Pretty Little Liars 5×05 100th Episode Recap: “Miss Me x100”

Tonight, Pretty Little Liars hit it’s 100th episode mark and I must say that it did not disappoint. It was full of confrontations, hook ups and also featured the return of a few characters. Rosewood High’s Queen Bee returned to school, but “A” always comes first.

It’s the night before Alison DiLaurentis returns to school and most are on edge and hesitant to walk alongside the former Queen of the Rosewood High halls. Aria and Ezra are still spending time with each other and Aria can’t stop thinking about Shana. She becomes distracted from the thought when they see Ali chatting with someone outside her Dad’s office. A few minutes later, a bus stops and Jenna gets dropped off. They have a stare down from both sides of the street even though it appears Jenna is still blind.

While Spencer and Toby spend their time together, a call from Jenna interrupts. Toby reveals to Spencer that he hasn’t spoken to Jenna since she moved to New York, a detail we never knew. A broken Jenna drops a bomb over the phone telling Toby that Shana was murdered and you can tell Spencer is torn.

The girls meet to discuss the new arrival of an old enemy, but Alison tones it down a bit promising the girls that she will make everything better. “Just like I’m working to earn back your trust, I’m gonna try to make amends with everyone I hurt,” Alison says and she sounds pretty sincere about it.#AliIsBack

The next morning, Ali returns back to school and what’s a welcome party without the stares and whispers? Paige leaves the scene because she can’t bear to watch, while Mona and Lucas watch on plotting their revenge. The girls wait for her and walk down the hall by her side. “As abnormal as this is, it kinda feels normal,” Hanna explains. #AliIsBack, bitches.

While Ali is off to the guidance counselor, Spencer is called to the Principal’s office. What exactly did Spencer do this time? Nothing; Mrs. Hastings shows up at school to pick up Spencer. “I’m leaving your father and you’re coming with me.” That’s not a good sign. Mrs. Hastings never checked into the spa and ended up meeting with a Private Investigator. She found out that Melissa and Mr. Hastings DID NOT go to a diner on the night Mrs. D was murdered. That was a lie and the Hastings are very complicated.

Aria visits Jenna’s house after school to try and see if she can help her cope. The door is open and Aria walks right through. After, she finds Jenna on the floor in tears, she leaves before revealing herself. Seeing a broken Jenna, breaks Aria.

Paige cannot stand being in the same room as her former bully, but Emily manages to get Paige and Ali to talk. As Alison tries to apologize for her former ways, Paige lets all her feelings out. “You were a terrible person Alison…I was happy you were gone.” Emily sits their awkwardly and the tension is high.

Spencer visits Hanna for the homework she missed, but she finds comfort in talking to the blonde about her parents splitting up. “I know that we’ve never been like a warm and fuzzy family, but I always thought that my parents were gonna stay together,” Spencer reveals and my heart broke a little.practice

After the awkward confrontation, Paige leaves and Alison stays behind in Emily’s room wanting to hang out. Since Emily already had plans with Sydney and Paige, Alison gets the hint but asks to stay in Emily’s room before heading home. Right before Emily leaves, Alison reveals something that gives Emison shippers around the world many feels. “Those kisses weren’t just for practice.”

While Emison emerges, Haleb returns as well and we’ve all got feels, because let’s face it, haven’t you missed Caleb? I mean, Travis is a cool dude, but HALEB. The look on Caleb’s face when he sees Hanna is love, but his face falls when there’s two coffees for Hanna and one of  them is for Travis. Hanna turns around and Caleb disappears. Of course, after seeing Caleb, Hanna decides to get drunk at Lucas’ party. I’m glad Travis is there to take her home before Lucas did something weird, because it’s so obvious he’s lying about something.


Jenna visits Aria and wants to know what Aria was doing in her room. Aria, worried and paranoid, offers tea and a shoulder to cry on and surprisingly Jenna accepts the offer.

