Pretty Little Liars: 5×04 “Thrown from the Ride” Recap

This week on Pretty Little Liars, more lies are made and one of our favorite liars goes back to her old ways.

The episode starts with Hanna and Aria going through some old books left by students. Hanna is a bit self conscious about her hair, a darker shade of blonde with some black streaks thrown peoplecomego1in. As expected, Aria likes it – of course she would..its’a throwback to #GothAria. Hanna stumbles upon a copy of The Scarlet Letter that belonged to Shana, and Aria reads a little too much into a paragraph underlined by the former “A”. With perfect timing, Mona shows up to stir up the pot, suggesting they give the book to Ali so she can “catch up”. I’m tired to Mona playing games, but I’m also tired of Alison lying.

Alison is struggling to get back into her old life routine and thinks she’s ready to go back to school. Her father drops the bomb when he reveals he’s thinking about moving. “I can’t have my friends taken away too,” Alison begs her father to not take her away from Rosewood.

Lucas is backing out of Mona’s team of Alison haters. Lucas feels bad for Ali because he has no idea her abduction story was a lie. Mona is determined to prove to Lucas that Alison was lying and what better way to have Lucas ask Hanna about it. Of course, Hanna doesn’t say much, but I’m guessing Lucas can tell she’s lying about something.

Alison trying to get a hold of Emily, but Emily is avoiding her like a plague. I commend Emily for trying to move on from Alison’s hold. Detective Holbrook is trying to get Ali in for a medical exam. Ali gets emotional in front of her dad and I have a feeling she’s gonna get caught – or more lies will come about this. Knowing Ali, it’s the latter.

A mystery person with the username TheatreGirl instant messages Aria with the following cryptic message: “If it was me I could never forget. It would haunt me for the rest of my life.” Is it another “A” trying to rile Aria up? Nope, just a classmate from AP history asking if Alison is okay. Aria is definitely paranoid, but who starts off a message like that? To make the paranoia even worse, Aria decides to do a search on Shana and ends up finding a video of her funeral services. Aria hallucinates and sees Shana get up from her coffin. If it was me, this would haunt me for the rest of my life…#justsayin

Andrew helps with Spencer’s back yard and there’s a little flirting going on, that is until Spencer finds a dead possum in the corner with a bucket of Rodenticide knocked over. Apparently the poison was bought a week prior, but Spencer goes on about never having a rat problem on the premises. They may not have a rat problem, but there’s definitely a rat in their home if you get my drift.

Ali in the doctor’s office on the verge of tears going through her medical exam. Hanna was the first to pick up Alison’s call and she is stuck with accompanying Ali at the doctor’s office. When unknowitthe doctor finds a scar on Ali’s thigh, she ends up lying once again, saying the scar was from jumping out of the car and landing on a rock. The doctor know’s Alison is hiding something, however, he doesn’t push on for more answers. Unaware that Alison was recording the whole thing, Hanna is coerced into being Alison’s messenger to deliver the recording to the others so they can get their story straight.

Mrs. Hastings reveals that when Alison went missing, Mrs. D came over and was convinced that Spencer had something to do with it – a total lie considering she was the one that buried Alison alive. She was going to go to the police, but Mr. Hastings threatened to tell Mr. DiLaurentis about their past affair. When Mr. DiLaurentis planned to divorce his wife and it was revealed that Ali was still alive, Mrs. DiLaurentis had nothing to lose and was going to go to the police saying Spencer was the one that killed whoever was in Ali’s grave. Sounds like Mrs. Hastings has an inkling that her husband has something to do with Mrs. D’s death.

Mona has been watching Paige in hopes she can still recruit her. After creepily watching from afar, Mona finally decides to confront Paige once again. Paige refuses again and Mona gives her a warning: “If you’re not with me, you’re against me.” burnmonapaige1Paige fires back and I’m proud of the girl: “Mona, do you ever wonder when you became the very thing you’re afraid of?”

Spencer does some digging on the Rodenticide and finds that consumption by a human can be fatal and she thinks it may have been a factor in Mrs. DiLaurentis’ death. Spencer starts putting all the pieces together when Ali tells her that someone messed with Mrs. D’s meds. Apparently, Losartan was found in her system, the same type of meds #SpencersDad takes.

Hanna is still going through identity crisis and barks at Spencer for berating her for going along with Alison’s lie. Hanna’s sick of being the messenger and letting Alison take over again. The thing that bothers me, however, is that while Hanna is in the fitting room trying on some new clothes, she goes back to her old ways when Ali was missing. She rips off the tag of the clothes and walks out of the fitting room with her own clothes over the ones she doesn’t purchase.

Following Aria’s crisis and constantly wanting to know what happened to Shana and how her family is grieving, she visits Ezra for some advice. He calms her down for a bit and they spend time playing games. For a bit, her mind wanders away from the Shana thing and it’s clear she’s feeling comfortable in Ezra’s presence again.

After avoiding Alison, Emily finally decides it’s time to see her after Paige paid a little visit to Emily earlier in the night. Paige revealed that a team is planning a not so welcome party and Emily is worried for Ali, telling her that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to stay in Rosewood. Ali freaks out and you can tell that she is hurt by Emily’s distance. Ali turns a 180 and brings up the recording and making sure Emily remembers the recording in case people ask questions. “This is the last time Ali,” Emily responds coldly.

Spencer and Mr. Hastings have a tense conversation regarding Mrs. Hastings and Spencer learns that her mother is taking a trip away to recuperate. Now she’s left alone to fend for herself.

Next week is the 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars. Alison returns to school expecting to take her place back at the top of the high school chain, but Mona isn’t having any of it.



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