals he is tired feeling powerless. Spencer finally gives Toby her blessing to be a cop.

Aria feels awkward around Ella and Zack. When she is sandwiched between the two, there’s a look on her face that makes me think she regrets going off on Hanna. Also, I have this creepy feeling that Zack is going to hit on Aria soon.

Back on the Alison front, she reveals that the intruder was in fact a hire – Noel Kahn. She asked Noel to break into Hanna’s house because she needed someone to stop people from questioning everything and that person was Mrs. Marin. Alison brings down the girls with her and their mom’s. I was rooting for you Alison and now I don’t think I can give you another chance.

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