Ali finally leaves Em’s house and a car appears to follow her. Ali runs into the church sending an SOS to her girls, but all of them are conveniently tied up. Mona appears in the church and a showdown is about to take place. Mona reveals she knows the truth about New York and that she wants Alison GONE. Mona feels like a victim again, but Alison brings up all the past things that Mona did when she was “A”, including almost killing Hanna. That throws Mona for a loop: “I’m all better now, even the doctors say so.” SLAP1

Alison continues to stand her ground, but does it in the worst way possible. “You’re scared because you know it’s not going to take me long to win over your army of losers. I made you loser Mona once and you know I can do it again,” and it doesn’t sound like Alison has changed one bit. Mona slaps Ali, but Ali slaps back harder, leaving a cut. SLAP2

Emily, Spencer, Aria meet at Alison’s. Ali doesn’t reveal that she hit Mona back. They put all the pieces together and figure out people worked hard to make sure all the girls had plans and were away from Alison.

The next few scenes go back and forth between Emison and Ezria. Emily and Ali talk about the night Ali pulled her out of the barn and Alison reiterates she missed Emily the most. Aria brings Ezra some key lime pie and she still can’t stop talking about Jenna and Shana. Ezra shows Aria his scar from the bullet wound and reminds Aria what Shana did. It becomes a love fest and Ezria finally seems to get past it all. #EzriaForever appears on the screen and the feels come pouring in. The scene cuts back to Ali and Emily in bed, Neither can sleep and they share a look before sharing a kiss. The scene then goes back to Ezria and lets just say, things are very steamy.

The next day in school, everyone is pissed at Alison and Mona’s plan has worked. Mona manipulated everything and is looking like the victim again. She knew Alison would break and she used it to her advantage editing a video to appear like Alison was the only one to blame and that Mona was not the one who conrnered her in the church. The girls are pissed, especially since they’ve been by Ali’s side and she lied to them. After all, she did forget to mention that she hit Mona back. “Maybe Mona deserved it, but you went out of your way to lie to us again,” Emily’s hurt and she has the right to be.

The next thing to me is completely out of the blue. I’ve learned to not trust anyone on PLL but I seriously thought Sydney had nothing to do with anything. It appears she”s working for team Mona and Jenna. She’s been acting like she knows nothing about any of the scandals of Rosewood High and I’m so confused. Is Sydney the new Shana?

Spencer tells Toby the truth about Shana being “A” and he takes it very well. What is a PLL episode without the #Spoby sweetness/sexiness? #SpobyFeels

Hanna finds Caleb in the park. “Travis is a nice guy. I didn’t come back to screw that up,” Caleb says and I don’t believe it one bit. You clearly came back to make sure Hanna was safe and sound and to most likely tell her you still love her, Caleb. There’s one thing about their conversation that made me irritated. Caleb answers Hanna’s question about Miranda (from Ravenswood): “The night you left Ravenswood was the last time I saw her.” I really hope they don’t ignore what happened in that strange town.

Back at Emily’s, Alison tries to apologize to the girl that was in love with her. “I was afraid I was gonna lose you,” she says and I’m thinking that isn’t an excuse anymore, Alison. Ali leans in about to kiss Emily, but Emily isn’t going to easily forgive. ”That’s not gonna fix this.”

The Alison case gets a new revelation when it the police hold a press conference regarding the body that was in Alison’s grave. It belonged to a 17-year-old girl named Bethany Young. She ran away from Radley Sanitarium and went missing on the night Alison was “allegedly” kidnapped. I sense more web of lies coming soon. Also, can I note that this scene is also cute and full of ships? Spoby, Ezria, Haleb and Emison holding onto each other for dear life.PLLShips

But that scene is destroyed when and explosion takes place blowing pieces through Emily’s house. Didn’t she just fix that wall? Turns out an explosion went off at Toby’s house. Looks like another Jenna thing might have just happened. Everyone’s cell phone’s go off and I think it’s safe to assume that “A” is back.

So a lot happened in this 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars! What was your favorite scene? Do you think Mona was the one we saw in the hoodie at the end of the ep or is it a new person on the “A” team? I need answers pronto! Either way, “A” is back, bitches.


2 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars 5×05 100th Episode Recap: “Miss Me x100”

  1. NicoleWes

    First off, I think there is a new “A” and a Mona army. I don’t believe that Alison may have feelings for Emily the way she does. That was the most surprising . She’s dated boys before: Ian, Ezra


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